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General Mills/Henkel Corp. Superfund Site

General Mills/Henkel Corp. Superfund Site. Background and lessons learned Managers Meeting February 13, 2014. Chemical Disposal 1947-1962. 1947 Aerial Photo. Generalized Groundwater Contamination. Groundwater Contamination. Soil and Groundwater Cleanup.

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General Mills/Henkel Corp. Superfund Site

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  1. General Mills/Henkel Corp. Superfund Site Background and lessons learned Managers Meeting February 13, 2014

  2. Chemical Disposal 1947-1962 1947 Aerial Photo

  3. Generalized Groundwater Contamination

  4. Groundwater Contamination

  5. Soil and Groundwater Cleanup • 1981“absorption pit” removed addressing the soil contamination. • 1984 Response Order by Consent between MPCA and General Mills • 1985 Extraction and Treatment of Contaminated Groundwater began. • 2010 Groundwater system turned off. TCE concentrations below the cleanup concentrations established in the Consent Order

  6. Soil Gas Investigation 2012-2013

  7. Generalized Vapor Intrusion Dissolved contamination in groundwater

  8. November 6, 2013 Mailing to Residents

  9. Public Involvement • Two Public Meetings November 12, 2013 • Five Community Group Meetings • “Office hours” sessions • MPCA Project website • E-mail distribution list for interested parties • Widely covered inlocal media

  10. Sub-slab Sampling

  11. Building Mitigation

  12. Current Status

  13. Current Status Original Area of Vapor Concern • Access Agreements within Original Study Area:  166  (85% of 195 properties in Study Area) • Properties Sampled in Original Study Area: 158 Additional Study Area • Access Agreements in Additional Study Area: 77 • Properties Sampled: 65

  14. Current Status Sampling Results Original and Additional Area • Results Received and Notifications Made to Property Owner: 210 • Mitigation Needed : 118             • Resample : 12 • No Mitigation Needed: 80    Mitigation Systems • Install completed : 43 • Installs in progress : 52

  15. Lessons Learned • Age and magnitude of release • Consistent VI Investigations • Relationship of groundwater and soil gas concentrations • Partnerships • Engage with RP in ‘real-time’ • Greater transparency/ongoing engagement • Fostering a informed community • Taking care of staff

  16. Questions & Discussion

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