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AC Electric Motors PowerPoint Presentation
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AC Electric Motors

AC Electric Motors

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AC Electric Motors

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  2. Product & Services • Cast-Resin Transformer • Dry Type Transformer • Oil/Liquid Type Transformer • K-Rated Special Transformer • Outdoor Packaged Substation • Switch Gear • Customized Power Package

  3. Others • Material Statistic Costs • Transformer - Routine Test • Transformer - Type & Special Test • Test On Transformers for Classes E2-C2-F1

  4. Cast-Resin Transformer BULOX produces and distributes one of the widest ranges of dry cast resin transformers in the world. The transformer can be equipped with forced cooling. By the use of such a cooling system a performance increase of 50% can be achieved with minimal inconvenience. Dry Type Transformer • BULOX Low Voltage Dry Type Transformer have proven their worth worldwide, even under extreme operating conditions, both in power supply utility installations and in industrial plants. • BULOX Low Voltage Dry Type Transformer is manufactured with highest grade materials & conforms to most internationally recognized standards.

  5. Oil/Liquid Type Transformer • BULOX Oil Immersed Power Transformer posses special characteristics of moisture & gas prevention which affect transformer oil into transformer tank and no need to replace silica gel and help reduce expenses in maintaining the insulation of transformer oil for longer use. K-Rated Special Transformer • BULOX K-Factor Special Transformer is non standard & special type of transformer also one of the key area of BULOX expertise. The company prides itself as being one of the few manufacturers able to customized designed transformers to meet clients’ needs.

  6. Outdoor Packaged Substation • BULOX Outdoor Packaged Substation Units served as a convenient, safe and fast way to set up a new network for the transformation and distribution of electrical power energy either on land or offshore.BULOX has an extensive track record in designing & packaging such substations to suit customers’ needs for many years. The company produces both standard as well as customized packaged substations for its client.

  7. Switch Gear BULOX offers a complete range of HV/LV Switchgear for primary and secondary distribution developed from customer requirements. Our portfolio includes air insulated and gas insulated panels with a choice of gas or vacuum circuit breakers. The voltage range is 12 KV to 36 KV and current ratings cover all possible technical combinations meeting ANSI and IEC requirements. It covers the product range in • Primary air insulated switchgear • Primary gas insulated switchgear • Secondary distribution switchgear • Motor control centers

  8. Switch Gear Cast-Resin Transformer Customized Power Package Outdoor Packaged Substation

  9. Customized Power Package • BULOX not only manufactures & distributes electrical power equipment but is also able to helps its clients to integrate & install these equipment manufactured by other on a turnkey basis. The strong engineering capability of BULOX has put the company forefront for the many innovative designs made for many of its satisfied clients in the region.

  10. Contact Us Bulox Power Pte Ltd15 Woodlands Sector 1 Singapore 738355Website: Tel: (65) 6455 4111 Fax: (65) 6455 0111 Sales enquiry : Other info / technical support :