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Message from Masahiko and Bernhard PowerPoint Presentation
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Message from Masahiko and Bernhard

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Message from Masahiko and Bernhard - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Message from Masahiko and Bernhard.

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Message from Masahiko and Bernhard

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Message from Masahiko and Bernhard

Masa just came back from a Board Meeting in London. A.T. Kearney global is performing strongly in 2008 and it is further taking actions to realize our “Vision 20/15 – Connect/Lead/Sustain”. Please visit the “Firm on the Move” site if you have not done yet. The site is getting

significant attention from many of the colleagues globally. There is a discussion site “Discussion Forums” in the right bottom of the site. Some of our colleagues in Greater China already appeared with their comments. Please check those as well.

Greater China Unit is continuing its growth. We are achieving another record growth for the first quarter of 2008. Thank you for your great performance.

2008 is the second year of the Greater China Growth Strategy. You will see further changes and additions in many areas. And we hope each of you can find ways to contribute to such changes. Masa plans to have hearing sessions with each of you as he did last year.

We hope working together to continue to upgrade our presence and capabilities in China, while maintaining our good tradition of family culture.

Thank you again for your contributions and continued dedication.

— Masa and Bernd



媒体: 《汽车新闻》(Automotive News)


《汽车新闻》”Chinese Pitch Innovation not just Price“一文引用了科尔尼副总裁孙健的评述。孙总认为:定位创新对中国汽车业发展意义重大。如果能在思想观念上能有所突破,必然能迅速缩小与西方汽车制造商在标准引擎以及其他技术领域的差距。


日期: 2008年1月29日

科尔尼董事经理戴家辉博士在上海召开的中国汽车主题论坛年会上 作题为“人民币升值对自主品牌出口的影响”的主题演讲。该年会由中国汽车主语论坛和第一财经(CBN)联合主办。此外,戴家辉博士还列席专家小组,同其他与会专家一起探讨了成本上涨对中国汽车制造商及零部件供应商的影响以及如何予以应对等一系列问题。

媒体: 《北大商业评论》

日期: 2008年2月


媒体: 《周末画报》

日期: 2008年2月


媒体: 《北大商业评论》

日期: 2008年3月


媒体: 《中欧商业评论》

日期: 2008年3月

《中欧商业评论》刊登了科尔尼最新白皮书《用采购理念提高营销的回报率 》。

媒体: 盖世汽车网(

日期: 2008年3月11日





Tony Liu

Tony Liu, graduated from Tsinghua University majoring automotive engineering in 1991 and Univ. of Chicago Graduate School of Business with an MBA in 2007. he had been an entrepreneur in Zhongguancun before he went to the US in 1996. As a software vendor, he developed patient management systems for hospitals. In the US, Tong was involved with large complex applications development, project management and business process improvement in insurance,

healthcare, and telecomm industries. Tong also worked for national laboratories to help bringing innovations to the market.

Tony likes running, weightlifting and reading.

Tony has two kids. Besides playing soccer, he enjoys teaching the 9-year-old son 4P, 4C and hope to make him a consultant.

Richard Yu

Richard just got his MBA degree from CEIBS. Before that, he already

had 7 years work experience, from which it is interesting to find a

series of figures: 1, 2, 3 and 4.

1: Had 1 year overseas work experience at Sahara Desert in the Northof Africa

2: Served 2 employers with totally different culture (a Central SOE and a Fortune500 MNC)

3: Had exposures in 3 industry sectors (power, EPC and manufacturing)

4: Used to be engaged in 4 functions (project management, business development, purchasing and sales)

Richard is very glad to join A.T. Kearney and look forward to meeting you all.

Nicole Zhao

Nicole Zhao carried experience in sales and marketing area from previous employers in consumer electronics and telecom industry.  Her education background includes MBA from University of Michigan and BBA from Peking University. 

Nicole’s aspiration working in consulting is as simple as “adding value to the business by pushing myself to the full potential“.  In her personal life, she enjoys very much reading history and discovering the truth behind these stories.

Chris Xie

Chris Xie is an experienced management consultant with more than 10 years of corporate and consulting experiences gained in fast moving consumer goods, energy, and real estate industries in China, U.S., and Singapore. Chris has developed expertise in corporate finance, strategic planning, supply chain management, value-based management, and marketing strategy. Chris obtained his MBA in general management from The Darden Business School, University of Virginia, and BSc in Civil Engineering from Wuhan Institute of Urban Civil Engineering.

Chris is a regular runner.



Weina Xu

I joined Kearney’s HK Office in late March after working at Merck for nearly six years, with three years at its headquarter in New Jersey and following three years in its regional office in HK. While at Merck, my primary focus is on post-merger integration, organization effectiveness, and corporate development. I had a Bachelor’s degree in Management from Peking University and had my post-graduate study at Carlson School of Management in University of Minnesota. I am also a CFA charterholder. In my spare time, I enjoy Chinese painting, reading interesting books, jogging in a park, traveling to places of interests, and out-door activities such as hiking and skiing.

Lorenz Kazda

Hi Everyone! My name is Lorenz, 刘睿, 25, from Vienna, Austria. I joined the BJO beginning of march as a Business Analyst. I have a Master’s degree in Finance, Accounting and Controlling from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, and spent 2 years studying Mandarin in Beijing. I further engaged in the CFA designation, currently studying for Level 2. To balance out the hard working

hours, I very much enjoy playing Tennis, Golf or going to the Gym. Being around friends, eating lots of good food, and relaxing with a

good book, brings further the much needed change. Sometimes my adventurous second personality takes over and I enjoy “sports”

like skydiving and bungee jumping (highest 216 meters).

I am very glad and proud to be part of the A.T. Kearney team, especially in this fascinating country. I am looking forward to work with all of you.

Teng Yong

After more than ten years in the US, I finally returned to China and jointed ATK this February. It has been a wonderful while challenging process to re-adapt myself. After my college, I went aboard and continued to get my PhD in Aerospace Engineering  and, later on, my MBA.  (I probably can challenge Bernhard in terms of the time stayed in school.) Over the last couple of years, I first worked for EDS in its PLM division serving aerospace and automobile clients and later for Accenture in its Strategy Consulting Service Line focusing on Communications and High-Tech. I

also had a brief stint of building a not-so successful start-up with some

friends. Other than work, I enjoy reading, gourmet food and …  long sleep in the weekends.

Lingfeng Guo

Prior to joining A.T. Kearney, Nathan Guo worked as an Oracle retail business consultant, focus on Merchandise Management, Price management and Store Operation. He also worked as a business Analyst in Wal-Mart Global Procurement supporting the global Hardline sourcing operation of Wal-Mart. He speaks Chinese Mandarin and English fluently and can conduct basic conversation in Spanish and Dutch. He enjoys travelling, badminton, and racquetball.



Jing Peng

Born in Hunan province, south part of China, I would like to summarizemy past couple years of experience with 2 schools, 3 cities, and

4 jobs. I had been studied several years ago in University of Hunan, which located in the beautiful mountain and with many traditional and historical buildings. I was just graduated from Cheung Kong graduate school of business. So far, I have been lived in 3 cities. Changsha, the capital of Hunan province, is the place I grew up. Then, I went to Beijing and lived there for 5 years. Now, I am in Shanghai, and really enjoy the life here.

The last job I worked for is my MBA, and I always took it as a full time job. Before MBA, I had worked for two companies, Thomson and General Electric. In the new year of Olympic, I joined ATK PS China team.

David Xiao

Pleased to join the great team here to share experience and acquire knowledge. And before ATKPS, I’ve worked in the automotive and electronics/electrical industries for more than 8 years, and dedicated most of the time to the cost effectiveness issues.

I like travel and can enjoy the differences. Please be together to experience the consultant life which might can provide the difference consistently.

  • Weitao Liu
  • Prior work experience:
  • P&G, Senior Purchasing Manager, Sourcing for marketing communication & programming development; Sourcing for marketing campaign ideation for 22 brands and 25 customer teams; Sourcing for promotional material (POS) production and marketing services for China and build global sourcing center
  • Shaanxi TV, Director and Editor, Planed, directed and edited programs for the talk show “Forum” based on deep interview with famous person
  • Education:
  • Master, Business School of the University of Leeds, (Advertising and Marketing)
  • Bachelor, Management School of Xi’an Jiaotong University, (Business Administration)

Jingjie Zhang

Specialized in sourcing area, I have been working in Consulting industry for over 2 years. During my spare time, I would like to play sport games with my friends. I am looking forward to good cooperation with you in the future.



o settle down in Shanghai after staying in Japan for 10 years, I got my first project assignment with A.T. Kearney - work with Japan office to help a Japanese client to build new business model!

Feb 12, after 3 hours flight, I saw a limousine bus staff bowing in front of me, a familiar scene but I would never see in anywhere else than Japan, I knew I was back.

The air was clear and fresh. Maybe this winter was too cold in Shanghai, walking on the street in Tokyo, I even felt warm like spring. I treated myself a good Japanese dinner, without knowing my hard is coming soon…

Hard Work

Although I somehow expected hard work in Japan, I was not well prepared to sleep at 3 everyday. Only after one day, I figured out there are only 5 female consultants among 80 plus consultants in Tokyo office. My team members all seemed impressed when I told them I only worked with ladies for the previous 2 proposals.

Team Work

I believe most of you would agree team work is part of consulting life, but team work might count and mean more here.

You are part of the team.

All the information is shared in the team. Almost every email is copied to all, meetings are attended by all, lunches and dinners with all, every piece of work is done by all.

And team is part of your life.

2 days’ later came Valentine’s Day. This event is celebrated in an interesting manner on two different dates in Japan. On February 14, female present gifts to their boyfriends or any man close to them. The favor is returned to ladies on the White Day celebrated on March 14. Since the Valentines’ Day is a team event and I am the only female in the whole team, I decided to buy a box of chocolate to my team. I was very satisfied because I heard our partner reminding the team to return me something on White Day, when enjoying the chocolate..

Happy hour – at Tokyo office Annual dinner

As a team, you work hard, also play hard

As part of the team building, a gorgeous kick-off dinner is a must-have event in Japan. I am sure there will be a “job well done” dinner at the end of project which I hope I can make to attend.

And during my stay, I was luckily invited to office wide annual dinner. And the theme is “WA (和)”, which means harmony. Team spirit is everywhere.



A.T. Kearney Birthday Party – Beijing

A.T. Kearney Birthday Party – Shanghai








电话: +86-10-6598 1300 (总机)

传真: +86-10-6598 1488;6598 1477;6598 1499

我们的新办公室位于北京著名的华贸中心。横跨东长安街的华贸中心毗邻北京繁华的中央商务区;这里交通便利:离地铁一号线和31个主要公共汽车站只有几步之遥,直通四环,经四惠桥便可到达京津塘高速。步行不到2分钟,还有两家国际五星级酒店:丽思卡尔顿(Ritz-Carlton)与J.W. 万豪(J.W. Marriott)。

类似以前的国贸大厦,华贸1座地下4层设有员工餐厅。而在地下1层的新光天地,适合不同消费档次、满足不同味蕾渴求的餐馆不胜枚举:江户前寿司、真味屋、宝岛曼波、广州烧腊,食在广州、麻辣香锅、麻辣烫、潜水艇小铁板、千色云南、门框胡同褡裢火烧、御鼎香食园,御香园食坊、南来顺、宝岛冰镇、超级水果吧、速泰浓汤、缇拉意大利冰激淋等等。另外,J.W. 万豪与丽思卡尔顿内有着多家5星级餐厅。从公司步行5分钟还可到达星光天地6楼,那里的5家顶级主题餐馆是招待客户与犒劳自己的上佳之选。