hctc employee payroll and timesheet procedure
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HCTC EMPLOYEE PAYROLL AND TIMESHEET PROCEDURE. If you have questions after the presentation there will be a contact list that you may contact for further references. First, I would like to welcome you as an employee at HCTC.

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hctc employee payroll and timesheet procedure


If you have questions after the presentation there will be a contact list that you may contact for further references

First, I would like to welcome you as an employee at HCTC.

This is a short presentation of general payroll procedures and the process of receiving, recording and submitting your timesheet.

For more detailed policies and procedures go to:


Please keep in mind during the presentation that incomplete or illegible timesheets could delay in payment.

General Payroll
  • Once the employee has completed all the requirements in the hiring process with HR and the information is submitted to Payroll, a timesheet will be sent to the employee or employee’s supervisor as designated on the Payroll Authorization Request Form (PAR).
  • If you do not receive a timesheet within the first week of the pay period please contact someone in payroll. (A contact list is included later in this presentation.)
  • Employee should keep a copy of their completed timesheet for their records.
  • Employees are paid semi-monthly on the 15th and 30th. (If these dates fall on a weekend or Holiday you will be paid on the last working day.)
  • Pay periods are 1st -15th and 16th – to last day of the month (28th, 30th, 31st).
General Payroll – Continued
  • Work week begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday.
  • Hourly employees are responsible for recording time worked on a daily basis on the timesheet. (Falsification of records regarding time worked could be grounds of immediate termination. Actual time worked must be recorded.)
  • Hourly employees must submit a timesheet for every pay period worked by the “Due Date”. Failure to submit your timesheet by the “Due Date” may cause a delay in receiving your paycheck. (Due Dates are stamped on each timesheet.)
  • Timesheets must be completed in ink. NO pencil or “white out” is acceptable. If an error occurs cross out the error, make the changes and initial by the corrections.
  • Please remember that timesheets are legal financial documents.
When to take breaks?
  • If you work
  • 3.00 hours up to 5.00 hours – employee takes a 15 minute paid break
  • More than 5.00 hours up to 6.00 hours - employee must take a 30 minute unpaid lunch and one 15 minute paid break
  • 6.00 to 10 hours - employee must take a 30 minute unpaid lunch and two 15 minute paid breaks.
  • (Please do NOT record lunch time as part of your total hours worked for the day on your timesheet.)
Calculating Time to Enter on Timesheet
  • The number of hours worked by hourly employees are calculated using the
  • quarter-hour rounding method. This means that an employee’s arrival and
  • departure times are rounded to the closest quarter of the hour when calculating
  • the timesheet.
  • When calculating minutes using 60 minutes record as follow:
  • 8 minutes to 22 minutes - .25
  • 23 minutes to 37 minutes - .5 or .50
  • 38 minutes to 52 minutes - .75
  • 53 minutes to 67 minutes – 1 hour
  • Ready to Work and Work and Learn using 100th hour record as follow:
  • 12 to 37 minutes - .25
  • 38 to 62 minutes - .5 or .50
  • 63 minutes to 87 minutes - .75
  • 88 minutes to 112 minutes – 1 hour

Timesheets will vary according to the programs. On this page is examples of 3 different timesheets. If you are working with the Federal Work study program see example 1. If you are working with the Ready to Work/Work and Learn program see example 2. Part-Time Institutional and Full-Time staff employees see example 3.



Once you or your supervisor receives your timesheet you should always check your name, ID number, beginning and ending dates and the “due date” timesheets are due in Payroll.

Feb 01, 2006Feb 15, 2006

  • Employees are responsible for having their supervisor submit their timesheet into Payroll on or before the due date. Late timesheets could result in delayed payment.
KCTCS’s pay periods run from the 1st to the 15th and 16th to the end of the month. As you look at this timesheet you see the highlighted area has dates broken out into two lines 1-15 and 16-31. Each line correspondents with the beginning and ending dates on the timesheet. These lines are for reference only, You may print M, T, W, R, F, S, and S for your own reference, but Please do not record hours in this area.

Feb 01, 2006Feb 15, 2006

Employees should record the total hours worked for the day, daily on the timesheet as shown in the highlighted area below. Employee should record hours in INK not pencil.

Then at the end of the pay period enter the total hours as shown.

Sign timesheet in INK and have supervisor verify the hours with their signature, then it is the supervisor’s responsibility to turn the timesheet into Payroll by the due date.

When a full-time employee wants to take a leave, the employee should record the hours in the appropriate earnings code on the timesheet. For other codes not available on timesheet record in blank rows. Fill out a PR90 Absence Request Form (found on The Point) with the appropriate type of leave, date, time, hours, and signatures then attach form to the back of the timesheet. Absence request should be filled out in advance of leave or if an emergency, fill out the first day back to work. See below for an example of timesheet and absence request.
Here is a 2012-2013 payroll calendar for your reference. You can see the pay period beginning and ending dates and the date to be paid. (Pay dates are the 15th and 30th of each month or on the last work day if that date falls on a weekend or holiday.)
  • You may want to print this calendar for future reference.
Employee Self-Service
  • Active employees may go online at the following link and view their paystubs. Paystubs are available to view 2 to 3 days in advance, but will not be deposited until the pay date.
  • Employee can also view and make changes to their address, W-4, K-4 and direct deposit from the Self Service website.
  • To access the sign-on page for PeopleSoft Self Service, use the following link:
  • https://kctcshr.mycmsc.com/psp/kcthrprd/?cmd=login
  • Enter your Active Directory user ID (JDOEXXXX) and password to sign in to PeopleSoft (the same user ID you use to access email). Once signed in you can click on “Main Menu” then “Self Service” to access the self-service pages.
Employee Self-Service - Continued
  • The following pages could be available according to your employment status:
  • Personal InformationReview and update your personal information.
  • Payroll and CompensationReview your pay and compensation history. Update your direct deposit and other deduction or contribution information.
      • View PaycheckReview current and prior paychecks.View Payroll/Benefits SummaryView year-to-date total compensation, including all cash income and the value of all benefits.View Leave BalancesView your current KCTCS Leave balances.Direct DepositAdd or update your direct deposit information.Job & Compensation HistoryView your KCTCS Job and Compensation HistoryW-4 / K-4 Tax InformationReview or change your W-4 (Federal) or K-4 (State) tax information.View W-2/W-2c FormsView electronic W-2 and W-2c forms.W-2 Reissue RequestRequest a reissued W-2.
Employee Self-Service - Continued
  • BenefitsReview health, insurance, savings, pension or other benefits information. Review and update dependent and beneficiary personal information.
          • Dependents and BeneficiariesReview and update dependent and beneficiary personal information.
          • Dependent/Beneficiary CoverageBenefits SummaryReview a summary of current, past or future benefit enrollments.Dependent/Beneficiary InfoReview or update dependent and beneficiary information.Benefits EnrollmentEnroll in benefits.
Contact List
  • For Payroll questions contact the following individuals:
  • Barbara Stacy (606) 487-3183
  • Patti Fisher (606) 487-3488
  • Jackie Hall (606) 487-3180
  • For Human Resource questions contact the following individuals:
  • Angela Fugate (606) 487-3111
  • Mindy Collins (606) 487-3112
Student Center—activating accounts/resetting passwords:
  • In an effort to improve accessibility and increase the security of KCTCS student and employee account information, KCTCS web services has implemented the User Account Center.  This system will now be used to activate student accounts as well as reset student and/or employee passwords.  Students can now create security questions and answers to activate, reset and/or change passwords via the User Account System on their own.  This is setup similar to that of an online banking account where you need to create your security questions and answers before going any further of creating your account and/or resetting your password.
  • A hyperlink to the User Account Center has been placed at the upper-right menu of the HCTC website and on the faculty/staff page under password reset for your convenience.   Note: http://webmail.kctcs.edu is no longer used to activate or reset accounts.
  • Employees can also use the same steps listed below to create security questions and reset their passwords.  To access the employee link, chose Faculty/Staff link from the college’s homepage and then select Activate your email account.
  • New Student Account Activation or Resetting Account for Current Students
      • 1. From the HCTC webpage
      • 2. Top left of the page click on User Account Center
      • 3. Click on “KCTCS User Account System” in red.
      • 4. Identify yourself by giving your Birth Date and at least two other forms of identification.
      • 5. Verify the User Profile information listed is correct.
      • 6. Create an identity verification question and answer then click “Save My User Profile.”
      • 7. Enter your Last Name and KCTCS ID (aka your People Soft ID #) and click “Sign In.”
      • 8. Create and confirm a password.
Now you have finished the presentation. Please print and fill out the next page and send to the attention of payroll and keep a copy for your records.

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Employee Online Payroll/Timesheet Presentation