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Managing Risk

Managing Risk. Gill Bailey Management Trainer. A short file to awaken your senses. http://youtu.be/FZrka-ZxuYU. Learning Outcomes. Identify key areas of risk in management of your organisation Sources of information for risk management for the sector & within your organisation

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Managing Risk

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  1. Managing Risk Gill Bailey Management Trainer

  2. A short file to awaken your senses.. • http://youtu.be/FZrka-ZxuYU

  3. Learning Outcomes • Identify key areas of risk in management of your organisation • Sources of information for risk management for the sector & within your organisation • Be able to access tools and techniques to manage risk in your area of responsibility

  4. Risk Risk is the potential that a chosen action or activity (including the choice of inaction) will lead to a loss (an undesirable outcome). Wikepedia

  5. Risk taking • What risks did you encounter in the last 24 hours? • Where they risks to just yourself or others? • In evaluating those risks were they unavoidable or negligence?

  6. Risk

  7. Management of Risk • Delivering business objectives will encounter risk • Management have to match the resources available and priorities whilst evaluating the risk • Risk taking is necessary to deliver outcomes • Therefore managers need the skills & tools to deliver their objectives

  8. Risk vocabulary • Essence of risk – uncertain outcome (with + or - effect) • Exposure – combination of probability of events and their impact • Probability – the evaluated probability of the outcome occurring • Impact – the evaluated effect or result of a particular outcome actually occurring

  9. Categories of Risk External – T echnology E conomic M arkets P olitical L egislation E nvironmental S ocialogical Financial – control & exposure Operational • Policy • Information • Market position • Systems • Research & development • Personnel • Health & Safety

  10. Key Risks associated with Care • Safeguarding • Fire safety • Moving & Handling • Infection • Medication • Nutrition • Personnel • Housing • Supported living • Residential • Finances • Equipment • Business & service continuity For • Mental Health • Dementia • Learning & Physical Disabilities • Young People • Adults – young adults • Adults – older people • Substance Misusers • Black & ethnic minorities AND Protecting the Rights and Dignity of Service Users

  11. Tools & Techniques • Assigning responsibility - job specification • Management – group and individual • Risk Assessment tools • Identify Hazard & measure • Evaluate to determine Risk • Implement control measures • Quality standards ISO for establishing standards and review • Policies & procedures • Standard Operating Procedures for tasks and equipment • Insurance policies • External auditor • Training & certification

  12. Business Risk Strategy • Key organisational objectives • Associated risks • Risk cycle • Risk Assessment as an ongoing procedure • Assign areas to job holders • Consider using managers outside of the area to audit. Business Continuity • Identify key services and outcomes • Identify internal and external dependencies • Identify impact on services of critical incidents • Apply ratings • Risk Assessment • Develop continuity plans • Review and audit

  13. Action Plan Review risk management in your area of responsibility Consider the effect of change on risk Consider the personalisation of services & risk

  14. Keep Safe • http://youtu.be/hAAz24n9xxY

  15. REFERENCES & READINGS • CQC Quality & Risk Profiles http://www.cqc.org.uk/organisations-we-regulate/registered-services/quality-and-risk-profiles-qrps • Skills for Care http://www.skillsforcare.org.uk/socialwork/l_and_m_framework/Managing_risk.aspx

  16. NVQ EVIDENCE • Managing Safeguarding • Managing Health & Safety Records of • Meetings for team and organisation with a leading role in developing the above • Presentations and training delivered for the above • Documents, procedures developed for the above • Communication promoting and informing re above • Personal statement of your knowledge, competence and activity in managing these areas within your organisation

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