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Hosted Vs Self Hosted eCommerce Platforms PowerPoint Presentation
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Hosted Vs Self Hosted eCommerce Platforms

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Hosted Vs Self Hosted eCommerce Platforms - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hosted Vs Self Hosted eCommerce Platforms
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  2. Best Ecommerce Platform Are you planning to start selling online? Want to have an eCommerce website? But confused between hosted & self-hosted eCommerce platform, which platform should you choose for your new website? Don’t worry, we will explain to you the pros and cons of both platforms and that would help you to pick the best eCommerce platform for your business.

  3. Hosted Ecommerce A hosted eCommerce store is a SAAS (Software as a Service), so you find a company offering you to build an eCommerce store by just signing up and start your store online. You don’t have to buy a server for your website as it is hosted by the provider company. Hence, you would neither have the access to the code (which maintains the eCommerce store) nor database. It is a paid service, in returns you’re selling your products online. Some of the best-Hosted eCommerce solutions: Shopify Bigcommerce Volusion Prestashop

  4. Self-hosted Ecommerce These are open source eCommerce platforms. You simply download the setup of the eCommerce store and run the software on your server. Since you have got the setup and files of the software so you host it on your own server. Some of the best Self-Hosted eCommerce solutions: Opencart Magento WooCommerce VirtueMart

  5. Comparison between Hosted & Self-Hosted eCommerce solution • Customizability Being a website owner you want to customize your website with some custom features. Hence, the customizability is one of the biggest differences in the hosted & self-hosted eCommerce platforms. • Cost: It is quite important for website owners to look at the pros & cons of each option before comparing the costs between the hosted & self-hosted eCommerce stores.

  6. Customizability Self Hosted Hosted If you are a computer graduate or willing to hire a eCommerce Development Company to develop and maintain your website, you can own a more professional & control with yourself hosted eCommerce platforms. All components of your eCommerce website can be customized including front and the back-end, having the ability to control the complete user experience. If you plan to run your website with hosted eCommerce option, it allows you to up & running eCommerce store without a learning curve. You can have a powerful website with state of the art features in just a few initial setup. This is a very good option if you are not a computer graduate and want to setup your eCommerce store yourself.

  7. Cost Hosted Self Hosted On the other hand, the most of your expenses will be upfront, such as set up, development cost, and build time. You can also save some of the amount by learning to set up your website yourself, but, being a business owner, this is not a recommended practice to involve yourself in building up the eCommerce store. • This option comes under the software-as-a-service (SAAS) model; it means you are under an agreement with the providing company to pay a monthly fee. You will avoid a huge initial investment, involved in developing your website, but be aware that the majority of your site maintenance tasks will be outsourced to your provider company.

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