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Unsolved Problems

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Unsolved Problems. Generator lines Straightness. section line of section plane. Generator Line. Staightness. ISO 2692 CZ common zone SZ separate zones. Acc. To Principle of independency. CZ superfluous. CZ superfluous. CZ ?. b). sz. sz. When a group of toleranced features

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generator lines straightness
Generator lines



section line

of section plane

Generator Line


iso 2692 cz common zone sz separate zones
ISO 2692

CZ common zone

SZ separate zones


Acc. To

Principle of independency






When a group of toleranced features

is related to a datum or datum system

containing a modifier M or L

it is questionable whether

CZ common zone (e.g. simultaneous gauging) or

SZ separate zones (e.g. separate gauging)


Therefore in the future

CZ or SZ

shall always be indicated in these cases,

see examples …


Alternative rule for ISO 2692:

CZ applies (without indication of CZ) when positional tolerances are applied together with the maximum material requirement or the least material requirement, unless otherwise specified, e.g. by the symbol SZ.


Coincides with most functions

Coincides with former practice

Coinsides with ASME 14.5


Violating the (fundamental) rule of Prindiple of independency

Whatever the rule is,

there is a need for an additional symbol

SZ (= separate zones)

iso 1660 limitation of steps
ISO 1660

Limitation of Steps


Profile tol. 0,003 / 3

  • in order to avoid
  • steps and chatter marks
  • What is the length 3 ?
  • Length of a straight line
  • (width of the window)
  • Stretched length
  • Proposal: a)
  • = reference length
  • (width of the window)
  • Form of tol. zone limits =
  • equidistant to theor. exact form
  • 0,0015 apart (width = 0,003)
  • location arbitrary
iso 1660 best fit reference
ISO 1660

Best Fit Reference