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How Responsible Care Enhances ACC Membership PowerPoint Presentation
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How Responsible Care Enhances ACC Membership

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How Responsible Care Enhances ACC Membership - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Responsible CarE ® Responsible care Coordinator Roles and Responsibilities Dan Roczniak and David Sandidge Director, Responsible Care American Chemistry Council May 31, 2011. How Responsible Care Enhances ACC Membership. Advocacy Foundation Industry Leadership

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Presentation Transcript

Responsible CarE®Responsible care CoordinatorRoles and ResponsibilitiesDan Roczniak and David SandidgeDirector, Responsible CareAmerican Chemistry CouncilMay 31, 2011

how responsible care enhances acc membership
How Responsible Care Enhances ACC Membership

Advocacy Foundation

Industry Leadership

Commercial / Supply Chain Connect

EHSS Performance Improvement

Technical Support

Best Practice Sharing

Regulatory Compliance Education

Management Systems Integration


Leadership in the Responsible Care program is intended to function in several ways

Leadership within your organization is characterized by commitment from your senior management team through the organization to each employee

Leadership within the ACC and Responsible Care program is involvement in the program development and direction through boards, committees and other ACC member led activity

internal leadership
Internal Leadership

Without Senior Management support you cannot effectively implement Responsible Care

Without employee level buy in and acceptance the implementation will be a paper exercise

Senior management must understand the guiding principles and the obligations of membership in order to fully commit and demonstrate ongoing support of the implementation within your company

external leadership
External Leadership

Becoming involved in the chemical industry community

Communicating with stakeholders about your operations and environmental, health and safety and security programs to support the goal of continuous improvement

To promote Responsible Care through your business supply chain and assisting others

guiding principles
Guiding Principles

Required to be signed by Executive Contact (Senior Management Rep.) for your company

Should be posted and displayed within the organization

Need to be understood and able to demonstrate or explain how your company is supporting, doing or promoting each principle as part of your operations and Responsible care management system

document s

Guiding Principles are different from technical specifications

Guiding Principles are signed and communicated to organization

Codes of Management Practices are the key documents outlining the practices to be implemented

Technical Specification are central documents used for third party certification

role of the ceo
Role of the CEO

Discussion Question:

How does your CEO communicate organizational vision or initiatives today?

role of the ceo1
Role of the CEO

Sets direction

Establishes priorities and focus

Develops organizational vision and enlists staff and employees to share and work toward that vision

Directs resources and personnel toward support of goals and objectives

Establishes and re-enforces company culture and beliefs.

ceo responsible care checklist
CEO Responsible Care Checklist
  • Do I view our successful implementation of Responsible Care as a personal achievement?
        • Is the full implementation of Responsible Care captured as a key component in our company’s strategic plan?
        • Do I regularly discuss our company’s commitment to continuous performance improvement through Responsible Care, both internally with employees and externally with key stakeholders including government officials, educators and plant community representatives?
        • Does our company’s Board understand the implications of Responsible Care? Does the Board receive reports on our company progress?
ceo responsible care checklist1
CEO Responsible Care Checklist
  • Do I routinely factor Responsible Care into the business planning process? Are our business managers discussing Responsible Care internally and externally? Am I satisfied with other feedback? Am I responsive to requests for personnel and other resources to accomplish Responsible Care?
  • Have employees established Responsible Care performance goals, and are they evaluating these goals?
  • Are management systems established for fully implementing the Responsible Care management system? Are timetables established for third-party certification? Am I satisfied with my company’s progress?
ceo responsible care checklist2
CEO Responsible Care Checklist
  •  Are Responsible Care messages regularly included in our company’s newsletters, quarterly reports, annual reports, etc?
  • Does my company submit its performance measure data to ACC in a timely manner? How does my company’s performance compare with other Responsible Care companies?
  • Do we regularly compare the performance of our company against that of other companies of similar size? 
coordinator challenges
Coordinator Challenges

Discussion Question:

What do you see as your biggest challenge in getting your Senior Management to support Responsible Care within your organization?

role of the responsible care coordinator
Role of the Responsible Care® Coordinator

The Responsible Care Coordinator serves as the focal point within the company for Responsible Care implementation activities as well as the liaison between GPCAResponsible Care staff and the company.

choosing a responsible care coordinator
Choosing a Responsible Care Coordinator

When lifting a heavy load, get help!

When implementing Responsible Care-

Get Help from your team!

  • The Responsible Care Coordinator should have-
    • Strong organizational ability
    • Access to Senior Management
    • Good relationships across the organizations operational and functional areas
    • Understanding of organizations operations and processes
    • Ability to work with a variety of people and functional areas
build a team
Build a Team

Build a strong team to speed organizational

Buy in and to spread implementation

tasks to functions and areas.

The Responsible Care Coordinator is not the sole implementer of Responsible Care within your organization!

Need to build a team to help with specific tasks and development aspects

Make specific assignments for short duration to gain larger acceptance

Over communicate with team and Senior management

Build upon existing programs or systems when ever they are working and available but don’t settle for that’s how we always did it here answers!

rc coordinator responsibilities and accountabilities
RC Coordinator Responsibilities and Accountabilities

Develop a plan for the implementation of Responsible Care into the organization

Coordinating the certification of headquarters and facilities to the RC technical specification

Reporting of performance metrics

Other Responsible Care obligations of membership

other coordinator activities
Other Coordinator activities-

Maintain ongoing communications with senior management on a predetermined agenda of Responsible Care activity

Obtain and allocate resources, including people and time.

Review the progress of the overall initiative and recommend corrective actions as needed

Establish key resources at every facility within the company to assist in implementing Responsible Care

Coordinate internal and external communications about the initiative

Work closely with the company’s Executive Contact to support his/her participation with the Responsible Care program

employee responsible care involvement
Employee Responsible Care Involvement

Employees at all levels have a role to play in the successful implementation of Responsible Care

Employees will need training and resources to help them understand the program, how it is being implemented within the organization and their roles

Responsible Care should tie to existing environmental, health and safety and security activity

coordinator challenges1
Coordinator Challenges

Discussion Question:

What do you see as your biggest challenge in getting your employees to support Responsible Care within your organization?

other responsible care roles
Other Responsible Care Roles

Member mentor- working with other chemical manufacturers to become involved and assisting them with implementation

Partner sponsor- sponsoring a Responsible Care Partner company (non-manufacturing) entering the program and moving toward certification and implementation

responsible care implementation philosophy
Responsible Care Implementation Philosophy

Look at this entire process as-

“What can we learn from this to improve our

EH&S performance and our company’s bottom line?”

and not as

“This is just something to get through”!

coordinator helpful hints
Coordinator Helpful Hints

Form a Responsible Care Implementation Team with Code Stewards

Depending on organization size and structure you may need interlocking team structure

Establish an executive level steering team led by CEO / Executive Contact

Establish regular meeting schedule with the Implementation Team with periodic reports to the Steering Team

coordinator helpful hints1
Coordinator Helpful Hints

Code Stewards manage implementation of Code practices within their functional areas

Some type of periodic Code self assessment and implementation evaluation is helpful

Integrate existing activities into the Code Management Practices

Work with interested parties first; build on successes

discussion questions
Discussion Questions

Develop an agenda for a Steering Team Kickoff Meeting.

What are the biggest challenges a Coordinator faces?

Develop an “elevator speech” for Responsible Care.

What kind of introductory communications would you recommend at your company?

Develop an agenda for a introductory meeting with the plant workforce.