mckinney isd gt elementary program 2011 2012 l.
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McKinney isd GT Elementary Program 2011 - 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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McKinney isd GT Elementary Program 2011 - 2012

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McKinney isd GT Elementary Program 2011 - 2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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McKinney isd GT Elementary Program 2011 - 2012. McKinney ISD exists to provide an excellent education for all. . Agenda. 1. Clustering & Team Teaching. 2. 4 th and 5 th Grade Programs. 3. Depth and Complexity. 4. Report Cards. 5. Q & A. Clustering .

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McKinney isd GT Elementary Program 2011 - 2012

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mckinney isd gt elementary program 2011 2012

McKinney isdGT Elementary Program 2011 - 2012

McKinney ISD exists to provide an excellent education for all. 


1. Clustering & Team Teaching

2. 4th and 5th Grade Programs

3. Depth and Complexity

4. Report Cards

5. Q & A

  • Diversity – Academically gifted students are able to interact with other gifted students, including those with different cultures, experiences, and learning styles.
  • Team Teaching – Instructors work purposefully and cooperatively, sharing insights to enhance the students’ academic development.
first place
First Place

Second Place

Third Place


ALPHA 21st Century

Learning Model

  • Based on research, including workforce studies
  • Addresses the gap between knowledge and skills used in schools versus
  • the workplace and home.
  • Alpha goal is to align real-world skills to the classroom environment
      • Planner * Groups
      • Self-Evaluation * Effective use of technology
      • College, career challenges, and a competitive global workforce require:
            • 3 R’s -- Integrated content
            • 4 C’s -- Critical thinking/problem solving
          • Communication
          • Collaboration
          • Creativity/Innovation
4 th 5 th grade mathematics
4th & 5th Grade Mathematics
  • Strategies and techniques to streamline problem-solving
  • Exploratory Math Olympiad problem-solving with sharing sessions
  • Algebraic reasoning
  • Contributions of famous mathematicians
  • Critical thinking and questioning
  • Math extensions related to concepts within and above the grade level(s)

Mathematics Homework

  • 30 minute maximum math homework limit
  • Exceeding the time limit requires parent signature
  • Goals for homework
  • Prepare to participate in class discussions
  • Develop mathematical thinking, rather than concentrate on “correct” answers


  • Participate in The Jason Project: Monster Storms, a simulation developed in partnership with NOAA, NASA, and the National Geographic Society.
  • Explore physical, earth, and life science using Kaplan’s Depth and Complexity Thinking Model
  • Apply the methods, processes, tools, ands skills of scientists while building background knowledge, as well as during problem-based learning tasks, which include Monster Storms and The Power of 300 – Building an Environmentally-Stronger County.
english language arts
English Language Arts

Grammar Court

You’ve Been Sentenced Game: Punctuation,

Usage, Parts of Speech, Diagramming



Mentor texts – Various newspaper articles from multiple genres (news, reviews, feature articles)


Based on structure, techniques from mentor texts. Published on ANN - Weebly website.

alpha film academy afa and alpha news network ann
ALPHA Film Academy (AFA) and alpha news network (ANN)
  • Full integration of grade-level writing TEKS and writing workshop processes and journalism
  • Create professional quality products (newscasts, documentary, news articles) using required real-world techniques, vocabulary, and processes
  • Develop content-based projects using core subject concepts and creativity (feature article on monster storm based on Jason Project).
  • Compare the purposes and processes between making movies and news reporting: camera work, visual effects, timelines, music, lighting, etc.

Social Studies

  • Integrates reading, writing, and thinking through document-based questions (DBQs) under systems’ theme.
  • Three DBQs:
  • Ties past to present and future.
  • Know and use the language of the discipline.
  • Use detailsto elaborate in the discipline. Details are very specific, not general.
  • Look for patternsof recurring elements (identify, predict, generalize).
  • Look for trends or forces that shape a body of knowledge. (literature, history, prior knowledge


  • Identify the unanswered questions about issues/concerns in the discipline.
  • Identify and explain therules or how information/events are organized in the discipline.
  • Be sensitive to the ethical considerations in the problem/issue/discipline. (‘tug-of-war’ or conflict needing resolution).
  • Look at big ideas that can be supported by the evidence from a body of knowledge, including facts, rules, trends, patterns, etc..
  • Look at ideas/information over time.


  • Look at ideas/information from different points-of-view. (interdisciplinary)
  • Look for connections among/between ideas/information (different subjects)
alpha report card
Alpha Report Card

ALPHA report cards will be sent home each nine weeks.

Based on:

  • goals and objectives specifically designed for gifted learners in the Alpha classroom.
  • strong emphasis on process learning and application
  • the evidence of development and application of enduring understandings.
what is a 4
What is a 4?
  • Proficient with grade-level skills.
  • Consistently demonstrates exemplary understanding using depth and complexity.
  • Demonstrates application of skills in a variety of complex situations.
  • Works independently after initial instruction.
what is a 3
What is a 3?
  • Demonstrates proficient understanding of grade-level skills.
  • Applies skills independently by the conclusion of the grading period. There may be ups and downs as new concepts are learned.
  • Applies and demonstrates elements of depth and complexity with increasing frequency. Needs some teacher direction.
thank you so much for joining us
Thank you so much for joining us!

We appreciate your support for your child and education.

-The Elementary ALPHA Team