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Florescent Penetrant Inspection System, Cyclosystem.com

FPI SYSTEM, is a form of non-destructive testing of mechanical components for defects. For getting more details please visit or contact us at (65) 6455 4111.

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Florescent Penetrant Inspection System, Cyclosystem.com

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  2. About Cyclosystem Cyclosystem has been in the business of designing, manufacturing and distribution of industrial cleaning machines and other related process equipment for many years. We have developed the most extensive range of standard and customized Spray Cleaning, Ultrasonic Cleaning, Immersion Cleaning, Florescent PenetrantBiodegradable Cleaning Solvent, Ovens/Dryers, Cleaning Agents and Cleaning Solvents. The cleaning equipment which the company designs involve the use of different technologies and cover a wide variety of industrial applications which includes Aerospace, Disk Drives, Electronics, Manufacturing, Metal Stamping and the Rail & Transportation industry.

  3. Services and Support Cyclosystem offers a wide variety of services to support and satisfy the varying cleaning requirements of our clients.  Some of our ancillary support services include, but not limited to, Consultancy and Contracting, Project Management and Other Automation Design works.  We partner with our clients to ensure the best cleaning solution is provided for their specific requirements. www.cyclosystem.com

  4. Standard Cyclojet Cleaning Equipment Cyclojet Manu-Cleaner The Cyclojet Manu-Cleaner is a very simple, competitively-priced, compact and robust cleaning equipment that is easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain. CyclojetInex Series CyclojetInex Series is a leading aqueous parts washing system which is comprised of a rotating turntable part washer with high pressure spray located above and below the parts. www.cyclosystem.com

  5. Standard Cyclosonic Cleaning Systems Immersible Ultrasonic Standard slab type transducers. Tubular Ultrasonic Highly efficient ultrasonic resonators.

  6. Standard Cyclodip Modulon Immersion Cleaning System The Cyclodip Immersion Cleaners is a range of standard size immersion cleaners which allows the cleaning medium to reach every corner of the washparts and provide 100% cleaning coverage.

  7. Automatic FPI System Semi-Automatic FPI System for Bulky Parts Designed for non-regular production parts. One-Piece Flow Type Designed for one piece flow operation.

  8. Standard Waste Water Treatment Plant Standard Waste Water Treatment Plant Cyclosystem-design Waste Water Treatment Plant (Cyclotreat) line is compact and modular.

  9. Standard Cycloheat Cycloheat Air Drying Oven Compact Cycloheat

  10. Industrial Process Solutions Detergents Cycloclean S100 User-friendly heavy-duty cleaning concentrate

  11. Contact Us Headquarters Address :15 Woodlands Sector 1, Singapore 738355Tel. No. : (65) 6455 4111Fax No. : (65) 6455 0111Email:     sales@cyclosystem.com Our Business Hours are from Monday to Friday (8:30 am to 6:00 pm Singapore time), and every first Saturday of the month (9:00 am to 12:30 nn Singapore time). www.cyclosystem.com

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