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  • Uploaded on - "SAP PS(POWER SYSTEM)"Online Training contact us:[email protected] or 919052666559 By Real Time Experts from Hyderabad, Bangalore,India,USA,Canada,UK,Australia,South Africa. SAP PS(Project System) Online Training Course ContentIntroductionProject Management / Project SystemProject types & PSPlanning TypesProject Vs Project SystemIntegration with Other modulesStructuresWork Breakdown Structure (WBS)NetworkActivitiesRelationshipsSub networksMilestonesStandard structuresProject BuilderProject planning boardStructure PlanningMass ChangeStatus ManagementDatesTypes of DatesSettings for Scheduling ParametersPresentation of Dates in the GraphicsScheduling FunctionsDates in the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)Scheduling the Work Breakdown StructureNetwork SchedulingScheduling the Overall NetworkOverall Network Scheduling with Selection OptionScheduling with Service/Maintenance OrdersCostsCost PlanningOrders for ProjectsProject Cost ForecastBudget Management for ProjectsAvailability ControlCommitments Management (CO)Funds Commitment (Cost Centers, Internal Orders, Projects)Automatic and Periodic AllocationsRevenues and EarningsBilling Plans in WBS Elements

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sap ps online training
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sap ps power system online training
Sap ps(power system) online training

SAP PS Online Training Course Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Project Management / Project System
  • Project types & PS
  • Planning Types
  • Project Vs Project System
  • Integration with Other modules
  • Structures
sap ps power system training tutorial
Sap ps(power system) training tutorial
  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Network
  • Activities
  • Relationships
  • Sub networks
  • Milestones
  • Standard structures
  • Project Builder
sap ps power system online training classes
Sap ps(power system) online training classes
  • Dates in the GraphicProject planning board
  • Structure Planning
  • Mass Change
  • Status Management
  • Dates
  • Types of Dates
  • Settings for Scheduling Parameters
  • Presentation
sap ps online training in india
Sap ps online training in india
  • Planning Functions
  • Once you have properly mapped a project using the work breakdown structure (WBS) and the network structure, you can use various SAP Project System functions to plan the dates of the individual work packages, estimate the expected costs and revenues, and provide internal and external resources and materials on schedule before the project starts
sap ps online training in usa
Sap ps online training in usa
  • Depending on your requirements, there are planning functions with different levels of detail.
  • For example, within a quotation or approval phase, you can create a preliminary plan of dates and costs with very little effort and add specifications later, if necessary, using other planning
  • functions or additional structures.
sap ps online training in south africa
Sap ps online training in south africa
  • Revenues and Earnings
  • Billing Plans in WBS Elements
  • Project-Related Incoming Orders
  • Transfer Prices for Projects
  • Sales Pricing and Quotation Creation
  • Resource-Related Billing
  • CPR and Valuation of Semi-Finished Constructions
  • Payments
sap ps online training in pune
Sap ps online training in pune
  • Project Cash Management
  • Manual Payment Planning
  • Calculating the Payment Flow Automatically
  • Recording Actual and Commitment Payment Data
  • Resources
  • Capacity Leveling in the Project System
  • Executing Capacity Leveling (PS)
  • Workforce Planning
  • Material
sap ps online training in chennai
Sap ps online training in chennai
  • Grouping for Individual Project Planning
  • Bill of Material Transfer
  • Delivery from Projects
  • Monitoring Dates
  • Assembly Processing in the Project System
  • Project-Oriented Procurement (Pro Man)
  • Production Resources/Tools (PRT)
sap ps online training in kolkata
Sap ps online training in kolkata
  • PRT – Detail Study
  • Production Resource/Tool (PRT) Availability Check
  • Confirmation
  • Confirmation Directly in the Project System
  • PS-CON
  • PDC
  • Simulation
  • Creating Simulation Versions
sap ps online training in hyderabad
Sap ps online training in hyderabad
  • Technical Project Reports
  • Commercial Project Reports
  • Project Summarization
  • Reports on Resources
customer relationship management
Customer Relationship Management

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