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Characteristics of Toxic Boss

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Characteristics of Toxic Boss. Fantastic Four. Summary. ضع علامة صح امام العبارة الصحيحة وعلامة خطأ امام العبارة الخاطأة وخللي بالك عشان هنحاول نلخبطك. Fantastic Four. Motivation should be given to employees only after and before achieving their targets.

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ضع علامة صح امام العبارة الصحيحة وعلامة خطأ امام العبارة الخاطأة وخللي بالك عشان هنحاول نلخبطك

Fantastic Four


My boss is very transparent, he even told us that the one who will not get the job done will be fired


I attend this workshop because I like to be efficient, I listen carefully and learn because I like to be effective


The culture of an organization is like a river. It can be fluid, strong and consistent, serving as lubricant while guiding its members in the right direction. In contrast a river can become stale and toxic, silently killing those who drink at its shore.

Ron Kaufman

7 characteristics of toxic boss
7 Characteristics of Toxic Boss
  • Narcissist
  • Ego-centric, who spend most of their time and energy on themselves.
  • Have little or no interest in the organization, employees or the mission.
  • Unhappy people, with deep rooted insecurities.
  • Selfish and will go to any extent to fulfill their personal goals.
  • Rigid
  • Very rigid, they will never accept other's ideas.
  • Not willing to adapt to new ideas or change with time.
  • They will not even listen to others opinion, as they are convinced that they are right.
  • They firmly believe that they are the only ones who are right.
  • They surround themselves with people who do not oppose them.
7 characteristics of toxic boss1
7 Characteristics of Toxic Boss
  • Insensitive
  • They have no regard for the well-being of others.
  • They are insensitive to the issues of their followers and only care about their own selfish needs.
  • They use people and the organization to achieve their own long-term goals.
  • They do not care about how their actions could impact others.
  • They always place their needs and fortune above that of the followers.
  • Arrogant
  • They consider themselves superior than others in every way.
  • Even when a mission fails, they refrain from taking the blame, they very easily put the blame on someone else.
  • Coward
  • They are cowards, they lack the courage to face tough situations.
  • They almost always shy away from making difficult choices and hence fail to bring about any positive change.  
7 characteristics of toxic boss2
7 Characteristics of Toxic Boss
  • Ambitious
  • Every leader should be ambitious to an extent, however toxic bosses are overly ambitious.
  • They are willing to go to any length to satisfy this insatiable ambition.
  • They want it all; prestige, power, money and success at any cost, then adopting an unethical way or compromising the well-being of people.
  • Domineering
  • If a toxic leader is given total control of the group or organization, he tends to become highly dominating and almost autocratic, due to his high ambitions.
  • He is a control fanatic, who wants everything done his way, he makes unrealistic demands from people.
  • There is no regard for creativity or considering other's ideas and opinion.
  • They teach people to comply with their beliefs.
the impact on organization
The Impact on Organization

Toxic Boss

  • is one of the more dysfunctional types of leadership

Negative energy

  • it can seriously affect employees’ morale and opinion of the company as a whole.

Abusive supervision doesn’t just affect the person at whom it’s directed – it can affect an entire office. Its presence can extend to others “second hand,” as they hear about it or witness it occurring in coworkers and friends.

Affect the productivity of the company

the impact on organization1
The Impact on Organization

It may be likely to affect employees’ overall perception of the company they work

More job frustration

A greater likelihood of coworkers abusing one another, and a greater lack of confidence in the company as a whole.

corrective actions
Corrective Actions
  • Present your case.