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  1. created by: Trevor Fallon June 2010 python

  2. Introduction Hey,do you like pythons? Well you`re in luck. I am studying them. I love the python it is so interesting. The python is really fast if it has not eaten anything yet. When the python has eatensomething it slows down because it needs to digest its food.The python is also a part of the Frightful Hall of Fame.Manyanimals have to eat a lot unlike the python. The python only has to eat once and it can go for weeks or even months without food.

  3. Wired Habitats! • Pythons lives in Australia. They also live in many hot places. • The python also lives in many damp places such as the African rain forest and many more places. • The python is from a lot of weird places. • It also lives in open grass lands with up to five snakes in an area. • The python lives in Africa and Asia.

  4. Wired Prey of a Kind! • The python can eat antelopes and leopards with its huge jaws. • The larger the python the bigger the animal. • The African rock python once ate an animal that was 130 pounds. • The python eats rodents,lizards,tree frogs,eggs,and other small snakes. • They eat small mammals,pigs,monkeys,and small antelopes.

  5. Deadly Movement • The python is really good when it comes to movement. • Most of the time the python lays around and waits for its prey. • When it moves it usually moves in a straight line. • Most of the big snakes including the python go in caterpillar motion. • In caterpillar motion the rib muscles raise up and down. It scoots on the ground.

  6. Facts That Weren't Included • The python is a part of the constrictor family . • Most of the time the python waits all day for its prey if it has not eaten. • The blood python can grow up to 2 meters (6 feet) long. • The blood python can seem cruel but its not a cruel animal.

  7. Fun Facts! • The python is working with humans every day because we train them to only attack the creatures that it hunts. • Humans think that the python is a cruel animal but it has the same rights to eat as we do. • The python is also in the Frightful Animal Hall of Fame. • Different animals have to eat a lot of food to stay alive unlike the python. It can go for weeks or even months without food.