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  1. STEM Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

  2. UNION CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT STEM TEAM MEMBERS • Sandra Myers: District Superintendent • Joseph Neuch: High School Principal • Joan Quickle: STEM Co-Coordinator • Wendy Mangol: STEM Co-Coordinator

  3. MISSION STATEMENT PROMOTE CAREERS IN STEM DISCIPLINES Provided to participants at no cost through Union City School District funding and various grants.

  4. YEAR 1 Learned about the STEM program through the National Girls Collaborative Project roll out in Erie, PA November 2006 Superintendent Sandra Myers committed district funds to begin a program Teachers Joann Quickle and Wendy Mangol agreed to organize the program

  5. YEAR1 • Invited all math, science and counseling faculty as well as administration to participate in the formation of our district’s STEM program • Participants decided: • to target a group of girls • qualifications for participation in the program

  6. YEAR 1 • 9th grade students were targeted based on the research of Dr. Willard Daggett and the International Center for Leadership in Education. • Using the information from the National Girls Collaborative Project , we decided the program would be only open to young women.

  7. YEAR 1 • Ninth grade girls with the following qualifications were invited to participate • GPA of 3.25 or higher • Faculty recommendation • Strong interest and ability in science and math • Exemplary discipline • 18 girls met the criteria

  8. YEAR 1 GOALS • Monthly out of school activity designed to: • Visit a facility to observe STEM career and talk to professionals in that career • Learn about preparatory programs in STEM careers

  9. Penn State Behrend School of Engineering

  10. St. Vincent’s Hospital “So You Want to be a Physician”

  11. Erie Planetarium

  12. Watson-Curtze Mansion

  13. Ms. Rebecca McGuirk Guest Speaker Profession - Underwater Welder

  14. Gannon University Research Laboratory – the Environaut LIMNOLOGY

  15. Pittsburgh Technical Institute “Female Futures in Technology”

  16. Resources • A student library with books and articles about women in STEM careers is available to the girls. • A bulletin board with college scholarship information and recent photos of activities is included with the library.

  17. Union City School Board • In Spring 2007, the School Board agreed to continue to fund the program. • Additionally, the board decided to allow the 9th grade girls to continue through 10th grade and add new 9th grade students in the fall of 2007.

  18. YEAR 2 • Continued with the original 18 girls (now sophomores) and added 14 new 9th grade girls • Used the same qualifications for inclusion in program • Used the same goals as Year 1

  19. ERIE INSURANCE • Actuarial Science • Information Technology • Underwriting and Claims

  20. TOM RIDGE ENVIRONMENTAL CENTER • Environmental Science and Biology

  21. NORTHWESTERN RURALELECTRIC COOPERATIVE • Safety demonstration and tour of facility • Careers in the office and in the field

  22. MATERIALS SCIENCE and ENGINEERING STUDIES OPEN HOUSE at PENN STATE UNIVERSITY Materials science and engineering is a discipline that enables the creation and application of materials in society .



  25. OTHER ACTIVITIES • Four girls participated in the Society of Women Engineers Region G Conference held at Penn State University Park • Two girls participated in the first annual WILD (Women in Leadership Development) Conference held in Erie

  26. 2007/2008 STEM Survey • 1. What did you like most about STEM? • “I like most of the trips and learning about all the careers that are available to women but men dominate.” • “I liked going to Penn State and learning about nanotechnology and solar power.” • “You get to go places that some people never get the chance to go to.”

  27. Survey continued • 2. What was your favorite activity this year? -Glenn Space Center was the overwhelming favorite. • 3. Please list any summer activities that you will be participating in. -Upward bound, various church camps, Materials & Science camp, Nanotechnology camp, Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week, Math camp.

  28. Survey continued • 4. What career are you thinking of pursuing? • 14 chose the medical field • 4 science teacher • 4 nanotechnology, engineering • others chose law, design, forensics and band director -o

  29. Survey continued • 5. Has STEM provided you with a new career idea? • ”Yes, definitely an engineer.” • “Scientist, I was thinking about being a lawyer but I think that a scientist would be much more interesting.”

  30. SUMMER 2008 • Nanotechnology 3 day camp at Penn State University Park • Gannon University’s Governor’s School of Excellence (Environmental Science) • Upward Bound Math and Science • Upward Bound • Math Camp at Edinboro University (5 day) • Material and Science Camp at Edinboro University (2 day)

  31. FALL 2008 (YEAR 3) • Continued with the original 18 girls (now juniors) and the 14 new girls (now sophomores) • Added 10 new 9th grade girls • Same goal • Same criteria • Lost most of district financial support

  32. YEAR 3 • Niagara Power Vista and Niagara Falls • Linesville Fish Culture Station • Edinboro University – Nursing Program • Medical Explorer Program • Lord Corporation • Gannon University • Penn State Nanotechnology Day



  35. FISH CULTURE STATION • Learned about careers in both the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission and the Pennsylvania Game Commission

  36. PYMATUNING SPILLWAY • This area is known as the place the “Ducks Walk on the Fish”

  37. MEDICAL EXPLORERS Gamma KnifeHyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

  38. EDINBORO UNIVERSITY • Edinboro University is part of Pennsylvania’ State System of Higher Education. • Edinboro has an undergraduate and graduate enrollment of 7,700.



  41. LORD CORPORATION • Lord Corporation was established in Erie, PA eighty years ago • Lord currently operates in nine countries throughout the world • Gross sales last year were $725 million • Girls were offered job shadowing opportunities at one of the four local branches


  43. GANNON UNIVERSITY • Tour of Morosky School of Medical Science • Participation in Medical Simulation Lab • Gannon University is a private university in nearby Erie, Pennsylvania


  45. PENN STATE NANOTECHNOLOGY DAY • Nanotechnology in today’s world • Nanotechnology for the future • Partner schools information • Tours of laboratories • Experiments • Job outlook

  46. OTHER PLANS • Junior students may spend a weekend at Gannon University shadowing a female engineering student and learning about college life. • Utilize, through technology, Penn State University Park’s Scanning Electron Microscope and Atomic Force Microscope to analyze specimens STEM participants send to PSU.

  47. SPRING 2009 JUNIORS ONLY • Since many of our members are the first members of their family to consider post-secondary education: • We will offer students help with college applications or technical school applications. • We will offer parents help completing financial aid forms. • We will arrange visits to preparatory programs and transport girls as needed.

  48. SPRING 2009 • Survey the girls about the program • Survey juniors about their post-secondary education plans

  49. SUMMER 2009 PLANS • Girls are registered for the following programs: • Upward Bound for Math and Science • Edinboro University’s Materials and Science Camp (2 day camp) • Edinboro University’s Math Camp (5 day) • Medical Careers camp through Clarion University (5 day)

  50. STEM in YOUR SCHOOL • Please use any or all of our model if you want to begin a STEM program in your school. • Your handouts have resources, websites, and our email addresses. • This presentation will be available in the conference proceedings link at ICLE.