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Achieving Business Visibility with Business Process Management and Business Intelligence PowerPoint Presentation
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Achieving Business Visibility with Business Process Management and Business Intelligence

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Achieving Business Visibility with Business Process Management and Business Intelligence - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Achieving Business Visibility with Business Process Management and Business Intelligence. Ken Ng Principal Product Manager, Oracle Fusion Middleware. Business Expecatations. Process Leadership. Business Process Visibility. Adaptive BPM. Business Process Intelligence (BPI).

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Presentation Transcript
achieving business visibility with business process management and business intelligence
Achieving Business Visibility with Business Process Management and Business Intelligence

Ken Ng

Principal Product Manager,

Oracle Fusion Middleware

business process visibility
Business Process Visibility

Adaptive BPM

Business Process Intelligence (BPI)

Intelligent BPM

Smart BPM

why business visibility matters
Why Business Visibility matters?
  • Business Driver
    • How do I make sound business decisions with disconnected data?
    • How can I measure my KPIs and improve them in real-time?
  • Challenges
    • No unified platform to handle “what-if” and “how” analysis
    • BI dashboards not actionable by business users
    • No real-time intelligence for on-the-fly decision making
business visibility
Business Visibility

Business Users care about visibility; not BAM, BI or OEP

Visibility should not only give insight, but also offer the ability to take actions

business visibility demo
Business Visibility Demo
  • Demonstrate how visibility can drive business decisions at different levels within an organization
  • Business Scenario
    • Credit Card Call Center Process (inspired by IDC Credit Card Scenario)
    • Role based insight
  • Components at work
    • BPM - Process orchestration
    • BAM - Real-time visibility
    • BI EE - Role based insights using BI Dashboards
    • RTD - Guided decision making
demo credit line increase at vimad
Demo: Credit line increase at ViMAD
  • ViMad is a call center company specializing in handling customer service for credit card
    • Credit Card companies like Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover have outsourced their customer service operations to ViMad
  • ViMad performance is measure by 2 goals
    • Improve customer satisfaction
    • Higher call center efficiency
  • To begin with, ViMad has decided to get more visibility into “Credit Line Increase” request
vimad credit card call center
ViMAD Credit Card Call Center

Current Process flow

  • Customer submits credit limit increase request


  • Call Center Agent is notified via email about customer request.



  • Customer is notified about the decision via email. Rejected requests cause customer disappointments
  • Agent manually investigates customer spending history before deciding to approve/reject



  • Call Center VP is interested in improving customer satisfaction, but lacks data to measure/improve it
  • Call Center Manager asks IT developer to run daily reports to monitor request status
vimad credit card call center1
ViMAD Credit Card Call Center

Improved Process Flow

  • WebCenter provides personalized and contextual view
  • Rules driven BPM process auto-approves, auto-rejects or sends for review
  • BI dashboards provide customer insights
  • Customer submits credit limit increase request

Call Center Rep

  • RTD presents relevant promotion offers to rejected requests
  • CEP analyzes incoming requests for fraud detection
  • Receives alerts when Fraud pattern detected
  • Reviews RTD correlations to identify and prioritize promotional offers

Call Center VP

Call Center Manager

  • Analyzes customer satisfaction & call center efficiency trends on mobile/iPad using BI
  • BAM provides real-time insight into KPIs and bottlenecks
american express optimizes charge write offs providing consistent resolution
American Express Optimizes Charge Write-Offs Providing Consistent Resolution




  • Deployed to across 2000 Call Center Agents for “Question a Fee” Service Treatment Recommendations
  • Minimized fraud and escalation
  • Charge write-off enriched with RTD
  • Instrumented with BPM
  • Improve “Question a fee” service treatment
  • Expedite processing while minimizing fraud
with intelligent processes motability manages vehicle remarketing across different channels
With intelligent processes, Motability manages Vehicle Remarketing across different channels
  • Need:
    • Maximize profitability of used car sales taking into account market conditions
  • Solution:
    • Oracle BIEE, Oracle SOA & Oracle Rules
    • Insight provided by BI Dashboards triggers alerts that automatically makes changes to the Business Process
  • Benefit:
    • Optimal & cost saving business strategy for marketing vehicles