exploring the ocean
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EXPLORING THE OCEAN. Ms. Bridgeland 6 th Grade. Why have people been interested in studying the ocean since ancient times?. 3 Major R easons. 1) Ocean provides FOOD 2) Serves as a route for TRADE 3) Is a way to TRAVEL Travel to have accurate maps Fame for scientific discoveries.

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exploring the ocean


Ms. Bridgeland

6th Grade

3 major r easons
3 Major Reasons
  • 1) Ocean provides FOOD
  • 2) Serves as a route for TRADE
  • 3) Is a way to TRAVEL
    • Travel to have accurate maps
    • Fame for scientific discoveries
the challenger
The Challenger

*The crew of a British ship, THE CHALLENGER began a voyage in 1872

*lasted about 1,000 days

*first ship used for OCEAN RESEARCH

*by the end of the journey, scientists on the ship had gathered enough data to collect 4,000 new organisms

*gathered data on temperature, currents, water chemistry, ocean floor deposits

*led by Captain James Cook

*was a model for later ocean research expeditions

exploring the ocean floor
Exploring the Ocean Floor
  • Until recently, the ocean floor was unexplored
  • No helpful ocean floor research until 1925
  • WHY did it take so long to explore the ocean floor?
the ocean floor is about 3 8 kilometers deep
The ocean floor is about 3.8 kilometersdeep
  • Why is it difficult to study life at this depth?
conditions are very harsh
Conditions are very HARSH
  • There is NO sunlight at this depth
  • The water is very COLD
  • Deep water exerts tremendous PRESSURE
discoveries that helped scientists study the ocean floor
Discoveries that helped scientists study the ocean floor
  • SONAR: Sound navigation and ranging
  • a system that uses sound waves to calculate the distance to an object
  • Pulses bounce off the ocean floor and return to the ship
  • 1925
s c u b a
  • 1943: self-contained underwater breathing apparatus
  • A tank containing compressed air that is strapped to a diver’s back and connected by a tube to a mouthpiece
  • Only enables divers to explore to a depth of 40 meters
1960 submersibles
1960 -Submersibles
  • Explorers traveled on a submersible called “Trieste”
  • Thick metal helped them safely reach lower depths
  • Was sent into the “Challenger Deep” which is the Mariana Trench
  • Moved 3 ft per second and reached the ocean floor in about 4 hours
  • At the Navy Museum in Washington, D.C.
2003 deep flight aviator
2003: Deep Flight Aviator
  • A new type of submersible was launched in San Francisco Bay.
  • Moved faster and more easily than others
  • Passengers could see more