everything you wanted to know about block paving n.
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Everything You Wanted to Know About Block Paving PowerPoint Presentation
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Everything You Wanted to Know About Block Paving

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Block Paving - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Block Paving
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  1. Everything You Wanted to Know About Block Paving

  2. It is not unusual for homeowners to be confused about choosing the right paving material for their landscape. On the one hand, there are traditional choices like concrete and tarmacadam while on the other hand, you have options like gravel, stone and resin bound/bonded aggregate. Each of those materials has strengths of its own, thus making the choice tougher. However, there’s another paving material that is fast becoming the preferred landscaping choice for a lot of homeowners in the UK; block paving! • Block paving involves using individual paver blocks to create a hard-standing surface. Block pavers have been around for a long time. Romans have been known to use pavers to lay pathways and roads as early as 500 BC. The paver block in its modern avatar became quite popular in 1940s Holland. The following decades saw the material being widely adopted in Germany, most of Europe and the United States.

  3. To know more about how block paving can be installed in your driveway, patio, garden, pathway or parking area, give us a call. Creative Paving offers an extensive range of paving services for properties located in and around the Essex region. Our other offerings include resin bound stone, imprinted concrete driveway and resin bound driveways. • Block paving is a method of creating a hard-standing area using individual blocks instead of laying an entire layer of aggregate material. Block paving is also known as brick paving. • There are two types of paving blocks • Paving blocks made of moulded concrete • Paving blocks made of kiln-fired clay

  4. Where can block paving be installed? Driveways Garden Parking Areas Patios Pathways

  5. Advantages of block paving • Advantages of block paving • More aesthetically pleasing than other surfacing options • Allows replacement of individual blocks in case of damage • Offers accurate and uniform sizing • Does not need any special machinery for installation • Highly versatile and suited to residential/commercial use

  6. ContactUs • ADDRESS:- 4 Newcastle Avenue, Colchester, Essex, CO3 9XE • PHONE:- 01206 762 362 | 07810 195 139 • EMAIL:- creativepaving@mail.com • SALES ENQUIRIES:- 07737 714026