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Online MSP APR System

U. S. Department of Education. Online MSP APR System. Introduction. Annual Performance Report was revised Revised form approved by OMB in February 2007. Purpose of New APR and Online System. Online System more efficient

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Online MSP APR System

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Presentation Transcript

  1. U. S. Department of Education Online MSP APR System

  2. Introduction • Annual Performance Report was revised • Revised form approved by OMB in February 2007

  3. Purpose of New APR and Online System • Online System more efficient • Allows Department of Education to aggregate information across projects • Allows us to understand more fully the impact nationwide of MSP projects

  4. Timing for Use of New System • Anticipate that all projects will begin using form as soon as the system becomes active • Multi-year projects that have used the “old” form in the first years of their efforts, should also use the new system.

  5. Purpose of this Session • Introduce the System • Provide an Overview • Allow You to Interact with the System

  6. Overview of System • Projects enter information and data about completed project. • Once complete, the form is submitted to the State Coordinator. • State Coordinator will review all projects funded in the state. • State Coordinator will “approve” or “reject” the report.

  7. Overview of System (Cont’d) • If rejected, the project will need to revise and resubmit. • When approved, the State Coordinator will submit the completed report to the Department of Education.

  8. Features of System • Allows you to monitor progress of report completion • Gives you mechanism to review, request additional information, and approve the report • Gives you a mechanism to submit the report to the U.S. Department of Education

  9. Washington Software Andrew Leung Online System

  10. Login Screen

  11. Select a Report

  12. Introduction

  13. Paperwork Burden Statement

  14. General Instructions

  15. Getting Help

  16. Complete and Submit

  17. Report Due Date

  18. Report Section I

  19. Project Info

  20. Lead Organization

  21. Partner Organizations

  22. Abstract

  23. Project Goals and Objectives

  24. Partner Responsibilities

  25. Administering Overall Program

  26. Prof. Dev. Participants

  27. Elementary School Teachers

  28. Prov. Dev. Models

  29. Contact Hours

  30. Prov. Dev. Content

  31. Math Content

  32. Evaluation

  33. Evaluation Design

  34. GPRA

  35. Teacher Indicator

  36. Lessons Learned

  37. MSP Implementation

  38. State Review

  39. MSP Awards


  41. History

  42. Logout

  43. Michael Chung mchung@wasoftware.com 301-762-4789 x180 Andrew Leung aleung@wasoftware.com 301-762-4789 x007 Washington SoftwareContact Information

  44. On Line APR Demo http://training.apr.ed-msp.net Login: DemoState# (# = any number between 1-10) Password: password

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