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Selena Gomez`s biography PowerPoint Presentation
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Selena Gomez`s biography

Selena Gomez`s biography

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Selena Gomez`s biography

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  1. Selena Gomez`s biography

  2. Her full name is Selena Marie Gomez Her nationality is American Child of Mandy Cornett and Ricardo Joel Gomez Selena Gomez`sbirthday imformation Her birthday is July 22,1992(age 20) She born in Grand Prairie,Texa

  3. Selena Gomez can be happy, sad, weird, annoying(barely),and cool. Selena Gomez`s personality traits

  4. Her mom and her dad ,Selena Gomez is only child Her special abilities is acting singing Selena Gomez`s family back ground and her special abilities

  5. Her mom would run of gas all of the time they sit there and have to go trough the car and get quarters , and help her mom get gas because , her mom never liked to ask Selena`s grandparent for money . Selena Gomez`s childhood stories

  6. Selena then formed music band and called them the scene.The first album “kid & tell ’’was released in september 2009 with the first single “nacturlly’’. Mean while, Selena`s first major breakout into the movie world was as one of the titular characters in “Ramona and Beezus’’ movie offers kept rolling since then, induding “Monte Carlo”and “13 reson why”. Selena Gomez was discovered by the Disney channel in a USA wide scouting in 2004. Selena Gomez important life event Selena Gomez “nacturly”

  7. Selena Gomez turn of event was when she made 2 show , but weren`t picked up Selena Gomez turn of events Selena Gomez “like you like a love song”

  8. Selena Gomez her start with a minor role on Barney and friends when she was very young ,but she is best known as the star of the Disney channel series “Wizards of waverly place”. Selena Gomez claim to fame Selena Gomez “Wizards of waverly place”

  9. Selena Gomez was discovered by the Disney channel in a USA –wide scouting in 2004. No setback yet ,she continues to have a successful music career. Selena Gomez defining moment ,setbacks ,and awards Selena Gomez have Alma award ,Bet award, and Mtv award.

  10. Becoming a famous actress and singner . She is an ambassador for Unicef she had done numerous effort to provide clean waterfor Ghana . Selena Gomez's accomplishments and contributions Selena Gomez at 2012 Unicef Snow Flake Ball in New York

  11. Every where you go ,you hear things that are untrue . You`ve just got to learn that if Selena Gomez don`t say it, physically out of my mouth or on camera, it not true . Selena Gomez`s memorable comments

  12. She wanted to be like her friend ,she hung out with girls who had blue eyes blond hair and she though ,she want to like them. Selena Gomez`s Quotes

  13. The end