taweret godess of demoness of childbirth n.
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Taweret Godess Of Demoness Of Childbirth PowerPoint Presentation
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Taweret Godess Of Demoness Of Childbirth

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Taweret Godess Of Demoness Of Childbirth - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Taweret Godess Of Demoness Of Childbirth. Her Beauty Shines Like No Other.

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her beauty shines like no other
Her Beauty Shines Like No Other
  • She looked like a combination of a crocodile, a pregnant hippo standing on her hind legs and a lion head. Unlike the other demonessAmhmut, her head and body looked like a hippo, her paws looked like the lion, and her back was the back of a crocodile. All of these animals were man killers, and as such she was a demoness.
a family connected
A Family Connected
  • As the wife of Set she was connected to Isis. She was also Sobek, probably because he took the form of a crocodile. Sobek was associated with Set, but also with Horus and Isis. She was frequently described as the wife of Bes, a demonic deity who was also closely linked to childbirth. Finally, in Thebes, Amun and Taweret were thought to be the parents of Osiris (and therefore by implications his siblings, including Set).
a working mother
A Working Mother
  • It was in her role of a protector that she was seen as a goddess. As the mother hippo is protective of her young, Taweret was believed to be protective of Egyptian children. She was often shown holding the sa hieroglyph of protection or the ankh hieroglyph of life. She was thought to assist women in labour and scare off demons that might harm the mother or child.
motherly powers of tawaret
Motherly Powers Of Tawaret
  • Amulets of Taweret were popular. Used on the future mother because of Taweret's protective powers. These were even found at Akhetaten - Akenaten had no power to stop his people from needing the protection of Bes, alothough his attempts to replace the gods and goddesses of Egypt with the Aten. Her picture was also found on women's cosmetic tools, such as headrests, jewelry.