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Cyberbullying - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cyberbullying. By Camryn & Kristen. Cyberbullying. Positives +. Negatives -. Leads to depression It feels like a slap in the face Lowers self-esteem Creates anger Fear Embarrassment Hurt feelings Ends in suicide.

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PowerPoint Slideshow about ' Cyberbullying' - dahlia-klein

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By Camryn & Kristen


Positives +

Negatives -

Leads to depression

It feels like a slap in the face

Lowers self-esteem

Creates anger



Hurt feelings

Ends in suicide

  • There is no positives there is only the feeling of being slapped in the face!!!

Flaming is an agonizing argument, that takes place in chat rooms, over instant messages or email.The bullies who use flaming as their technique use capital letters, images and symbols to add intense emotions to their argument for more enjoyment.


Harassment involves bullies sending messages that are offensive, and sending them to a target individual or group.Cyberbullies mostly send repeated messages, or send them at odd times of the day and night for more effectiveness.

Some cyberbullies even post their messages to a place where anyone and everyone can see.


Outing is when someone makes a secret that someone tells them and posts it somewhere public.

Many cyberbullies print out instant messaging conversations, often containing personal information about someone's family, friends or personal problems and show them around to other people or put up everywhere.

cyber stalking
Cyber stalking

Cyber stalking is a form of harassment. Usually messages are sent through personal communications, such as email or text messages.

Eventually the victims start to believe that the cyber stalking may increase and become real stalking.


Exclusion is when a boy or girl doesn’t have any mobile devices or a internet and would be more excluded from the drama.

Instead of cyberbullying guys tend to be more physical and girls would be more dramatic.


Masquerading is when someone creates a fake account and pretends to be someone their not.

They pretend to be someone else so they can threaten and cyberbully anybody without getting caught.

watch these videos
Watch these Videos….
how 2 cyberbullying
How 2 Cyberbullying

Method 1 Know What to Look for…

Method 2 Take Immediate Action…

Attempt to identify the cause

Stop responding to the bullies messages

Save the evidence

Block the bully

Change your account settings

  • Look for signs of harassment
  • Look for signs of public humiliation
  • Look for signs of impersonation

Method 3 Get Outside Help…

Method 4 Prevent Cyberbullying…

Don’t wait to long to ask

Talk to your school administrators

Report the bully to your service providers

Get law enforcement involved

Never share information online

Watch your tone when you communicate online

Don’t participate in cyberbullying behavior

how cyberbullying affects people
How Cyberbullying Affects People

Cyberbullying Creates Depression and Ends in Suicide

As with any form of bullying, cyberbullying can have an extremely negative impact on your students, including:

  • Lowers their confidence, self-esteem and sense of security
  • Affecting their performance and attendance at school
  • Causing stress and affecting their health(depression)
  • Resulting in negative offline behaviors, such as running away from home
  • Leading to suicidal thoughts
  • Affecting them for the rest of their lives
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