fundamentals of purity and prayer n.
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Fundamentals of Purity and Prayer

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Fundamentals of Purity and Prayer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fundamentals of Purity and Prayer. Lecture 5 February 23, 2014. Ghusl. Verse of Ghusl. “And if you are in a state of major ritual impurity ( junub ) then purify yourselves thoroughly” (Qur’an 5:6). . Fard of Ghusl. There are three obligatory ( fard ) actions of ghusl :

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fundamentals of purity and prayer

Fundamentals of Purity and Prayer

Lecture 5

February 23, 2014

verse of ghusl
Verse of Ghusl
  • “And if you are in a state of major ritual impurity (junub) then purify yourselves thoroughly” (Qur’an 5:6).
fard of ghusl
Fard of Ghusl
  • There are three obligatory (fard) actions of ghusl:
    • Rinsing the entire mouth (once)
    • Rinsing the nose up to the soft bone (once)
    • Washing whatever is possible of the entire body (once)
      • Inner part of the ear
      • Skin beneath beard, moustache, eyebrows, etc.
        • Regardless of thickness
      • All of one’s hair, including roots
        • Women do not need to open braids, but must reach roots
      • Inside navel
sunnah of ghusl
Sunnah of Ghusl
  • Intention
    • Beginning with name of Allah
  • Washing hands until wrists
  • Washing one’s private parts (front and rear)
  • Washing off any physical impurity from body
    • So it does not spread during ghusl
  • Performing wudu
  • Pouring water over entire body three times
    • First over head, then over right shoulder, then over left shoulder
    • Rubbing bodyand washing continuously
    • Ensure no area remains dry
mustahhab and makruh of ghusl
Mustahhab and Makruh of Ghusl
  • Musthabb acts of ghusl are similar to those of wudu, except:
    • Disliked to face or put one’s back toward the Qiblah
    • Disliked to speak, even for dhikr or du’a
      • Because it is a time of washing away filth
    • Preferable to minimize time of nakedness
categories of ghusl

Categories of Ghusl

Fard,Sunnah and Mustahabb

fard ghusl
  • Ghusl is fard for the person in a state of major ritual impurity who desires to
    • Perform any salah
    • Perform sajdahtilawah
    • Touch or recite Qur’an
    • Enter a masjid
  • For the person who becomes Muslim while in a state of major ritual impurity
  • For the deceased before burial
sunnah and mustahabb ghusl
Sunnah and MustahabbGhusl


  • Jumu’ah prayer
  • Two ‘Id prayers
  • Entering into ihram
  • On the day of Arafah
    • For one performing Hajj


  • Entering Makka
  • Entering Madinah
  • Visiting the Prophet ﷺ
actions which cause janabah
Actions Which Cause Janabah
  • The emission of male/female ejaculate (mani) from its origin, irrespective of intercourse
    • Wet dream, looking with lust, masturbation
    • Discovery of ejaculation after waking from sleep, even if do not remember a wet dream
    • With or without excitement
  • Intercourse – defined as the insertion of the tip of the male organ into the front or back passage of any living person
  • Menstruation (hayd) or post-childbirth bleeding (nifas)
    • Note: Will cover this in depth for sisters at the end of class next week (March 2nd)
actions which d o n ot c ause janabah
Actions Which Do Not Cause Janabah
  • The exiting of madhy or wadhy
    • Madhy: thin, clear fluid caused by arousal, male or female
    • Wadhy: thick white fluid that exits from male organ before/after urination or lifting something heavy
    • Wudu will be required upon emission of either madhy or wadhy
  • A wet dream without any wetness or sign of emission