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US Commercial Service

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US Commercial Service
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  1. US Commercial Service Export 101 Fairfax County EDA January 11, 2011

  2. US Commercial Service Our mission: The US & Foreign Commercial Service was created with the Foreign Service Act of 1980. Our mandate is to “…promote US exports and assist US companies overseas.” We promote and protect US commercial interests abroad and deliver customized solutions to ensure that American businesses, especially small and medium sized enterprises, compete and win in the global market place.

  3. Why Export? • In 2010, 95.5% of potential customers live outside the U.S. • Over the next 5 years, the world’s population will grow by more than the populations of the US, the UK and Canada combined . That’s 393 million new potential customers from 2010-15, source; World Bank. • Exponential growth in the middle classes in “emerging markets.”

  4. Why Export - 3 • Increase Revenues • Gain Global Market Share • Reduce Dependence on Domestic Markets • Counter Cyclical/Seasonal Market Fluctuations • Extend Sales Potential of Existing Products • New Markets for Your Excess Production Capacity and Older Product Lines

  5. Why Export -2 • 86 % of global economic growth takes place outside of the United States - source: US Chamber of Commerce

  6. Why Export - 3 • Take the Battle to the Competition. • Gain Exposure to New Ideas, New Ways of Operating, New Technologies • Access Diverse Human Resources

  7. What it takes to succeed • Management Commitment • Staff Time • Some Additional Financial Resources • Good Market Intelligence and Situational Awareness • Good Overseas Contacts • Management Commitment

  8. Are You “Export Ready” Rule of Thumb - Do you meet 3 of the following criteria ? • At least 3 years in operation. • Manufacturer – more than 50 employees. • Service company – more than 5 employees. • More than $100,000. • Have senior management commitment.

  9. US Commercial Service Domestic Operations: US Export Assistance Centers 110 offices nationwide, working on a county-by-county level to assist local firms develop international sales International Operations: Overseas Offices Currently have 124 offices in 76 countries worldwide, operating through US Embassies and Consulates staffed with FSOs and Locally Engaged Staff

  10. USEAC NETWORK ORGANIZATION Effective 10/01/2005 Seattle Tacoma Portland Spokane Missoula Minneapolis Montpelier Portland Boise Portsmouth Rochester NORTHEAST (Boston) Grand Rapids Buffalo Providence Pontiac Sioux Falls Milwaukee Westchester Middletown Detroit Long Island North Bay/Novato Ypsilanti New York Libertyville Great Lakes (Cleveland) Sacramento Harrisburg Harlem Des Moines Rockford Toledo Newark San Francisco Reno Omaha Midwest (Chicago) Pittsburgh Salt Lake City Oakland Akron Trenton Peoria San Jose Wheeling MIDATLANTIC (Philadelphia) Columbus Indianapolis PACIFIC NORTH (San Jose/PNW) SOUTHWEST(Denver) Kansas City Cincinnati NorthernVirginia Baltimore Las Vegas Richmond Monterey Wichita Lexington Charleston Fresno St. Louis Louisville Bakersfield Greensboro Downtown LA Raleigh Ventura County Ontario (Inland Empire) Nashville`1 Tulsa Charlotte West L.A. Santa Fe Knoxville Indio(Cabazon) Newport Beach Memphis Oklahoma City Greenville Columbia PACIFIC SOUTH (So. California) Phoenix Little Rock SOUTHERN (Atlanta) San Diego Birmingham Charleston Tucson Jackson Savannah Ft. Worth N. Texas/Arlington Shreveport Tallahassee Midland Jacksonville Austin New Orleans Orlando Houston San Antonio Clearwater Ft. Lauderdale ODO NETWORKS Northeast Mid Atlantic Southern Great Lakes Midwest Southwest Pacific North Pacific South Miami McAllen Honolulu San Juan Anchorage (Reports to Southern CA Network) (Reports to Northwest Network) USEAC networks are connected by lines; The center of each USEAC network is represented by a square.

  11. What the CS network can do for US business • Locate international buyers, distributors & agents, and other business partners • Provide expert help at every stage of the export process • Help US companies enter new markets faster and more profitably • Promote and protect US commercial interests abroad

  12. Products & Services International Market Research Finding Partners Overseas Trade Shows, Trade Events Trade Mission Advocacy

  13. Market Research Library More than 100,000 country and industry specific market reports, web sites, events, and trade directory listings, including (but not limited to): Country Commercial Guides:

  14. Matchmaking Services Pre-screened appointment schedule arranged before company representative travels overseas Customized market and industry briefings with CS local trade specialists Timely and relevant market research Post-meeting debriefing with our trade specialists and assistance in developing appropriate follow-up strategies Help with travel, accommodations, interpreter service, and clerical support

  15. Advocacy Center • To ensure that sales of US products and services have the best possible prospects abroad, the Advocacy Center can coordinate: • Visits to key foreign officials by high-ranking US officials • Direct support of US officials stationed overseas • Letters to foreign decision-makers • US export credit agency financing support to qualified US companies

  16. Financing Business Opportunities • Small Business Administration (SBA) • US Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) • Export-Import Bank of the United States (ExIm) •

  17. Bureau of Industry and SecurityU.S. Department of Commerce Helpline (202) 482 4811 Applies to dual use (civ/mil) items

  18. Contact Us:

  19. 1100 N. Glebe Rd. Suite 1500 Arlington, VA 22201 Tel: 703 235 0324