distance education your student email password is your life n.
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Distance Education Your Student Email/Password is Your Life PowerPoint Presentation
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Distance Education Your Student Email/Password is Your Life

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Distance Education Your Student Email/Password is Your Life

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Distance Education Your Student Email/Password is Your Life

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  1. Distance EducationYour Student Email/Password is Your Life Email Login/Password Email Banner Web Graduation Lessons Discussion Board Blackboard

  2. Distance Education Checklist • Setup Student Email: Students must use SCTC's email to communicate with instructors. Personal emails are not acceptable. Individual email addresses can be found in Banner Web. • Login to Blackboard: Students who don't login the first week of the semester will be dropped from their course. Classes cannot be accessed until semester begins.  • Login to Banner Web: Contains personal info, class schedules, registration, financial aid info, campus directory, and course catalog. • Use the Helpdesk: Students receive solutions to Blackboard and email problems through the SCTC Helpdesk. 

  3. New Students All SCTC students interact with three applications… • SCTC Student Email • Blackboard • Banner Web …as a part of their student life and academic success.

  4. New Students As a new student, you must first set up your student email account in order to access your coursework on Blackboard, our web-based learning management system.

  5. Getting Started To start, go to www.sctech.edu, then click on the Current Students link.

  6. Now, click on Find my Student Email Address.

  7. On the SCTC Student Email Lookup App, supply the requested information. The first time you go to log in, your Student ID will be Tigers + last six of your student ID: Tigers######

  8. After entering your information, your student email and your student username will show on the screen. Going forward, your student username will be the portion of your student email address that comes before the @ sign, such as the part underlined, below: jstudent1@stu.sctech.edu Your email is jstudent1@stu.sctech.edu(used with Office365 / Outlook email) Your student username is jstudent1 (used to log into Banner Web and Blackboard)

  9. …or… Now, click on Email/Office 365.

  10. Email/Office 365 Student Login • Type your student email under Sign in, click Next, then… For example, jstudent1@stu.sctech.edu

  11. Email/Office 365 Student Login • Your initial password is Tigers + last 6 digits of your student number…  first.last@stu.sctech.edu For example, TigersXXXXXX Click Sign in.

  12. Email/Office 365 Student Login • You’ll be prompted to change your password. • Your Old password is the same Tigers######. • Create a new password and type it again. • 8 or more characters: upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters • Click Submit. jstudent1@stu.sctech.edu

  13. Email/Office 365 Student Login To help you recover your password in the future, provide Password Recovery Information using your: • Phone • Email • Five Security Questions

  14. Log Into Blackboard • Return to Current Students • Under Student Login, click on Blackboard Click Login Here in the center of the page

  15. Log Into Blackboard • Use your email username without @stu.sctech.edu (Ex. ajones2) • Use your same email password • Classes will not appear in Blackboard until the first day of the semester.

  16. Log Into Blackboard Sample Blackboard Screen

  17. Student Blackboard Orientation Also, to help you get comfortable using Blackboard before your first day of class, we have a mandatory orientation for you to complete. 831_Student_Blackboard_Orientation

  18. Log Into Banner Web Next, find Banner Web under Student Login… and click it.

  19. Welcome, J. Student, to the Southern Crescent Tech Student Information System! • Here is the initial Banner Web screen when a student logs in. • You have two categories to select from, each with their own options. • Personal Information • Student Services & Financial Aid

  20. Welcome, J. Student, to the Southern Crescent Tech Student Information System! Here is the Personal Information option.

  21. Welcome, J. Student, to the Southern Crescent Tech Student Information System! Here is the Student Services & Financial Aid option.

  22. Distance Education If you can’t remember your password, or get locked out of your email, Blackboard, or Banner Web, you can submit a Helpdesk ticket. From the Current Students page, look at the Quick Links column on the left-hand side and select Helpdesk for Blackboard/Email. This will take you to the Student Helpdesk (next slide).

  23. Here you will enter the following: • First and Last Name • Student ID • Blackboard Login • Primary email • Alternate email • Phone • Captcha text (random numbers/letters in the box) • Problem Category • Attach File (if necessary) • Problem Description • Then, click the Submit Service Request button. • Responses come within 24 hours Monday-Thursday. • All requests made Friday through Sunday will be answered on Monday. Distance Education

  24. Thank you! The Library and Academic Support Services unit is committed to helping you succeed. Connect with us early and often!

  25. Access this information on the library’s webpage at www.sctech.edu/libraries

  26. Campus Safety Session Kenneth A. Troisi Chief of Police 770-229-3370 (O) 678-603-0981 (C) ken.troisi@sctech.edu

  27. Campus Police Dispatch Center770-467-4491 Officer on Duty Contact Information Griffin Campus(770) 883-6032 Flint River Campus(678) 603-5979 Butts Center(678) 603-6918 Henry Center(770) -603-5609 Jasper Center(678) 603-5948 Fayette Center(678)-603-9942 Emergency Contact Numbers Fire Department – 911 Police Department – 911 Ambulance– 911