community outreach strategies and immigrant populations n.
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Community Outreach Strategies and Immigrant Populations PowerPoint Presentation
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Community Outreach Strategies and Immigrant Populations

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Community Outreach Strategies and Immigrant Populations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Community Outreach Strategies and Immigrant Populations. Minh Nguyen Executive Director. Workshop Objectives. Learn how to analyze, engage and outreach to youth & immigrant populations A ssess your current understanding of engaging youth and immigrant populations.

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workshop objectives
Workshop Objectives
  • Learn how to analyze, engage and outreach to youth & immigrant populations
  • Assess your current understanding of engaging youth and immigrant populations.
  • Analyze the role of young people and immigrant populations
  • Analyze the good and bad practices for meaningful engagement
what is vayla
What is VAYLA?

Mission Statement

  • VAYLA is a progressive multi-racial community-based organization in New Orleans that empowers youth and family through supportive services and organizing for cultural enrichment and positive social change.
what does vayla do
What does VAYLA do?
  • Provide opportunities for youth and families to learn, grow, develop, and become self-sufficient, productive community members.
  • Provide effective advocacy services to youth and families to empower them to advocate for themselves and actively engage and participate in community and society.
  • Provide social support services to youth and families by promoting education, health, leadership, cultural, and generational connections.
  • Develop VAYLA to become a resource center where youth and families can get the information they need to make effective decisions.
h ow to analyze engage and outreach to youth i mmigrant p opulations
How to Analyze, Engage and Outreach to Youth & Immigrant Populations
  • Breaking down what Community Outreach means:
    • Community & Outreach
  • Who is your target population?
    • Demographic
    • Language Spoken
    • Accessibility
    • Education
    • Culture
u nderstanding of outreach engaging youth immigrant populations
Understanding of Outreach & Engaging [Youth & Immigrant Populations]
  • Get them INVOLVED!!
    • LISTEN to their interests/concerns/needs
    • IDENTIFY who else is interested/concerned
    • FIND out who are the natural allies/partners
    • ENABLE access to enrollment
  • Messaging is Very Important
    • Needs to be relatives
    • Culturally sensitive
outreach strategies
Outreach Strategies
  • Community Outreach
    • Provide information and post announcements about the health care at local schools, local faith-based institutions, community centers, businesses, health centers, restaurants, libraries, etc.
      • Identify existing meetings/events
  • Education Forums/Workshops
    • Educating community members about the Health Insurance Marketplace
      • Partner/Collaborate
roles of young p eople and immigrant p opulations
Roles of Young People and Immigrant Populations
  • Important role for youth and immigrant is for them to be informed about these opportunities so they can get enrolled and covered to treat chronic conditions and emergency situation
    • For example: a broken leg can cost up to $7,500
    • Important role for immigrant who are bilingual – this is key because they can help community members who are limited-English proficient get enrolled in the new Health Insurance Marketplace
  • Empower youth to spread the word to their peers and community to ensure our community has access to affordable health care.
good bad p ractices for outreach
Good & Bad Practices for Outreach



Long Emails

Not targeted population on Social Media

Not going into the community

Not leaving anything for the community to follow-up

  • Setting-up resource table to share information
  • School fairs/events
  • Creating video by target population about getting health insurance
  • Run conference workshop
  • Email
  • Social Media
e mail


HEY! Do you have Health Care Coverage?

Make sure you’re covered. Prepare for the new Health Insurance Marketplace.

Enrollment begins October 1, 2013

Visit: for more information

social media
Social Media
  • Twitter & Facebook


18% of AAPIs don’t have health insurance. Get Covered: prepare for the #Marketplace. More info @HealthCareGov @vaylano

youth text messaging
Youth – Text Messaging
  • Average youth text an average of 3,339 text messages a month
    • Opens every single one
    • Texting has a 100% open rate
    • Reaches all youth (rural and youth of color)
    • 11x more powerful than email
    • Texting Hotline
host session events
Host Session/Events
  • The best way to get people’s attention is through their stomachs!
    • Lunch and Learn sessions, dinner presentations
    • Games
      • Example: Bingo Night
        • In between games, educate and quiz new knowledge and reward with prizes
contact information
Contact Information

Minh Nguyen

VAYLA New Orleans

Phone: (504) 253-6000



Phone: (504) 253-6000