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Communication and International Marketing PowerPoint Presentation
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Communication and International Marketing

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Communication and International Marketing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Communication and International Marketing. A.Petkoska , SEOU Gostivar Sep 2012. Stefani Lazarova IV- 3. What makes a good communicator?. Fluency in the language Not being afraid of making mistakes An extensive vocabulary An awareness of body language

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Communication and International Marketing

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    1. CommunicationandInternational Marketing A.Petkoska, SEOU Gostivar Sep 2012 Stefani Lazarova IV-3

    2. What makes a good communicator? • Fluency in the language Not being afraid of making mistakes • An extensive vocabulary An awareness of body language • Being a good listener Grammatical accuracy • Physical appearance • A sense of humor

    3. Not being afraid of making mistakes Being a good listener I think that for a good communication should be a good listener because when one speaks the other needs to listen, and to be careful with that they show respect for the speaker. Everyone makes mistakes while speaking, the reason can be nervous, excitement… I think that it’ s natural and you should not be afraid, just continue with speaking !!! An awareness of body language • For me an awareness of body language it’s very important because I think that while the speaker speaks , he/she doesn't have to do everything with hands and legs, it’s not good. • Example : • Rub the back of your head or neck. • Rub or touch your nose. • Sit with your armed folded across your chest.

    4. Internal Communication • Communication • - It’s much easier said than done • Communication problems: • High technology; • information overload • common loyalties

    5. TRUST is key in an open organization !

    6. Communication problems A high tech Information overload Common loyalties Consequences Senior managers hide behind their computers Staff use voicemail to screen calls Employees sitting next to each other will send emails rather than speak Consequences 5.Sending such people on “how to communicate” course Consequences 4. Just training people to be good communicators isn’t the issue

    7. Dealing with Communication Breakdown

    8. International Marketing

    9. Discussing global brands

    10. Food- McDonalds Drink –Schweppes Electrical Equipment – Nokia Clothing –ZARA -If the company is well known on its domestic market, expanding is a very good decision because the company will make higher profits - not be accepted by the all people -have a big competition -Price must be minimum range , with that everyone can buy.

    11. Coffee culture Hot chocolate Nescafé Tea Coffee Saleb Black Mild Infected Habit Necessary My favorite hot drink is Nescafé

    12. Starbucks

    13. Formal e-mail: Creating a global brand from a sports drink (Zumo)

    14. Dear Director • I’m a market manager of our company . Yesterday we met and there were many ideas. • In my opinion the best solutions are : • Price must be minimum range , then everyone can buy it. • Zumo can be sponsor at next Olympic games it’s good for us because that’ll make us more famous and competitive on international market , so we’ll have more profit. • That’s what we are looking for. • We can do more commercials for magazines , radio , TV…. With them people well hear about Zumo everyday , everywhere. • Best wishes • Stephany Sell