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ENPI-FLEG in Belarus ENPI - FLEG PCT meeting in Brussels June 10, 2010 Prepared by Alexei Grigoriev IUCN ENPI-FLEG Coordinator for Belarus. 1. Belarus Forests. Belarus Forest Fund have size 9,4 mln hectares, of which 8,0 are covered by forests.

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alexei grigoriev@enpi fleg org

ENPI-FLEG in Belarus

ENPI - FLEG PCT meeting in Brussels

June 10, 2010

Prepared by Alexei Grigoriev

IUCN ENPI-FLEG Coordinator for Belarus
1 belarus forests
1. Belarus Forests
  • Belarus Forest Fund have size 9,4 mln hectares, of which 8,0 are covered by forests.
  • Total growing stock is 1,5 bln cbm.
  • Annual logging level is 12-15 mln cbm. per year.
  • It is 3-th position among countries, participating in ENPI-FLEG Programme (but only a bit less than Ukraine)
2 registered illegal logging level
2. Registered illegal logging level
  • 2005 year - 8300 cbm - 2890 cases
  • 2007 year - 6700 cbm - 1050 cases
  • 2009 year - 2700 cbm - 600 cases e.g. less than 0,02% from annual logging level in 2009
3 reasons of relatively low illegal logging level in belarus
3. Reasons of relatively low illegal logging level in Belarus
  • Abundant forest resources
  • Statemonopoly on forests
  • United state forest management system (85% percent of whole Belarus forests are managed by Ministry of forestry).Ministry of forestry employ 14.5 thousands people. Typical forest ranger unit is 300-400 hectares.
  • Numerous state agencies, which control legal usage of forests (at least 4 independent structures)
  • Rather low private business activity in forestry, especially in timber logging.
  • Quite efficient timber supply to the local population (especially as concern fuel wood)
4 iucn enpi fleg priorities in belarus
4. IUCN ENPI-FLEG priorities in Belarus
  • 47 from 95 forest enterprises, managed by Ministry of forestry already have FSC certification. In 2011 FSC certification will cover all forests within Ministry of forestry.
  • Main sources of illegal timber are technical deviations in assessment of quality and quantity of wood.
  • Compare to another countries, participating in ENPI-FLEG, illegal logging in Belarus is rather minor issue.
  • This why IUCN, as part of ENPI-FLEG in Belarus, concentrated on general improvement of forest management, especially concerning local population rights on legal forestry resources usage, transparency, public participation, promotion legal small business etc.
5 enpi fleg in belarus
5. ENPI-FLEG in Belarus
  • ENPI-FLEG Programme in Belarus is implemented by World Bank and IUCN.
  • ENPI-FLEG country work plan for Belarus include 15 activities.
  • In first year IUCN implement 7 activities with total budget 60000 USD
  • On governmental level ENA-FLEG country focal point is deputy minister Mr.Yushkevich, which participated in Sankt-Peterburg 2005 Ministerial Conference. He also manage ENPI-FLEG Programme in Belarus from governmental side.
  • In April 2010 new Minister of forestry Mr. Amelyanovich was appointed. ENPI-FLEG already established good working relations with new Minister.
6 main enpi fleg partners and stakeholders in belarus
6. Main ENPI-FLEG partners and stakeholders in Belarus
  • ENPI-FLEG developed active working relations with following main stakeholders:
  • State - Ministry of forestry, Executive office in President of Belarus administration (national parks);
  • NGOs - Belarus largest environmental NGO APB (member of BirdLife International), association “Rural escape”;
  • business - Republic Forest Industries Association;
  • international agencies- UNDP.
7 most important results of enpi fleg first year in belarus iucn part
7. Most important results of ENPI-FLEG first year in Belarus (IUCN part)
  • Methodological support and piloting of enhancement of forest management agencies’ transparency and public participation using Internet sites (4.2. Belarus Country Work Plan - CWP).
  • Internet sites of Ministry of forestry and 6 Regional Association of State Forest Enterprises were analyzed. Most typical 10 shortcomings were shown.
  • First results of this analysis were reported in May 27, 2010 on seminar, organized by Ministry of forestry, where more than 100 deputy directors from all Regional Associations and for State Forest Enterprises were presented. Seminar was moderated by Deputy Minister Mr.Yushkevich.
  • Seminar recommendations contain clear directions for further ENPI-FLEG work in next year. For example in end of 2010 Ministry of forestry will organize in all Belarus regions seminars for State Forest Enterprises for improvement their Internet site content and site management
8 most important results of enpi fleg first year in belarus
8. Most important results of ENPI-FLEG first year in Belarus
  • Development of the project communication strategy and facilitation of its implementation (roundtables, hotlines, press-conferences and etc.) (4.1. Belarus CWP)
  • Project develop good working relations with Ministry of Forestry Republic of Belarus Press service.
  • Ministry of Forestry official Internet site have official page “FLEG collaboration” ( )
  • Information about FLEG related activities regularly appear in Ministry of Forestry site News Line.
  • In 2010 in professional weekly “Belarus forest newspaper” (20000 copies) ( ) was published 6 articles about FLEG issues. This information is reprinted by one of the most visiting professional forestry internet site in Russian -
  • 3 articles also was published in “Forestry and hunting” monthly magazine
9 most important results of enpi fleg first year in belarus
9. Most important results of ENPI-FLEG first year in Belarus
  • Publication of annual reviews of forest condition and utilization in Belarus with particular focus on FLEG issues (4.4. СWP)
  • For preparation of Annual Reivew 2009 multistakeholder working group was created (WB, IUVCN, APB, RLPBA and another)
  • Annual Review content was developed, including special attention to such issues, as law enforcement, transparency, biodiversity protection, forest usage for recreation.
  • Need of more attention to these issues was reported on international conference “Investments and innovations in Belarus forest industry” May 19, 2010 in presence o Minister Mr. Amelyanovich, deputy minister Mr. Yushkevich, all heads of State Forestry Enterprises (95) and regional Associations.
  • Main ideas of this report was covered also in article, published by governmental newspaper “Republic”
  • As espected, first draft of Annual Review 2009 will be presented in July 2010 on ENPI-FLEG meeting in Moldova
10 most important results of enpi fleg first year in belarus
10. Most important results of ENPI-FLEG first year in Belarus
  • Assisting communities, small and medium businesses in the implementation of their rights to legal use of forest resources;… (3.6. Belarus Country Work Plan- CWP)
  • Timber usage by local population and small business is strongly regulated by government. There are limited opportunities for changes.
  • In the same time Belarus have rather well developed small scale private “agrotourism” sector, which in big extend use forest resources for recreational purposes. Since 2006 more than 800 private agrotourism farmsteads were created.
  • Legal recreational forest usage create additional sources of income for local population, opportunities for develop private business, support social infrastructure, promote sustainable forestry and nature protection.
  • Different stakeholders in Belarus express need for better coordination in this areas among governmental agencies-private business-NGOs.
  • This moment Program run active consultation and negotiation process for selection of possible activities, which can be supported within second year of ENPI-FLEG Program in Belarus.
11 most important results of enpi fleg first year in belarus
11. Most important results of ENPI-FLEG first year in Belarus
  • Belarus practical experience in recreational usage of forest resources have not only national, but also regional importance. It will be useful for neighbor Russia regions (for example, Bezhanitsy pilot project in Pskov oblast - see 4.3 from Russia Country Work Plan).
  • On meeting in Valday (Russia) May 18, 2010 Association of zapovedniks and national parks of North-West Russia also show big interest for Belarus-Russia collaboration in this area.
  • There are active discussions about possible joint activities between Belarus side and Russian side - national parks “Smolenskoye Poozerye” (Smolensk region), “Sebezhsky” and Polistovsky zapovednik (Pskov region).