kristie l foley phd inaugural network meeting 17 october 2012 n.
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Building Capacity for Tobacco research in Romania PowerPoint Presentation
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Building Capacity for Tobacco research in Romania

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Building Capacity for Tobacco research in Romania - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Building Capacity for Tobacco research in Romania
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  1. Kristie L. Foley, PhD Inaugural Network Meeting 17 October 2012 Building Capacity for Tobacco research in Romania

  2. Overview • Reflections • Aims • Logic Model • Expectations • Next Steps

  3. Reflections

  4. Reflections • June 2011 • September 2011 …we wait

  5. March, 2012

  6. Other Fogarty Projects • Building Research & Capacity on the Economic Policy-Tobacco Control Nexus in Africa, Jeffrey Drope, American Cancer Society • Tobacco Control Policy Analysis & Intervention Evaluation in China & Tanzania, Teh-Wei Hu, Public Health Institute • Capacity Building for Tobacco Control in Tunisia, N. Africa, & Middle-East, Harry Alan Lando, Univ of Minnesota • Advancing Addiction Research & Capacity to Guide Tobacco Control in Middle East , WasimMaziak, Florida International Univ • Cinema Smoking & Youth Smoking in Latin America, James Sargent, Dartmoth College • Tobacco Control Network among Women in Parana, Brazil II, Isabel Scarinci, Univ of Alabama, Birmingham • From Production to Retailing: Policy-Oriented Research on Tobacco Economy in Argentina. Veronica Irene Schoj, InterAmerican Heart Foundation • Preventing Tobacco Use among Adolescents in Uraguay: Project Activate. Melissa Harrell Stigler, Univ of Texas Health Science Center, Houston.

  7. Project Aims • Conduct new rigorous, transdisciplinary, high impact tobacco research in Romania by filling strategic gaps and by building the individual capacity of tobacco scientists. • Create institutional capacity that will support scientists and advocates engaged in tobacco research. • Translate research findings into programs and policies to reduce tobacco use in Romania.

  8. Some characteristics we highlighted in the grant: • Disciplinary diversity of our team • Emphasis on: • tobacco prevention and cessation • reduction of secondhand smoke exposure • inclusion of vulnerable populations • intervention-oriented research • strategically designed so that the results will inform programmatic and policy change

  9. The Logic Model Initial Activities Intermediate Goals Long-Term Goals New studies in key issues in tobacco control in Romania Quality research strategically designed influence tobacco-control policies & programs Scientists become independent tobacco control scholars Funded studies relevant and rigorous New and/or more effective policies and programs to prevent and treat tobacco addiction Researchers in Romania become more methodologically rigorous and deliberate in tobacco research Increase individual capacity for research and strategic thinking Stakeholders more informed about and committed to tobacco prevention and cessation New partnerships/networks among Romanian, Hungarian, and U.S. Scientists Dissemination to programmatic & policy stakeholders

  10. Strategy for Romania • Strong individual capacity building model, with Hungarian and American consultants • Research addresses the local needs in Romania • Strategic development of projects

  11. Strategy for Romania (cont.) • Commitment to networking meetings • October: Annual Meetings • April/May: Mid-Year Meetings, as needed • Opportunity for Meetings at International Conferences • Opportunity for US-Based Training Initiatives in N.C.

  12. Evaluation of the Initiative • Evaluation of the initiative requires commitment to mentoring and progress reports • Aligned with the 3 Aims & Logic Model • Regular communication critical not only for individual projects, but overall initiative • Funds for research, conference travel, publication support, other dissemination activities

  13. Individual Capacity Building

  14. Institutional Capacity Building

  15. Translation of Findings

  16. Regional Impact & Sustainability • To build a network of well-trained tobacco control scientists in Central & Eastern Europe and to serve as a catalyst for new CEE programs on tobacco control that is evidence-based and broad-reaching. 29% 37% 33-36% 51%-males 28% 31-37% 40%

  17. Goals for Today’s Meeting • To achieve: • Synergy among projects • Reduce duplication of effort • Construct research questions and methodology that fill a gap in knowledge in Romania (and internationally) • To ensure methodology (research design, sampling, and analysis plan) will be sufficient to address your research question(s) • To discuss how this research fits with your long-term professional goals • Begin a discussion of “gaps” that our 7 projects will not address

  18. Next Steps • All teams will receive written feedback following this meeting • Ongoing conversations with team members • Prefer a deliberate, patient approach rather than a rushed approach that lacks

  19. Values • Collaboration & networking • Not only today, but in-between meetings as well • Focused, deliberate, and strategic • Quality more important than quantity • Routine communication • Regular reporting

  20. Thank you. Questions?