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BTS Building Maintenance

BTS Building Maintenance

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BTS Building Maintenance

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  1. Welcome TO BTS BUILDING MAINTENANCE BTS Building Maintenance cleans up, behind the scenes, so that you don’t have to! We are a professional janitorial service provider that’s here to help your business shine. Our team of cleaning experts use only the best in new cleaning technology that will neither be toxic to you, your employees, or your most important guests. Our methods of cleaning are more environmentally friendly, and delicate on your surfaces too. For all of your commercial cleaning service needs, choose BTS today!

  2. ABOUT US BTS Building Maintenance is a professional commercial janitorial company. Our client base consists of busy restaurants, bars, grocery stores, offices, malls, gyms, and even strata buildings in Metro Vancouver area. All of our cleaning personnel are reliable, bonded and insured. With us working behind the scenes, you can relax with confidence knowing that the job will be done properly, and seamlessly, every time. That is why we are currently one of BC's fastest growing cleaning services providers.

  3. OFFICE CLEANING SERVICE We use environmentally friendly products and maintain your work space so that your employees and clients are able to perform to their full potential. In house office cleaning never really works out the way one had planned, and we know the dishes are usually left in the lunch room sink each night, and no one likes to wake up to that each morning.

  4. MALL CLEANING SERVICE We are expert janitorial service committed to quality and proper sanitation of the shopping malls. A shining and clean mall will attract more and more customers, the pleasant ambience will provoke them to stay for longer time and hence they will end up spending more money at your stores. Professional cleaning can help you earn more profits and thus grow your business.

  5. RESTAURANT CLEANING SERVICE BTS Building Maintenance provides professional Restaurant cleaning services to keep your restaurant fresh, just like your food. We’re here to offer you piece of mind, cleaning every part of your restaurant from the kitchen to dining room, floors to restrooms. We keep your kitchen hygienic, clean and uncontaminated for a safe and healthy working environment for your guests and employees.

  6. GROCERY STORE CLEANING SERVICE Our cleaning services are normally offered at night, but in the event that you would like day time cleaning, we may also work during business hours. We use more environmentally friendly sanitary supplies to ensure a chemical free and hygienic surrounding. With our latest in green cleaning technology and cleaning methods, you can rest assured that your store is protected against germs and other harmful bacteria. We sanitize and deodorize the toilets and the washrooms to leave behind the highest level of cleanliness.

  7. OUR VISSION AND MISSION With our strong attention to detail, we offer quality, for an exceptional value - so that you can experience a new kind of clean, that goes on behind the scenes. Our vision is for you to experience the best cleaning team possible. As our client, your confidence is our number one priority. We always look forward to hearing feedback from you. Our mission is to listen to your exact needs so that we can provide the most exceptional service to you.

  8. CONTACT US (604)500-3263 1330 Marine Dr, North Vancouver, BC V7P 1T4, Canada