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BISMILLAH REHMAN RAHIM. Heritage and culture of SHIKARPUR. . Irshad Mahar Management and Governance Network (MAGNET). Organization Profile. Name ;- Manangment And Governance Network Sindh (MAGNET SINDH) Year of stablished ;- 2003 Registration;- 2005 -SK- 1518 Society Act 1860

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  1. BISMILLAH REHMAN RAHIM Heritage and culture of SHIKARPUR. . Irshad Mahar Management and Governance Network (MAGNET)

  2. Organization Profile Name ;-Manangment And Governance Network Sindh (MAGNET SINDH) Year of stablished;- 2003 Registration;- 2005 -SK- 1518 Society Act 1860 Vision;- To provide Basic facilities of Education, Health and empowered rural society. Main working sectors;- Health, Education, Advocacy,Women Empowerment , Gender Equality , and Agriculture The MAGNET society is devoted to improving the management and governance capacity of non-profits organizations to assist non-profits in fulfilling their mission. By supporting, learning the training of activists and professionals, developing educational materials and programming and community-building through networking and linkages. MAGNET is dedicated to quality education and training to promote understanding, attitudes and actions to protect human rights, and to foster the development of peaceable, free and just communities.

  3. Introduction of Campaign. We can Campaign @ Sukkur by Oxfam GB. Vocational Training centre for women@sukkur &n Shikarpur by AHAN. IELP School @ sukkur & Shikarpur by SEF U.C Delegate Group forming &Trainings for capcity build. By DTCE FACER Project @ Shikarpur By DTCE Micro Credite @ Sukkur By OCT Karachi. Advacacy Campaign on against Tobecco By CTC Islamabad Farmer Group forming ,Net working.

  4. INTRODUCTION OF DISTRICT Shikarpur Total Area: 2.512 Sq KMs Total Population: 880,438 Rural Rate: 83.67% Urban Rate: 16.33% Talukas: 04 Total UCs: 50

  5. History of District Shikarpur • Shikarpur has always been an important place as commanding the trade route through the Bolan Pass, and its merchants have dealings with many towns in Central Asia. It has seven gates like Hathi Gate, Lucky Gate etc. It is famous for its pickles and sweets. It has a large market and manufactures cotton cloth and pottery. Because of its rich history. Shikarpur used to be called an "Old Paris" because of unknown reason while some people thinks that it was called an "Old Paris" because of its modern building of that time but some things that it was because of some perfume or attur industry in the Shikarpur. At that time there was a popular caste Dahani was active and the chief of the caste was Sardar Ghulam Bashir Khan Dahani. Shikarpur is the most historical place of sindh, it was a place of Shikar means Hunting it was a place for hunting for the people because it had a large forest with the lot of animals so many people came here for hunting. This city has also another significance which is trading, it i s famous for its 1t banking system in the Asia

  6. Geography • Shikarpur District borders the districts of Larkana, Jacobabad, Khairpur and Sukkur. Two National Highways (N-65 & N-55) intersect the city of Shikarpur, making it the junction points of 4 provinces. • Chak, Beechangi a town in taluka Lakhi, has an important place in the district politically, socially and economically besides the main Shikarpur city.its Paris of the Past • Mian-Jo-Goth,a historical village in Taluka Khanpur is the second biggest town in Khanpur Taluka. As per the 1998 census of the country, Shikarpur district had a population of 0.880 million out of which 0.212 million (24%) was urban. Following are the demographic details of the district:

  7. Religion • Islam: 98.03% • Hinduism: 1.80% • Christianity: 0.09% • Sikhism: 0.05% • undefined: 0.04%, Hindus are 6.14% • from the urban population of district.

  8. Issues • Poverty • Tribal Conflicts • Women Violence and HR • Poor Quality of Education • High teacher Absenteeism • Long distance of Schools. • Floods & Drought • Un-employment • Socio-Cultural hindrances. Continued………

  9. Issues • Population Explosion • Uncertainty about Funds • Weak professional base • Political instability • Law & order situation • Conveyance problems

  10. Languages Sindhi: 75.77%Balochi: 12.01%Brohi: 6.35%Seraiki: 3.60%Urdu: 1.81%Punjabi: 0.24%Pashto: 0.22%

  11. We Can Campaign. Lounch in March 2012 for District shikarpur . Forming C.M & Connectors Groups in 04-12 06 Male ,06 Female . Select 05 schools in each 12 Teaches and 50 students group formed. Total Change Makers 956 from Target 1875 Training of C.M & Connectors 06 and 12 Group Discussion for raise awareness about Women Rights build their capacity Increase awareness for we can campaign. Through wall poster,Baners,stikers,school begs and other IECMaterial. Mobilization and communicate to CSO for participant in Campaign

  12. Membership Position. Target of change Maker/Conectars 1875 Acheivement as per Taluka. Taluka Group T. C,M M-- F Shikarpur 04 340 115+225 G.Yaseen 02 155 110+ 45 Lakhi 04 315 120+195 Khanpur 02 165 90+ 75 TOTAL 12 965 435+540

  13. 16 Days Activism Activities Group Discussion with Teachers -06 Awareness against violence in 05 selected schools -10 Training work shops 20 women's at Magnets office Shikarpur. Walk /Rally on HR World day. Seminar on against women violence. Massages of GBV in affected U.Cs of Shikarpur during assessment. Distribute IEC Material in schools.

  14. IN Camera Eyes,

  15. Picture

  16. Picturs of C.M . Seminar 10thDec;HR Day C.M /ConectarMetting.

  17. Picture Group C.M Formation.

  18. 16 DAYS ACTIVISM Shikarpur seminar Awareness session


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