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TEAMWORK. INNOVATION. INTEGRITY. EFFICIENCY. CUSTOMER-CENTRIC. NSSF is owned by members like you. With NSSF: A better Life. NSSF Collects for you. You receive 200% from your employer on every  1shs  you save with NSSF

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NSSF is owned by members like you

with nssf a better life
With NSSF: A better Life
  • NSSF Collects for you. You receive 200% from your employer on every  1shs  you save with NSSF
  • NSSF Protects your retirement. NSSF Invests prudently. NSSF Guarantees payout .
  • You qualify for the benefits when you: (Benefit types)
    • Reach age 55 (Age benefit)
    • Reach 50 yrs and are unemployed for at least 1 year (Withdrawal benefit)
    • Are sick and unable to work (Invalidity benefit)
    • Die, in which case the benefits are paid to your next of kin (survivors benefit)
    • Move to exempted employment e.g. Government (Exempted employment)
    • Permanently move out of Uganda (Emigration grant).

NSSF helps you prepare for a better life

nssf today a provident fund by the nssf act of dec 1 1985
NSSF today: A Provident Fund by the NSSF Act of Dec 1, 1985


TURNING AROUND NSSF- Achievements over the last 18 months.

Obtained an Unqualified Audit Opinion in the financial statements for the FY2010/2011- last obtained one in 2001

Reduced average Benefits processing time to12 days from 105 days.

Reduced Benefits in queue to below 500 from an average of 3,000.

Increased benefit payout monthly average to 900 from 659 claims.

Increased average monthly Benefits payout amounts to UGX 10Bn from UGX 6.4Bn.

Increased employer compliance to 69% from 40%.

Increased average monthly collections to UGX. 40Bn from 28Bn

Reduced the unposted Members’ contributions to UGX.27.7Bn from UGX. 53BN

Reduced staff headcount to 478 from 638.

Cost Income ratio reduced from 33% to 28%.

Increased average monthly Fixed Income to UGX.18Bn from UGX.9Bn

Introduced electronic service delivery channels .

Improved the corporate governance structures .

Received certificate of merit from ISSA for relationship model, electronic channel and benefit processing.

  • 450,000 members.
  • Total assets UGX. 2.3 Tr. Equivalent to 6% of GDP .
  • Holds 80% of USE traded securities-600bn.
  • Invested UGX. 900Bn in government securities
  • Placed UGX. 784Bn as Fixed deposits with local banks
  • UGX. 315Bn in real estate investment properties

i) Nakasero- Pension Towers- 27 office storied building,

ii) Lubowa -3,000 housing unit project,

iii) Temangalo- 5,000 housing units.

Your NSSF plays a significant role in Uganda’s economy

NSSF is repositioning itself to be a relevant partner for economic development and a customer centric and efficient organization for its members in the new regulatory environment.


Fixed Income Portfolio- 79.7% (UGX. 1.8Tr)

NSSF is constantly seeking, within the law, for investment opportunities that improve member returns.


Ongoing Initiatives to Improve Returns

  • Rebalancing the Fixed Income portfolio from short term to long term investments with higher yields.
  • Trading in the regional equity markets
  • Commencing the housing projects in Lubowa & Temangalo in 2013

6 types of Benefits: Age, Withdrawal, Invalidity, Survivors, Exempted Employment,& Emigration Grant.

how nssf serves you
How NSSF Serves You
  • 24 dedicated branches country wide with associated 61 outreach centres;
  • Interactive electronic service delivery channels that enable you track your savings anytime, anywhere; NSSF Uganda

On a regular basis, please use these channels to review your statement balances or make inquiries or advise when you notice an error. We will rectify as needed.


Some NSSF Members we have sensitized

Infectious Diseases Research

Capital Radio

TASO Uganda

Rift Valley Railways

Joint Christian Research Council

Lincoln International School

Quality Chemical Industries Ltd

Mengo Hospital

We pledge to continue updating NSSF Members on their Fund