Presentation of drr database
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Presentation of DRR Database.

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Presentation of drr database

Presentation of DRR Database

Disaster Risk Reduction DRR The systematic development and application of policies, strategies and practices to minimize vulnerabilities and disaster risks throughout a society, to avoid (prevention) or to limit (mitigation and preparedness) adverse impact of hazards, within the broad context of sustainable development.

Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) database was developed with a major focus on Karamoja situations. It has replaced the humanitarian focused database that was developed in the past years. (DRR database is broad covering both relief and development)

The main prioritized hazards indentified in Karamoja are:





OCHA Karamoja DRR presentation

Presentation of drr database

Sectors identified in response to the hazards included the following:

Food Security and livelihoods




DRR Data collection.

Data collection was done based on interventions per hazard identified by each partner in Karamoja ( Drought, Floods, Epidemics and Epizootics) and targeted interventions as relates the DRR aspects (Mitigation, Prevention, preparedness and Response) within a specified period of time

OCHA Karamoja DRR presentation

Presentation of drr database

  • Expected out put of the database following:

  • Trucking the list of targeted consequences each organisation is targeting per hazard per sub county and by parish

  • Trucking the donor for each project and the implementation period(s). Key concern has been taken in a situation where by an organisation is funding another implementing partner as well as implementing its own activities. Concern has also been taken if an agency is purely funding implementing partners and based in Karamoja

  • Trucking report of related activities to consequences identified by each organisation per sub county and per parish

  • The database will also truck report on partnership as well as coordination among the organisations in order to realize gaps and overlaps

  • Further more, the database will also truck whether an agency is humanitarian/relief (Preparedness and response) or Development (mitigation and prevention

OCHA Karamoja DRR presentation

Presentation of drr database

  • Expected out put of the following:database contin……

  • The database will also be able to produce reports at sector levels by sub county and by parish

  • The database will also identify and report on agencies intervening on cross-cutting issues such as HIV/Aids, Environment, Gender, Child Right and Governance by sub county and by parish

  • All in all, we shall be waiting for you comments, corrections and requests and the reports shall be made available accordingly.

  • Expected date of sharing the first draft

  • First draft shall be shared to agencies by the fourth week of this month and we expect to get your inputs to the document

  • Thank you

OCHA Karamoja DRR presentation