making valassis a truly great place to work n.
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Making Valassis A Truly Great Place to Work PowerPoint Presentation
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Making Valassis A Truly Great Place to Work

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Making Valassis A Truly Great Place to Work - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Making Valassis A Truly Great Place to Work
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  1. Making Valassis A Truly Great Place to Work Houston, TX 11/7/13

  2. Who is Valassis? • Valassis is a leader in intelligent media delivery • Intelligent media delivery means we provide informed, innovative media solutions that engage and activate consumers wherever they plan, shop, buy and save • Valassis consumer brands include RedPlum,, Circle Street and its signature “Have You Seen Me?” Program which delivers hope to missing children and their families

  3. Facts about Valassis • 40+ Years Connecting with Consumers via Intelligent Media Delivery • $2.236B Media and Marketing Services company (NYSE: VCI) • 6,400 employees across 28 states and 8 countries • 15,000+ clients • Award-winning company culture

  4. Award-winning Culture • We continually look for ways to strengthen our culture… • Friendly, flexible workplace • Recognize the need to balance work and family, so we offer our employees 37.5 hour work weeks • Full-Time Work from Home: An arrangement where remote work is 100% from home • Recognize, value and engage different ideas, perspectives and backgrounds in our everyday decisions and actions as we embrace diversity and inclusion in all we do • ECHO committee plans programs to give back to the communities where we do business • TEC committee plans events around the office to break up the work week and allow us to “play” • Excellent employee recognition programs such as Spot-On, Peer-to-Peer, Platinum Performers and Century Club

  5. Valassis Honors

  6. Core Values Client Focus Listen to and delight our clients with great experiences and results Innovation Learn, change and stretch to transform ourselves and our business Agility Bring speed and adaptability to everything we do Teamwork One team working together, celebrating our successes and having fun Diversity & Inclusion Reflect and embrace differences of all kinds to fuel growth Ownership Take initiative, action and responsibility Passion For our company, our clients and our communities Honesty & IntegrityAlways do the right thing