women during wwi n.
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Women during WWI PowerPoint Presentation
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Women during WWI

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Women during WWI - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Women during WWI. Laura Van Doren US History, Period 4. Major Roles of Women. Factory Workers Farmers Nurses Propaganda Posters. Lack of Men. Financial Situations. Factories need Workers. Women take Jobs. Women in the Factories. Women in the Factories. Pictures from:

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Women during WWI

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Women during WWI Laura Van Doren US History, Period 4

    2. Major Roles of Women • Factory Workers • Farmers • Nurses • Propaganda Posters

    3. Lack of Men Financial Situations Factories need Workers Women take Jobs Women in the Factories

    4. Women in the Factories Pictures from: http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/worldwarone/hq/hfront2_02.shtml

    5. February 1917 Food Supply for the Allies Board of Agriculture and Fisheries Women on Farms Women's Land Army

    6. Women on Farms Pictures from: http://caber.open.ac.uk/schools/stanway/landarmy.html

    7. Women as Nurses • A typical role for women • Closest western women will get to the front line • Army and Navy Nurse Corps. • They wore an official uniform and had ranks

    8. Women as Nurses Pictures from: http://library.uncg.edu/depts/archives/exhibits/womvet/wwi.asp

    9. Women and Propaganda • Women were depicted in most WWI propaganda posters • They wore men's uniforms to encourage men to sign up • They encouraged women to volunteer • They encouraged women to enlist their men

    10. Women and Propaganda Pictures from: http://userpages.aug.com/captbarb/posterswwone.html and http://news-service.stanford.edu/news/2008/february20/gifs/brit_women_say.jpg

    11. Bibliography Goldstien, Joshua S. “Women of World War I” http://www.warandgender.com/wgwomwwi.htm Seattle General Strike Project. “Where Women worked during World War I” http://depts.washington.edu/labhist/strike/kim.shtml “Women in the Workforce” http://www.firstworldwar.com/features/womenww1_four.htm BBC “Women at War” http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/worldwarone/hq/hfront2_02.shtml The Canadian Encyclopedia “Women and War” http://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.com/index.cfm?PgNm=TCE&Params=A1ARTA0008679 The long, long Trail “Women’s Organizations” http://www.1914-1918.net/women.htm “WWI: Thirty Thousand Women were There” http://userpages.aug.com/captbarb/femvets4.html “History of the Army Nurse Corps.” http://history.amedd.army.mil/ancwebsite/slpr/slpr3.htm “The Nurses” http://www.anzacday.org.au/history/ww1/overview/nurses.html