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One Stop – Advisor Training PowerPoint Presentation
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One Stop – Advisor Training

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One Stop – Advisor Training

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One Stop – Advisor Training

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  1. One Stop – Advisor Training Summer/Fall 2019

  2. Immunizations

  3. Immunizations • Students need 2 doses of Varicella and MMR to register for full time. • Students who do not have any immunizations on file can only register for part time. • Students are attending for the first time in the Fall could be eligible for the first semester time semester if they have both the first dose of Varicella and the first dose of MMR. • Students who are only taking the online courses can complete the Online Only extension. This must be completed every term. • Students under 18 must have a parents signature on the Hep/Men form in order to register.

  4. How do I know if they have their required immunizations????? Varicella, Dose 1 Hepatitis/Meningitis questions answered on Pipeline MMR, Dose 1

  5. How do I know if they have their required immunizations????? Housing Meningitis Requirement

  6. Assigned Registration Times

  7. Assigned Registration Times (PINS) • Currently enrolled students are assigned a PIN by a script based on earned credit hours. PINS are assigned over Spring Break. • You and the student can see the students assigned registration time on Pipeline. • New Freshmen and Transfer students are assigned a pin during CUSTOMS or after they are advised if they are not attending CUSTOMS. • Advisors who are advising students who are not attending CUSTOMS can assign a PIN on SPAAPIN when you are advising the student.

  8. Assigned Registration Times (PINS) • New Freshmen and Transfer PINS

  9. Assigned Registration Times (PINS) • Re-admitted students are assigned a PIN by script based on earned credit hours overnight. • If you have a re-admitted student in your office who does not have a PIN, please email us and we can enter a pin so that they can register with you.

  10. Priority Registration

  11. Priority Registration • Priority Registration begins April 1 for special populations

  12. Priority Registration • April 2 – Graduate students • April 3-12 –Undergraduate Students who are currently enrolled. Don’t forget this is based on earned credit hours. • April 15 – Dual Enrollment, Transient, Undergraduate Special Students

  13. Priority Registration • Students should register on Pipeline • Drop/Add forms are not needed until the term begins • Repeat forms can be turned in at the One Stop once the student’s registration time begins. • Permits are handled through the department or the advisors. The One Stop cannot enter permits • Students who are taking 2 summer classes where one is a prerequisite for the other can email to be put into the 2nd summer class after they register for the first • Do NOT email to get into fall classes with prerequisites • If you enter a PREQ override for a student it is your responsibility to track that student’s completion

  14. Waitlist • Waitlist is open as of the first day of priority registration. • Waitlists remain open until the day before the purge. • For summer, it depends on the part of term. More information will be on the website next week. • If a seat opens on a waitlisted course, the first student on the waitlist is notified, through their MTSU email, that a seat is open. The student has 12 hours to register. • In order to register, the student needs to go to Pipeline, click the dropdown beside the waitlisted course and click register. • If the student enters the CRN in the boxes they will receive a duplicate course error.

  15. Waitlist • Students on a waitlist the day of the purge are emailed. We provide the students with information on how to register once notified of an open seat. The timeframe changes at the purge. Everyone has until noon the day after purge to register no matter what time you were notified. • The day after the purge, all students still on the waitlist at noon will be purged. You will see my name by the drop if you look at the students registration audit.

  16. MT One Stop • Registration Guide is now available at • Bills for summer come out April 16, for fall July 16 • Packaging for incoming freshmen happening this week, for continuing students will occur in May after final grades are released • Students must complete verification to be packaged • Students should email with questions • Fee payment deadline for summer is May 8, 4:30 pm (also May 18, June 6, July 10) • Summer aid can change drastically if a student withdraws or changes their schedule since census is not until the end of the summer • First Fee payment deadline for fall is August 12, 4:30 pm/6:00 pm (no purge) • Second fee payment deadline for fall is August 19, 4:30 pm/6:00 pm (purge)

  17. QUESTIONS! Tyler Henson, Director – 615-898-5915 Anne Ford, Assistant Director – 615-898-2161 Office email: All emails regarding registration should be sent to: Withdrawals (complete, backdated, exceptions):