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Infogroup Consumer Database

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Infogroup Consumer Database. C. A. R. overage. ecency. ccuracy. Quality. Infogroup Data Assets. U.S. Consumer Database. U.S. Database of 115 million households and 225 million individuals enhanced with individual & household-level demographic information

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Infogroup Consumer Database

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infogroup consumer database
Infogroup Consumer Database








infogroup data assets
Infogroup Data Assets

U.S. Consumer Database

U.S. Database of 115 million households and 225 million individuals enhanced with individual & household-level demographic information

Original Compiler with a proven track record since 1917. No really.

75 contributing sources and 3.5 billon records aggregated annually

High value demographics include age, income, homeownership, home value, real estate details, phone, presence of children, lifestyles, and behavioral data.

New Mover Database: 15 million recent movers, 2 to 3 weeks from move date

New Homeowner Database: 3.2 million new homeowners over the last 12 months


infogroup s consumer data assets
Infogroup’s Consumer Data Assets
  • Consumer Database: Database of 115 million households and 225 million individuals enhanced with demographic information.
  • Consumer Emails:24 million matched to CDB; 54 million on ‘combined’ acquisition email database; 183 million available for append; 300 million for reverse append.
  • Occupant File: Database of over 146 million addresses, used for saturation mailings.
  • Occupation File: Database of approximately 16 million licensed individuals, at work or home.
  • New Movers: Database of 16 million new movers over the last 12 months.
  • New Homeowners: Database of 3.2 million new homeowners over the last 12 months.
  • Public Record: Database of over 16 million U.S. business and residential bankruptcyfilings.
infogroup s white page compilation
Infogroup’s White Page Compilation

Infogroup focuses on speed and accuracy

  • 4,000 Phone Books
    • 210 MM Listings
    • 90% received within 30 days of release
    • Compiled within 8-12 weeks
    • Updated Annually
  • Methodology
    • Scanning of White Pages (5 OCR engines)
    • 100% Key Entry
    • Computerized Review
    • Manual Resolution of Differences
  • 99.5% Accuracy
consumer compilation process


Updated File

Single-Key Record

Consumer Compilation Process

Auto Parse: Data is “placed” into the correct field.

OCR scanned images are converted to useable text.

Each page is individually scanned.

Phone Books Received

Jomes, J. =

Jones, J.

Unmatched records are sent to “Single Key” process.

Single-Key records are merged with original records.

Final Parse:Records that cannot be Auto Parsed are done manually.

Electronic Matching: Current months vs. previous month.

Data Validation:Merged records are processed against USPS, FTC, DMA, Infogroup “flags”

CONSUMER DATABASE (8-12 week process)

Quality Assurance Check

white page database
White Page Database


Reference Products

-Internet Directory




Over 4,000 Phone Books

80 Million Households - 88 Million Individuals

White Pages

expanded white page database
Expanded White Page Database


Reference Products


White Pages plus



Expanded White Pages

White Pages

80M Households - 88M Individuals

80 Million Households - 124 Million Individuals

consumer marketing database
Consumer Marketing Database




-Direct Mail



3.5 Billion

records from

75 different


Consumer Marketing

Expanded White Pages

80M Households - 124M Individuals

80M Households - 88M Individuals

115 Million Households - 215 Million Individuals

White Pages

universe database
Universe Database


Records that do not

qualify for


-No Solicitation


-Haven’t been

verified in the

past 24 mos.

-Records at the

previous address

-Deceased people

-Rolling 5 years


Fraud Prevention

Data Append

Skip Tracing


Universe File

Consumer Marketing

Expanded White Pages

80M Households - 124M Individuals

115 M Households - 215 M Individuals

80M Households - 88M Individuals

White Pages

350 Million Households - 450 Million Individuals

it s all about the sources
It’s All About The Sources

More than 75 data sources & over 3.5 billion records aggregated annually

real estate data
Real Estate Data

Infogroup continues to expand courthouse access to capture Deed Transfers and Tax Assessor data.

  • Current Coverage
    • Deed Transfer - approximately 1,766 Counties in 47 States

(85% of population)

    • Tax Assessor – approximately 3,012 Counties in All States

(95% of population)

……Goal: Universal Coverage to Facilitate Segmentation and Modeling Applications

utility transaction data
Utility Transaction Data
  • Infogroup focuses on data freshness and recency, receiving New Connects 3 – 4 days afterconnection occurs.
    • Types of New Connects
      • Service Provider Changes
      • Line Extensions
      • Reconnects
      • New Movers
    • Processing of New Connects
      • Comparison against Infogroup Consumer Database
      • Matching of More than 60% as Non-Movers
      • Identification of Actual New Movers

Monthly Maintenance

  • Monthly Update Cycle
    • Over 75 Contributing Sources
      • Primary Sources – Can Create a Unique Record on Their Own
      • Secondary Sources – Enhance Existing Records or Create a Unique Record in Combination with another Secondary Source
    • Models Refreshed
  • Monthly File Maintenance
    • Area Code Changes
    • NCOALinkTM*
    • LACSLinkTM*
    • DPVTM*
    • Do Not Mail / Do Not Call Suppression Files

* Infogroup is a Non-exclusive Licensee of the USPS National Change of Address, Locatable Address Coding, and Delivery Point Verification.

consumer privacy
Consumer Privacy
  • Infogroup uses only public or opt-in information to power its consumer databases.
  • Infogroup is not a credit bureau. We do not accept, maintain, or deliver data specific to credit history or activity.
  • Infogroup is an active member of the Direct Marketing Association and adheres to all industry guidelines and government laws regarding responsible use and distribution of personal information.
  • Do Not Call / Do Not Mail
    • FTC DNC downloaded daily (SAN required)
    • State DNC as delivered
    • DMA Mail Preference & Telephone Preference
    • Deceased Master
    • Internal Suppression File
    • Email: Global Suppression File

Infogroup Consumer Database

Three Levels of Demographic Data

  • Individual Level
  • Household Level
  • Neighborhood Level

Individual Level Data

Details for Household Members

  • Infogroup Unique Individual ID (IGID)
    • Identifies Each Household Member
    • Up to 8 Individuals
  • Demographics
    • Date of Birth / Age
    • Gender
    • Head of Household Indicator
    • Marital Status
    • Spouse Indicator
    • Ethnicity / Religion / Language
    • Credit Card Details
    • Political Affiliation
    • Lifestyles and Hobbies
    • Email Address
cultural coding
Cultural Coding

Infogroup’s Ethnic Identification Scheme

  • Identifies an individual’s affiliation with a particular racial or cultural group
  • Based upon extensive proprietary ethnic research and thousands of linguistic rules
    • 162 Ethnicities
    • 16 Ethnic Groups
    • 80 Language Preferences
    • 21 Hispanic Countries of Origin
    • 12 Religions
  • Based upon First Name, Middle Name, Surname, and Geography
  • Individual Level
cultural coding1
Cultural Coding

5-STEP Match Process

  • STEP 1: First name match against reference table containing over 70,000 names

example: Nguyen O’Brien will be coded as Vietnamese – not Irish.

  • STEP 2: Where no first name match is found, a table of 470,000 surnames is referenced.
  • example: John Chen will be coded as Chinese, although English will be the assigned language.
  • STEP 3: Where no surname match is made, thousands of linguistic rules are applied, including geographical considerations.
  • example: All surnames ending with the four letters “OGLU” are Turkish.
  • STEP 4: Middle name is used as tie-breaker.
  • example: Peter Mei Yu is Chinese, but Peter Hak Yu is Korean.
  • STEP 5: Final first name pass to determine language spoken.
  • example: Pablo DeBrito, who has a unique Portuguese last name and a multi-ethnic first name, will be coded as a Portuguese speaker.
cultural coding2
Cultural Coding

Completeness and Accuracy

  • Geography - Cultural Coding incorporates United States geographic coordinates at the ZIP+4 level to determine ethnic, religious and language group clusters to further enhance accuracy.
  • Quality Assurance - In order to measure and maintain the accuracy of Cultural Coding and the algorithms contained within, a national market research company is contracted to conduct quarterly telephone studies.


  • Enhanced Understanding of Customers
  • More Effective Targeted Marketing
lifestyle dimensions
Lifestyle Dimensions
  • Driven by Actions, Transactions, and Survey data
  • Individual level indicators
  • Intensity Scores
    • 9 through 1 represents a positive interest
    • Recency, Frequency, Monetary Value, Number of Sources (RFM+S)
    • Used to populate household level equivalents and feed more traditional Y/N indicators already present
  • Almost 1.5 billion indicators of lifestyle
  • Across 108 Lifestyle Dimension categories
    • Golf, Gardening, Travel, Apparel, Automotive, Donors, Books, Internet Behavior, Catalogs, Entertainment, Cooking, Family, etc
  • Updated Quarterly
lifestyle dimensions1
Lifestyle Dimensions

Created Using Real Data

    • Direct Mail – Catalog, Fundraising, Memberships
    • Internet – Web Purchases, E-mail Responses, Online Memberships
    • Retail – Specialty Stores
    • Print – Magazine Subscribers and Catalog Buyers
    • Telemarketing – Surveys, Inbound and Outbound Purchases
  • Scores are Not Modeled
      • 9 Highest RFM Intensity
      • 8 Very High RFM Intensity
      • 7 High RFM Intensity
      • . .
      • . .
    • General Transactions and Survey Data
      • 2 Traditional Lifestyle Data
      • 1 Reported Interest
    • No Transactions or Survey Responses
      • 0 No Known Interest
household level data
Household Level Data

Infogroup Unique Household ID (IGID)

  • Identifies All Household Members

Location Attributes

  • Phone Numbers
  • Length of Residence
  • Dwelling Unit Size
  • Location Type
  • Physical Attributes
  • Latitude / Longitude
  • Mail Confidence Score

Household Data

  • Number of Adults
  • Age of Head of Household
  • Occupation
  • Presence of Children
  • Children by Age
  • Marketing Targets
    • By age, gender, household size
household level data1
Household Level Data
  • Homeowner Data
    • Homeowner / Renter Indicator
    • Estimated Home Value
    • Estimated Home Equity
    • Mortgage Amount / Mortgage Date
    • Loan To Value
  • Income & Affluence Indicators
    • Estimated Household Income (FIND)
    • Purchasing Power Indicator (PPI)
    • WealthFinder
    • Potential Investors (PIC)
  • Special Interest Groups
    • Early Technology Adopters…… Early Internet Adopters
    • Heavy Internet Users……Internet Savvy Consumers
    • Credit Card Revolvers……Propensity to Switch
    • Home Based Businesses……SOHOs
household level data2
Household Level Data

More You Should Know About

  • Mail Responsiveness
    • Current (past 2 years)
    • Recent (3 to 4 years)
    • Ever (remains “on” through life of HH)
    • Mail Order Buyers
  • Dog or Cat Present
  • Grandparent Present
  • Veteran Present
  • Donors
    • Health
    • Religious
    • Environmental
    • Political
  • Clustering Systems
    • PrizmNE (Nielsen Claritas)
    • Infogroup’s Cluster Spectrum
targetready categorical models
TargetReady Categorical Models

Real-time Marketing Answers in Rapidly Changing Market

  • Pre-built for Immediate Deployment: No time to wait for custom models
  • Household Level Targeting: Superior to neighborhood level clustering
  • Provide “Marketing Answers”: No need for users to plow through sea of data
  • Extensive Category List: Covers Behavioral & Attitudinal Elements
  • Simple to Use: 9 means good, 0 means bad
  • No charge for Model Development: For test friendly pricing
categorical models in action
Categorical Models in Action
  • Luxury Automobile Buyers
  • Higher Educational Degrees
  • Pets – Dog or Cat Products
  • Heavy Pay-per-View – Movies & Sports
  • Attitudinal Targets
    • Diet Products
    • Green
    • Conservative
    • Liberal
    • Leaning Conservative
    • Leaning Liberal
    • Opinion Leaders
    • Shopaholics
    • Impulse Buyers
  • And the list goes on…

For Everyone in our consumer database:

  • Banking & Finance
    • High-value Stock/Security Investors
    • High Risk/High Return Investors
    • Low Risk/Low Return Investors
    • Safety & Security Conscience
    • Life Insurance (via agents/DM)
  • Travel
    • Frequent Business Travelers / Frequent Flyers
    • Cruisers
    • Foreign Travel for Vacation
    • Timeshare Owners
    • Avid Theme Park Visitors
  • Baby Products
  • Health
    • Diet Products
    • Organic Foods
    • Heavy Vitamin & Dietary Supplement Users
    • Physical Fitness Clubs
cluster spectrum
Cluster Spectrum

Infogroup’s Second Generation Clustering System

  • Group “like” households together
  • Household Level Analysis
  • Intended Benefits
    • Getting to know your customers
    • What makes your best customers your best customers
    • Turning prospects into more ‘best customers’
  • Structure for Analyzing
    • Customer Behaviors
    • Consumer Preferences
    • Marketplace Trends
neighborhood level data
Neighborhood Level Data

Socio-Economic Status Indicator……SESI

  • Positions Neighborhoods on the Socio-Economic Continuum (Composite Score 00 – 99)
  • Income
  • Education
  • Occupation
  • Ownership
  • Environment

Neighborhood Statistics: Aggregate List Statistics……ALS

Proprietary Updates Formulated from the Consumer Database

  • Median Age of Head of Household
  • Median Income
  • Median PPI
  • % Households with Income $100,000+

2000 => 2010 Census

  • Income
  • Age
  • Household Composition
  • Employment
  • Ethnicity
adding value
Adding Value

18 additional data sources & more than 6.5 billion records aggregated annually

new mover database
New Mover Database

Each year, nearly 20% of the population moves to a new residence!

  • 15 million recent moves
  • 3.1 million phone numbers
  • Over 1 million moves per month
  • Weekly feeds available
  • State/Federal Do Not Call records suppressed

Compiled Using

  • Utility Data (Telephone Connections)
  • New Homeowner Data (Deed Transfers)
  • Change of Address Information
    • Magazine and Credit sources (FCRA Compliant)
    • Not NCOALinkTM moves


  • Speed to Market – received weekly (2-3 weeks from move date) for trigger processing
  • Quality – 80% have moved within last 90 days. De-duplication, standardization and matching to core file allow for higher approval rates.
new homeowner database
New Homeowner Database

A subset of the New Movers database

Compiled Using

  • Deeds of Warranty & Trust filed with county recorders
  • 100% owner-occupied residential properties

Monthly and Weekly Feeds

  • 2 - 3 Million Confirmed Homeowners
  • 1 Million Probable Homeowners
  • 50,000 new homeowners weekly
  • 20% with telephones


  • Home Sale Price
  • Home Sale Date
  • Estimated Home Value
  • Interest Rate and Type
  • Mortgage Loan Amount and Type
  • Mortgage Lender Type
key differentiators
Key Differentiators




  • overage
  • Data aggregated from over 3.5 billon input records annually
  • 75 contributing sources
  • Continuing growth through key partnerships
  • Consistent population of attributes
  • Compiling all U.S. consumers since 1917



  • Records added / refreshed 8-10 weeks from book receipt
  • Daily Utility Connects and Disconnects
  • Secure aging rules
  • Postal hygiene
  • Investment in our proprietary databases
  • Quality of source files
  • All white page records are manually keyed
  • 99.5% accurate at the source level
  • Addresses Standardized and Scored for “Deliverability”
  • All models rescored monthly and rebuilt regularly