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FAA: Who we are

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FAA: Who we are

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  1. Flimkien għal Ambjent Aħjar (FAA) is a non-governmental organisation, committed to preserving Malta and Gozo’s architectural and rural heritage as well as to ensuring a healthy quality of life. Our organisation lobbies for the better preservation and use of the heritage of the Maltese islands, not only for the sake of preservation but also as an agent of social regeneration in areas such as lower Valletta, the Three Cities and Gozo. FAA: Who we are

  2. Work and Impact Since we set up in 2006, FAA has saved sites such as: -Tal-Papa farm, an oasis of rare endemic plants and protected fauna dating back to the 16thCentury -St. John’s Catherdral -Palazz ta’ Rohan at Balzan -Ta’ Hagrat Temples at Mgarr -Villa Bologna in Attard -Art Deco House and Villa Bonici in Sliema -Streetscapes & public facilities in Mellieha, Sliema & Marsaskala -Tree lined seafront at Senglea

  3. Changing Ways: FAA has established the public’s right to environmental information, environmental justice and to participate in decisions that affect residents, as set out in the Aarhus Convention. When FAA was set up, it was thought that the citizen is powerless to change things for the better, however our lobbying is changing that perception, to the benefit of all residents of the Maltese islands. Recent Achievements

  4. Recent Achievements Tal-Papa Heritage farm: Although the Government enacted a plan to claim more countryside for development, FAA managed to save the Tal-Papa biodiversity and heritage farm, an oasis of rare endemic plants and protected fauna dating back to the 16th . This site uses sustainable traditional farming techniques and houses rare flora & fauna. It also houses wartime shelters and a water-catchment system unique in the Mediterranean. Tal-Papa was going to be built on but through the intervention of FAA it is now scheduled and saved.

  5. Villa Bologna In the effort to curb over-development, local residents groups formed with training & support from FAA. The campaign to preserve Villa Bologna & its environs was rewarded by the scheduling of this historic villa and a buffer zone surrounding it. Recent Achievements

  6. Recent Achievements Ramla Bay Victory A permit to build a major project on the untouched hillside of Ramla Bay was issued. FAA organised a national protest, attendance exceeded expectations. The permit was rescinded and Malta’s MEP admitted that it was rescinded due to public pressure.

  7. Recent Achievements Hondoq ir-Rummien Bay FAA joined forces with Moviment Harsien Hondoq and Qala Local Council to campaign for the preservation and good management of Hondoq ir-Rummien Bay. Qala LC sponsored FAA’s Architecture Award supported by Moviment Harsien Hondoq which produced excellent designs for a heritage park at Hondoq.

  8. Recent Achievements Tree lined Seafront at Senglea FAA’s most recent campaign is aimed at saving trees, but they are being removed through out the island despite their crucial health benefits. FAA managed to save the mature trees pictured which epitomize Senglea waterfront.

  9. Current Projects FAA is setting up a heritage website to increase awareness of Malta’s history and culture among students while also serving to attract cultural tourists to Malta.

  10. Current Projects Art Restoration FAA is undertaking the restoration of a unique four-panel depicting the Virgin of Mercy and Saints dating to the Medieval period in order to ensure that this priceless work of art will be enjoyed by future generations.

  11. How to help There are plenty of ways you can support FAA: -If you would like to donate to FAA, work to preserve Malta’s heritage and environment, or become a member - just ask one of our volunteers here for a form. -You are welcome to volunteer and become part of the team, we always need help on a variety of tasks. Simply become a member and let us know you’d like to get actively involved. -Visit our website http://www.faa.org.mt Sign our petitions and support our events, detailed on the website.