the roots meaning and modern movement of n.
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Reconstructionism , Dominion, and Theomony Theologies PowerPoint Presentation
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Reconstructionism , Dominion, and Theomony Theologies

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Reconstructionism , Dominion, and Theomony Theologies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Reconstructionism , Dominion, and Theomony Theologies
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  1. The roots, meaning, and modern movement of Reconstructionism, Dominion, and Theomony Theologies

  2. Dr. Rousas J. Rushdoony

  3. Dr. Rousas J. Rushdoony • Considered the patriarch of CRM. • Followed ideas of Cornelius Van Til, a Princeton University theologian. • A prolific writer of books and the founder (in 1965) of the Chalcedon Foundation. • The "Bible" of Reconstructionist philosophy: Institutes of Biblical Law is an extensive study of how the Ten Commandments could be applied to modern society.

  4. Dr. Rousas J. Rushdoony •

  5. What is Christian Reconstruction? • • Mark Rushdoony speaks for CRM

  6. Gary North

  7. Gary North • The son-in-law of Rushdoony. • Founder of the Institute for Christian Economics and Dominion Press. • Broke with Rushdoony over virgin bride’s blood = Christ’s blood (believes) and Christian Nation concept (disavows). • Economist – publishes “Doom and Gloom” newsletters.

  8. Gary North • The primary shaker-and-mover of the Christian Reconstruction position today. • His approach is characterized more by logical/theological arguments occasionally punctuated with Scripture than by hard reasoning derived from careful exegetical analysis of Scripture.

  9. Gary North • Teaches that women who have abortions should be publicly executed, "along with those who advised them to abort their children."  • As the means of execution, North prefers stoning because, among other things, stones are cheap, plentiful, and convenient. 

  10. Gary North • North describes the "three major legs of the Reconstructionist movement" as: • The Presbyterian oriented educators. • The Baptist school headmasters and pastors. • The charismatic telecommunications system.  

  11. Gary North • North claims that "the ideas of the Reconstructionists have penetrated into Protestant circles… • And that for the most part Protestants are unaware of the original source of the theological ideas that are beginning to transform them.”  

  12. Gary North • “When America and the rest of the corrupt Western world is plunged into anarchy, the way will be open for fundamentalist leaders to seize control, set up a theocratic government, and usher in the kingdom of God. This is clearly the belief of financial guru Gary North, an exponent of Christian Reconstructionism, the idea that the Old Testament legal codes should be made normative in our society and that will reorient it toward God. In contrast to the premillennialists, he rejects the idea of a great tribulation and believes that Christians can overpower the forces of evil and implement the reign of Christ.” Dr. Richard V. Pierard - professor of History at Indiana State University in Terre Haute. 

  13. Kenneth Gentry

  14. Kenneth Gentry • Reformed theologian and an ordained minister in the Reformed Presbyterian Church. • Author and speaker; He Shall Have Dominion: A Postmillennial Eschatology. • Extolls the Reconstructionist view of the end times.

  15. Gary DeMar

  16. Gary DeMar • President of American Vision. • His books such as God and Government have made significant in-roads into the curricula of Church-affiliated Christian schools and home schools. • In Ruler of the Nations, in the Editor's Introduction, Gary North points out DeMar's description of "an intellectual war going on, a war between two rival views of God, man, law and society." North says that the "book has made the meaning of theocracy clear“.

  17. Gary DeMar • In the chapter titled Reconstructing Civil Government, DeMar states, • “All government requires a reference point. If God is to be pleased by men, the Bible must become the foundation of all their governments, including civil government. This means that Biblical law must be made the foundation of all righteous judgment in every government: personal (self government), ecclesiastical, familial, and civil.”

  18. Gary DeMar • American Vision promotes the idea "that the world is not ending tomorrow and that Christ’s Kingdom will be victorious on the earth.” • AV connects the writings of the founders of America with the organization's vision of contemporary America: "In the New England Confederation of 1643, the Pilgrims stated: ‘[W]e all came to these parts of America, with one and the same end and aim, namely, to advance the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.’”

  19. Greg Bahnsen

  20. Greg Bahnsen • A radical religious totalitarian who believed the codified Law of Moses must be applied directly to American society. • Theonomy in Christian Ethics, argues that the Mosaic penal code should be applied to American civil law. • Believed that fifteen crimes merit capital punishment in a Reconstructed society, including: murder, rape, sodomy, apostasy, witchcraft, Sabbath breaking, blasphemy, and incorrigibility in children.

  21. David Chilton

  22. David Chilton • He regards Matthew 5:13-16 as "... nothing less than a mandate for the complete social transformation of the entire world."  • Represents the prophetic arm of Reconstructionism.

  23. Jerry Falwell •

  24. Pat Robertson

  25. D. James Kennedy

  26. D. James Kennedy • Television preacher who often called America to return to its "Christian base.“ • Denied that he is "a Theonomist as such…“ • Because, "It would be impractical for every nation to go theonomic. But that would be desirable.“ • Both Rushdoony and North were repeat guests on his program.

  27. George Grant