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Pre Design Review PathNet

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Pre Design Review PathNet - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pre Design Review PathNet. * Team Members. . Mohammed Yakub (IT) Aljohara Alrabiah (IT) Gamel Appiedu (Biochemistry) Al- waleed Al- Hammad (Immunology) Hussien Abdullah Hamdi (Hematology) Mohammed Arshad (Microbiology) Nayyer Ahmed (Histopathology)

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Presentation Transcript
team members
* Team Members..
  • Mohammed Yakub (IT)
  • AljoharaAlrabiah (IT)
  • GamelAppiedu (Biochemistry)
  • Al-waleed Al-Hammad(Immunology)
  • Hussien Abdullah Hamdi (Hematology)
  • Mohammed Arshad (Microbiology)
  • Nayyer Ahmed (Histopathology)
  • Hanaa Abu Mustafa (Virology)
  • Muneera Al-Dousari (KAUH)
  • FahadKhoja (KAUH)
  • SadiaTabassum (Molecular Genetics Pathology)
  • Nasr Sinjilawi (Molecular Diagnostics)
  • Syed Siraj (Cytogenetics)
  • Abdirahman Hussein ( Blood Bank)

Biochemistry Lab

progress update 1
* Progress Update 1 .
  • Most part of DCW is finished except for the Reference Ranges sheet, Both Numeric and Alpha
issues and concerns
*Issues and Concerns .

Concerns :

  • Time frame is very short with regards to the size of the information we have to look up and enter in the data sheet, especially with the reference ranges sheet.
  • Ref. Ranges. (Data available but big in size, feeding is not fast as we want to avoid mistakes)
issues and concerns1
*Issues and Concerns .
  • Delta values. (Data has been made available recently and has to be fed too)
  • Measurement range. (Data scattered in product insert sheets and are being gathered and fed as we work with the DCW) retarding the progress of the work

Microbiology Lab

progress update 11
* Progress Update 1 .
  • DCW about 90% completed.
issues and concerns2
*Issues and Concerns .
  • Staff spends time between eSiHi project and section’s bench work which hampers the progress of work on the DCWs. Staff hopes to complete the DCWs by the 11th of February.

Anatomic Pathology Lab

progress update 12
* Progress Update 1 .
  • DCW’s about 90% completed, remaining will be completed within few days.
data gathering dcw s 1
*Data gathering DCW’s1 .

The following are some of the data gathered :

  • Diagnosis Alpha responses for Cytology
  • Gross description for Histology
  • Diagnosis templates for Histology
issues and concerns3
*Issues and Concerns .
  • If someone checking out the DCW, no one can do the work on in the system and check in becoming impossible. Some time you need to wait for long time.
  • As Cytology , Histology and EM sections are part of Anatomic Pathology including KAUH, its difficult sometimes to communicate and gather required data. We request to have one BT member from each department.

Blood Bank

data gathering dcws
*Data Gathering (DCWs) .
  • Cerner
    • Since last visit, 2 conference calls only
  • Eldorado
    • No data requested
  • One hour conference call per week not enough for DCWs
issues and concerns4
*Issues and Concerns .
  • Eldorado:
  • No proper demo seen
  • Not clear what they can and cannot cover in Donor management areas
  • Three different components in one system
    • Donor doc
    • ElDorado Donor
    • eDonor
issues and concerns5
*Issues and Concerns .
  • No Bedside Transfusion Tracking System
  • No mobile campaign Support
  • No arm to arm system included (hemovigilance)
  • Not supporting Arabic language especially Medical Health Questionnaire
  • Support services ?
  • No base in middle East except small hospital in Egypt
  • Deployment time ?