mesopotamia the fertile crescent n.
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Mesopotamia – The Fertile Crescent PowerPoint Presentation
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Mesopotamia – The Fertile Crescent

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Mesopotamia – The Fertile Crescent - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mesopotamia – The Fertile Crescent. “Land Between the Rivers – “ Tigris and Euphrates ”. BUT FIRST, in order for there to be a society at all…. The Agricultural Revolution had to take place Transition from hunting and gathering to farming and domesticating animals.

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mesopotamia the fertile crescent

Mesopotamia – The Fertile Crescent

“Land Between the Rivers – “Tigris and Euphrates”

but first in order for there to be a society at all
BUT FIRST, in order for there to be a society at all…
  • The Agricultural Revolution had to take place
  • Transition from hunting and gathering to farming and domesticating animals.
  • What happens to people in terms of location? What about population wise?
  • Life for all humans is a battle of resources.
  • In ancient times, resources were more basic.
  • Today resources are mostly based around $$$.
where do people gather
Where do people gather?
  • (Write the underlined parts across from Neolithic Rev. and Civilization).
  • People settle in RIVER VALLEYS
  • Why?
  • Flooding = silt = food
  • Geography always affects where and how people lived in history.
  • What does this structure tell us about the geography of Mesopotamia?
label use page 38
Label: Use Page 38
  • Tigris River
  • Euphrates River
  • Fertile Crescent
  • Sumer
  • The city of Ur
what happens when people group together
What happens when people group together?
  • Civilizations form.
  • Cities, governments, economies, religion, social structure (upper class + lower class), writing and intellectual knowledge, and artistic activity.
mesopotamian civilization
Mesopotamian Civilization
  • Starts in Sumer (Mesopotamia = Sumer)
  • Achievements:
  • Wheel
  • Irrigation
  • Library
    • Why would books be important to a culture or civilization?
who ruled
Who ruled?
  • Monarchs, or rule by one person.
  • Constant war brought many cultures into contact.
  • Cultural diffusion – spreading of ideas and cultures between groups of people.
mesopotamian city states
Mesopotamian City-States
  • Starts in Sumer (Mesopotamia = Sumer)
  • Walled Cities
  • Traded with Egypt and others
  • Ziggurats built – people devoted much of their wealth to building these temples.
  • Why?
  • Priests and priestesses held power, monarchs ruled as gods – Theocracy
  • Also, Mesopotamians were polytheistic, with the lone exception of the Hebrews.
  • Empires were created by rulers wanting more resources or land.
      • Sargon = first empire in history in 2340 BC.
society writing
  • Society was patriarchal – Men are rulers. Women are below men in the social order.
  • Cuneiform
  • Intellectual and artistic achievements:
    • Wheel
    • Chariots
    • Irrigation systems
    • Library
      • Why would books be important to a culture?
check for understanding
Check for understanding
  • Who created the first empire in world history?
  • What type religion was found in Mesopotamia?
  • Name one example of cultural diffusion in Mesopotamia.
  • What is the most interesting part of Mesopotamian culture to you? Why?
current events
Current Events?
  • Good ideas?