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History of Cider in a Nutshell PowerPoint Presentation
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History of Cider in a Nutshell

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History of Cider in a Nutshell - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Crafty Nectar offers the best craft ciders from across the UK into the hands of its exclusive club members. It connects people with ciders that are made in the traditional way.

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farms on large scale had their own orchard

Farms on large scale had their own orchard to produce cider with a wide variety of apples. Around 360 unique varieties of cider apple were produced at that time.

in the early 16 th century cider popularity

In the early 16th century, Cider  popularity decreased when beer was transformed by a new preparation which improved its taste and longevity.

in 18 th century cider s status declined

In 18th century, Cider’s status declined and was considered unhealthy. It was because of the mass produced Cider as it contained minimal apple juice content (35%) or an apple juice concentrate.

even after this small cider makers continued

Even after this, small cider-makers continued to work on its purity with their passion and crafted real cider with 100% fermented apple juice with the characterized Cider Flavor.

visit crafty nectar where you will find the best

Visit Crafty Nectar where you will find the best collection of ciders made from all across the UK by passionate small cider-makers, working hard to bring a positive change in the Cider Industry.