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IPW Project
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IPW Project

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  1. IPW Project

  2. Problem • The waste of Papers in schools Why is it our concern? • As paper is made out of trees & trees are needed to make oxygen, excess usage of paper will lead to deforestation and global warming.

  3. Proposal • An average student, including the less-fortunate ones, spend approximately SGD$500 on textbooks and other paper products for the school per year. The school itself spends more as any letter or worksheet is immediately multiplied by the thousands. But cot is not the only problem, as trees are cut faster for the high demand, lowering oxygen levels and heightening humidity. This helps worsen global warming.

  4. Proposal • Students use tablet PCs instead of paper products as it not only saves the trees but also saves money. As an example, a child spends 10 years in school, meaning they spend ($500 x 10) = $5000++, while one laptop can last about four years and we have found that contrary to belief, student laptops are less than 1/5 of paperwork’s price

  5. What are the advantages? • It is a lightweight computer that allows the usage of a touch screen through a stylus or our hands. • Being relatively lightweight, with some student tablets reaching only 1.5kg, compared to a normal school back with an average of 5kg, the tablet is easier on a student’s back. • As we no longer need time to write, lessons can progress faster as typing is a lot faster and teachers can always wirelessly transfer notes to absent students. • What's more, a Tablet PC can even be used while standing up, perfect for outdoor lessons. (Eg: Eco-Pond biology lessons)

  6. Why Choose Tablet PCs? • Currently, there are two schools using Tablet PCs. Crescent Girls School NUS High. Their textbooks are on their thumb drives or on the hard drives, and work done in class is submitted immediately online. We have not been able to contact the school but as far as we know, there is no problem with the system from interviewing our friends from those schools.

  7. Why Choose Tablet PCs? • It is much easier to just bring the PCs to school instead of so many workbooks and textbooks. As stated earlier, it is lighter. • Bringing a laptop removes superficial problems such as forgetting to bring work as it is all on the computer and the PC is the only thing they need to bring. • It also helps save the environment by not using too much paper.

  8. Advantages of TabletPCs • In a tablet PC, one can still choose to write and draw out their work, or type it down. • Many new operating systems include gesture recognition. By moving the stylus in special patterns over the screen, we can increase efficiency. Many applications, or the operating system itself, can be programmed to respond in different ways to certain gestures created by the pen.

  9. Advantages of Tablet PCs • Note-taking is easier on a tablet as we can type and write faster without having to turn pages or pause to reach for correction tape. This increases speed and efficiency, thus more productivity and results in school. • Digital art is taught in our school and instead of wasting time to run around to grab the Wacom tablets, connect them and search for a power source, we can just flip the screen and use our stylus. This encourages students to have fun and utilize the drawing abilities, which PM Lee stated is the third fastest and important thing in Singapore. Art.

  10. Advantages of Tablet PCs • Portable slate tablets and hybrids without keyboards are very slim and light compared to typical laptops and can easily be tucked under the arm like a book. • Most tablet PCs do not interrupt line of sight since they lie flat on the table or in one's arms. This allows for better interaction between teachers and students in group work. • Lastly, its great to have your own laptop. As there is more than enough space, you can upload your music, movies and even games. Popular games like Maplestory only take up 800mb.

  11. Disadvantages of Tablet PCs • Higher cost as convertible tablet PCs cost roughly $300 more than their non-tablet counterparts as of 2005. This premium is expected to fall to as low as $75 by 2007. However, some models are intentionally priced at the same point or lower than equivalent notebooks without tablet functionality. • Screen size — the size of tablet PC screens currently peaks at 14.1 inches. However, some models make up for this with very high resolution (a higher pixel density per unit area).

  12. Disadvantages of Tablet PCs • Input speed — maximum handwriting speed can be significantly slower than maximum typing speed, which can be as high as 50-150 WPM.

  13. Disadvantages of Tablet PCs • Screen damage risk - because tablet pc's are handled more than conventional laptops yet built on the frames of conventional notebooks, and because their screens also serve as input devices, many tablet pc's run a higher risk of screen damage. PDAs carry some of the same risk. • No built in optical drive (some tablet PCs) — due to need for low mass.

  14. Benefits • Get organized. - With a tablet PC, you can quickly jot down assignments and activities, or set reminders to call mom using a pen-based planner¹ made especially for students. Use OneNote to take notes electronically, and then reorganize, highlight, and search them later. Send web research, PowerPoint presentations, and other documents right into OneNote,¹ so you can keep all your notes and research together in one place.

  15. Benefits 2. Save trees. - Leave the paper behind and scribble notes right on the screen. Because your notes are electronic, you can have all of them with you wherever you go. Avoid wasting time at the copy center. Share info with classmates, even those who don't have tablet PCs, with a click of the pen.

  16. Benefits 3. Leave the workout at the gym. - Free yourself of excess baggage. Download textbooks, the professor's lecture, photos, your CDs and DVDs right to your tablet PC. Use your pen to highlight and mark them up, just like you would on paper (except that it's easier to erase). You can even circle interesting tidbits, “snip” them out, and send them via e-mail to your study group.

  17. Benefits 4. Play well with others. - Miss a class? By keeping everything on your tablet PC, you and your study peers can easily share notes and even flash cards. Just send files via e-mail or post them on a network share. If you prefer, convert your handwritten notes to typed text before sharing them.

  18. Benefits 5.Express yourself. Handwrite personalized e-mail and IM on customized stationary or backgrounds. Friends, family, and professors will see your handwritten messages even if they don't have a tablet PC. Even create a font³ that uses your handwriting in dialog boxes, buttons, icons, and menus.

  19. Benefits 6. Relive the lecture. You can record the lecture and take it with you. OneNote will automatically synchronize the recording with your notes. If you're really ambitious, use a Webcam to record video as well as sound.

  20. Benefits 7. Wax scientific. If you find typing equations too tedious, use your pen to draw them — you can insert handwriting or drawings into any document or presentation. Download cool tools like the handwriting-enabled calculator³ and the physics illustrator motion simulator, or go for more gusto with pen-enabled engineering programs.

  21. Benefits 8. Wax creative. Download programs created just for the tablet PC: ink desktop,² ink art,² power paint,³ drawing animator toy>,³ and music composition tool.³ easily organize and edit your digital photos, or build a PhotoStory, at the stroke of a pen.

  22. Benefits 9. Own a convertible. Take the top off and switch to tablet mode. Fold the screen on top of the keyboard and your tablet PC becomes the ultimate convenience machine. Take notes naturally on those tiny desks in lecture hall. Avoid the screen barrier between you and your study group. Easily present what's on your screen to others. And quickly jot down a reminder as you walk to your next class.

  23. Benefits 10. Work hard, play hard When you're ready to take a break from studying, let the Tablet PC entertain you. Keep your entire music collection right there with you. Rip new CDs or download songs that will synchronize to your music player automatically. Play DVDs or downloaded movies in Windows Media Video, MPEG, AVI, and other formats. Bring a new intensity to gaming using your tablet pen.¹

  24. Summary • Due to high wastage of papers in schools, we are recommending tablet PC which will reduce paper usage in schools. • Textbooks will be uploaded into pupil’s thumb drives and work is submitted online. • Lesser usage of paper can cut down on the number of trees being cut down and global warming by not taking away one of the sources of oxygen.

  25. Summary • It will be much easier to write notes, and draw maps or diagrams with the special pen. • The PC will not be affected if you accidentally touched the screen with your finger or your sleeves as it only react to the pen. • If you’ve missed one day of school, you could easily get your friends to share notes & flash cards. • Personalize email and IM on customized stationary or backgrounds.

  26. Summary • Can easily organize and edit your digital photos at the stroke of a pen. • You could take notes naturally on those tiny desks in lecture hall by switching the PC to tablet mode. Fold the screen on top of the keyboard and your tablet PC becomes the ultimate convenience machine.

  27. Summary • When taking a break, listen to your entire music collection. Play DVDs or downloading movie via windows media player, MPEG , AVI and other formats. • Bring a new intensity to gaming using your tablet pen.

  28. Gratitude's Thank you for your kind attention.. We hope you had a wonderful day !