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On the Agenda…. What is A.T.? The Continuum In Action Scenarios. Definition of A.T.

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on the agenda
On the Agenda…
  • What is A.T.?
  • The Continuum
  • In Action
  • Scenarios
definition of a t
Definition of A.T.

Assistive technology means any item, piece of equipment or product system, whether acquired commercially off the shelf, modified, or customized, that is used to increase, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of children with disabilities.

-- (Federal Register, August 19, 1991, p. 41272)


Assistive Technology Continuum

High Tech A.T.

Very expensive, computers, high end AAC

Low Tech A.T.

Anything you could buy at a local store

MidTech A.T.

More expensive and usually ordered from catalog

Low Tech Tools to

Support Learning

low tech tools
Low Tech Tools
  • Can be anything from .39¢ pencil grips to under about $100 of technology
  • Easy way to think about it is that low tech is what we could go to Office Depot or Wal-Mart and buy
pencil grips
Pencil Grips
  • Support poor writing due to a lack of fine motor control and consistent pressure.
  • Helps to support hand and finger fatigue.
  • Try different styles with students to support improved grasp.
  • Most types are available from your OT or at The Learning Path
raised lined paper
Raised Lined Paper
  • This unique paper actually has raised green lines! The raised line assists children by providing a physical bump to help “feel” where to stop.
  • This bright white paper 8 1/2 x 11” printed with green lines, comes in 2 widths. Wide rule, with a dashed line or narrow ruled
page ups
Page Ups
  • Used for positioning of items while
    • Reading
    • Copying
    • Completing work
post it note collection
Post-It Note Collection
  • Use Post-Its to mark where to start and stop reading.
  • Use Post-Its to mark the Table of Contents, Index, and other reference points for quick access.
  • Use to locate a given chapter and assignments for easy location access.
erasable highlighters
Erasable Highlighters
  • Highlight key ideas and erase with ease.
  • Make note of unfamiliar words.
  • Supports “over highlighting” tendencies.
highlighter tape
Highlighter Tape
  • Removable & reusable
  • Easy to write on
  • Use a coding system
    • Pink: important vocabulary.
    • Blue: chapter questions.
    • Yellow: dates
    • Orange: facts/picture/maps
    • Green: names to know.
    • Words that they do not know, to look up.
webster s new misspeller s dictionary
Webster's New Misspeller's Dictionary
  • "How can I look it up in the dictionary if I can't spell it?"
  • Handy dictionary alphabetically lists the most common misspellings of more than 15,000 frequently used words, and gives the correct spellings in easy-to-read boldface type.

Math line

Magnetic math

adapted books
Adapted Books

Jack and the Beanstalk

Let’s Get Ready for School

  • Base system
  • Headphones
  • AC Adapted (also works with batteries)
  • Pen for manipulating story (attached to book)
  • Interactive learning mat
  • Has 6 different options for learning
  • Includes manual with activities, bingo extension activity, and other learning materials
lottie kits www onionmountaintech com
LOTTIE Kitswww.onionmountaintech.com
  • Basic LoTTIE Kit
  • LoTTIE Kit for Literacy (secondary)
  • LoTTIE Kit for Math
  • LoTTIE Kit for Little Fingers
  • LoTTIE Special Papers Kit
  • LoTTIE Colors Kit
  • Collections of Low and Mid Tech Items
mid tech tools
Mid-Tech Tools
  • Mid range in prices
  • Items can also be purchased at local stores or ordered through specialized catalogs
  • Examples include software, calculators, handheld spellcheckers
coin u lator


alphasmart and neo
AlphaSmart and Neo
  • Portable Word Processors give students access to word processing
reading support
Reading Support

Start-To-Finish Books

High-interest, controlled- vocabulary seriesthat gets struggling students reading.


idea organizing software
Idea Organizing Software

Inspiration and Kidspiration

www.inspiration.com Free 30 day trial can be downloaded for each

talking word processors
Talking Word Processors





word prediction
Word Prediction



powerpoint books
PowerPoint Books
  • Aid in curriculum in a variety of ways
    • Build pre-knowledge
    • Provide reinforcement of skills
    • As a writing task for older students, preparing books for younger students (builds literacy for both groups)
  • Examples
    • If you give…
reading and writing support
Reading and Writing Support
  • Word Talk
  • www.wordtalk.co.uk
  • Symbol software with multitude of uses
    • Communication board
    • PECS: Picture Exchange Communication System
    • Engineered Environments
classroom based


more aac devices
More AAC Devices


Turn N Talk

higher end aac devices
Higher end AAC devices

DV4 and MT4 from Dynavoxsys

Pathfinder from Prentke Romich Company

Dynavox Series 5

scenario 1
Scenario #1
  • You are working with a student who has a lot of trouble getting words on paper. You talk with her, and she is able to express her thoughts pretty effectively.
  • What are some things you might try?
scenario 2
Scenario #2
  • You have a student who is fully included receiving services as a student with an significant intellectual disability. She has a lot of difficulty doing her work independently, and writing and math are hard curriculum areas for her to participate in…Her teachers are interested in things to try, especially on the computer.
  • What are some things you could try?
scenario 3
Scenario #3
  • You are asked to consult with a student who is twice exceptional – both Gifted and SLD. He can’t seem to follow directions to get his homework done at night, and it takes his 20 minutes or more to find things in his desk or backpack.
  • What are some things you might suggest?
scenario 4
Scenario #4
  • You have been working with a student who doesn’t have much verbal communication. The teacher has asked for help in setting up some easy ways for her to participate – answering questions, asking for help, etc…
  • What can you suggest they might try?
the assistive technology referral process
The Assistive Technology Referral Process
  • So, how does a student can access to assistive technology?
  • Occurs within an IEP team
  • Data collection
website for more information
Website for more information
  • www.sbac.edu/~ese
  • www.region2library.org
  • www.fdlrssprings.org
  • http://udltechtoolkit.wikispaces.com/