description of the p roject
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Description of the P roject

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Description of the P roject. SPIKE is an i ndependent training project with its unique brand and identity , which is provided with an unrestricted educational grant of our company in Turkey since 2003

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description of the p roject
Description of the Project
  • SPIKE is
  • an independent training project with its unique brand and identity, which is provided with an unrestricted educational grant of our company in Turkey since 2003
  • a case-based, interactive, post-graduate contiuous medical education program with the aim of training neurologists on epilepsy
  • an initiative consisting of national epileptologists, 15 national KOLs from various medical schools and research centers
  • an accredited training program that provides its participants with 8 clinical epilepsy credit points from European Epilepsy Academy ‘EUREPA’ and 4 credit points from Turkish Medical Association ‘TTB’ through working in teams and making presentations. EUREPA has accredited the training material of SPIKE and recommends its content.
  • a unique medical brand in CME of epilepsy built on three competitiv and differentiating core-values like innovation, leadership and pioneership
gaps imperatives
Gaps & Imperatives


  • SPIKE trainers’ experience with PBL will be improved and brought into alignment
  • SPIKE program will be based on active, hybrid PBL methods
  • SPIKE will target residents and graduated neurologists with interest on epileptology
  • Existing information and data will be provided to neurologists in a more efficient, consistent and applicable way
  • The success and impact of the training will be measured using predefined, structured methods
  • The measured success and impact of the PBL based postgraduate CME will be presented in congresses and published


  • New standart of medical training is Problem Based Learning (PBL)
  • SPIKE program is based on standart and interactive methods
  • SPIKE did target all of the neurologists nationwide
  • Lack of significant and new medical data in epilepsy caused less motivation and interest of neurologists and SPIKE trainers
  • Lack of tools to measure the success and impact of the training in implementing to the clinical routine
  • Lack of publication about the implementation of PBL based postgraduate Continuous Medical Education (CME)
deliverables and business impact
Deliverables and Business Impact
  • SPIKE program’s core-values innovation, leadership and pioneership are proven
  • SPIKE trainers’ interest, motivation and confidence have been recovered
  • SPIKE education program is differentiated as new industry standart of benchmark
  • The success of the project is subject to publication, which is prestigious for both our company and KOLs as trainers
  • Our company’s corporate image is differentiated and leveraged as a dedicated R&D company. Our company’s perception as an ethical partner is leveraged
  • Our company invested in development of new epileptologists as a continuous CRM project in the long run
  • Our company fostered a mutual, loyal educational relationship with recently graduated specialists of the field
  • Relations with KOLs reinforced and their agenda kept busy with a company project
  • Training program involved specific content, which is strategic for our company’ brands
  • Differentiation of SPIKE project is adaptable and implementable into other our company operated TAs
critical s uccess f actors to be smart
Critical Success Factors – To be SMART
  • Specific: The success of the training will be measured based on both process (to independently gain access to required information) and results (to achieve skills and knowledge as specific learning objectives). Participants are selected last year residency students and recently graduated specialists specifically interested with epilepsy.
  • Measurable:Statistical analysis of the success rate of the CME program’s new method will be evaluated based on learning objectives and published in a scientific medical journal.
  • Achievable: The participants do get utmost benefit from this program since they are selected, also familiar with PBL and the certification they get is an important reference for their possible carreer in epileptology.
  • Realistic: The SPIKE trainers have been trained on PBL, improved their experience and knowledge on PBL methods. The success rate and competency of the project is subject to publication as it is measured consistently. The pool of participants is clearly defined and sustained.
  • Time bound: The timelines of the training sessions and publication policy are set in detail. The targeted neurologists will be trained and publication will be accomplished within a 2 years period.
key l earnings for local implementation
Key Learnings for Local Implementation
  • To run educational advisory boardcovering decision makers and KOLs of the field
  • To clearly define core-values of the training program for branding of the project
  • To closely cooperate with medical, marketing and training functions
  • To train the trainers on PBL, let them gain hands-on experience and align their expectations and competencies
  • To ensure the trainers about the success of the project and alleviate their concerns by answering every question
  • To motivate trainers by revealing expected scientific noise of the project
  • To provide the project group with the assistance and guidance of experts on medical education, branding, statistics and publication policies/procedures (third parties will be required)
important steps and mainsteys of the project
Important Steps and Mainsteys of the Project
  • 03-05 Apr 2007 Istanbul – “PBL Train the Trainer” Certification of our company Medical Managers and Training Managers – Assoc.Prof.Dr. X & Prof.Dr. X (head) – Department of medical education - XXXX univ. medical school
  • 17 Apr 2007 Bodrum - SPIKE Seeking Platform and Brainstorming Meeting – SPIKE Steering Committee
  • 03 Oct 2007 Antalya – SPIKE Program Value Proposition (Product Manager & Agency Briefing) and PBL Project Concept Testing (Dr. AH Oztiryaki – GMM)
important steps and mainsteys of the project1
Important Steps and Mainsteys of the Project
  • 29-30 Sep 2007 Istanbul - Certification of SPIKE Trainers through PBL Tutor Training - Assist.Prof.Dr. X – Department of medical education - XXXXXXXX univ. medical school
  • 29-30 Sep 2007 Istanbul – Consensus meeting for the publication of the project and definition of critical success factors of the PBL system in SPIKE program to be measured & Development of the “PBL Scenario(s)”

Following Project Steps

  • 15 Dec 2007 Istanbul – Consensus meeting for the final version of the “PBL Scenario(s)” & Presentation of the publication project by the CRO
  • 2008 Accomodation TBD – 80-100 Neurologists (Residency students & new Specialists) will be trained by 18 Tutors through PBL systems - Critical success factors & project flow will be recorded in order to collect data for publication
  • 2008 – 2009 Details TBD – SPIKE PBL program will continue & project will be published