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Dehumidifier, dryer & air mover for water damage repair

Dehumidifier, dryer & air mover for water damage . repair. #Dehumidifier #Dryer #UAE #SaudiArabia https://www.dehumidifier-uae.com/industrial-dehumidifier/dehumidifier-water-damage-restoration-drying<br><br>This article discuss about important of dehumidifier in water damage dryer. Industrial dehumidifier dryer help to dry floor and walls quickly. For water damage restoration dehumidifier, dryer & air mover are use in combination for quicker, healthy and free results. Air mover use to dry floor/wall & dehumidifier to reduce humidity. Every year millions of Dollar get loss due to flood and loss of business due to shutdown of business due to flood. CtrlTech offers all kinds of portable dehumidification system. Contact CtrlTech in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar.<br>

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Dehumidifier, dryer & air mover for water damage repair

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  1. Dehumidifier for Water Damage Restoration & Drying. dehumidifier-uae.com/industrial-dehumidifier/dehumidifier-water-damage-restoration-drying ctrltech January 31, 2017 Every year across the country, we loss millions of dollars due to water damage incidences in which dehumidifier help for restoration and drying. Water damage to your home or offices can be happen due to natural calamities like floods, tsunami or hurricane or it might happen due to man made mistakes like leakage in fire suppression system pipe lines, or malfunctioning of washing machine, or leak to your roof or wall due to adjutant water body like swimming pools, river, lake etc. During fire extinguishing process, water released by fireman get hit to all surfaces of your home. These surfaces needs to get quickly dry to avoid ill effects like structural damage, bad smell, development of fungus etc. It is very common to observe leakages in basement area of homes in UK. Hence Basement dehumidifier are very common equipment there. Once your place subject to water damage then there are some equipment you need such as dehumidifier, dryer, air scrubber etc. if you like to repair damages yourself. If water damage is in large magnitude then better to high professional agency who are trained in handling such situation. 1/3

  2. Equipment use as dryer During Restoration Process. As mentioned above we need to use combination of equipment to carry our water damage restoration. If Water damage has happened due to high flow of water like during flood, tsunami etc then first of all Water pump need to use to dewater your home. This will help to carryout other drying processes once water removed from home. If water damage has happened due to small leakages and there is no water accumulated then you can skip using pump. After this we need to us air mover or industrial fans. Air mover is equipment which release high pressure directed air flow which help to dry wet walls, floor and carpet quickly. Quantity and capacity of air mover need to select depending on size of site and nature of damage. If site is industrial use then it is recommended to use hydroxyl generators. Hydroxyl generators since industrial site might have chemical spill, gas released which can make air hazardous. It is powerful machine with adjustment air speed, pressure control and washable filters which can work in any situation. Why dehumidifier is important in water damage restoration process? Dehumidifier and especially commercial dehumidifier plays very important role in water damage restoration process. After application of water pump, air movers and hydroxyl generator, still there will be wetness in area. And most importantly wetness in air which is know as humidity in air is still there. This high humidity in air causes bad smell, development of fungus and slow drying of area. Dehumidifier reduces humidity in air and helps to dry area very quickly. Also once humidity is less then development of fungus will stop. Along with dehumidifier to make air cleaner, air scrubber can be use. Your Name* Your Email* Mobile No.* Delivery Address* 2/3

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