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Executive Requirements

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Executive Requirements. Must have a 2.0 cumulative GPA or better, and a 2.0 GPA or better for Spring 2010 Chair must have a cumulative 2.25, and spring 2010 GPA of 2.25 Graduate Students: 3.0 GPA Must be enrolled and in good standing with the University.

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executive requirements
Executive Requirements
  • Must have a 2.0 cumulative GPA or better, and a 2.0 GPA or better for Spring 2010
    • Chair must have a cumulative 2.25, and spring 2010 GPA of 2.25
  • Graduate Students: 3.0 GPA
  • Must be enrolled and in good standing with the University.
  • Must be taking at least 6 credit hours.
executive positions
Executive Positions
  • Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • Risk Management Director
  • SEAL Director
  • Whoopin’ Weekend Director
  • Recruiting and Retainment Director
  • Housing Coordinator
  • MED Coordinator
  • DG Coordinator
  • Registration Coordinator
  • Committee Operations Coordinator (formerly Outreach)
  • You may apply for multiple positions within each set of interviews!
what do you do as chair
What do you do as Chair?
  • Room Reservations
  • Making meeting agendas
  • Overseeing/supervising the exec team/committee
  • Running executive meetings
  • Organizing executive/ committee retreats
  • Overseeing conference/recruiting preparations and assisting the conference/recruiting directors.
  • Keeping an overall positive attitude and maintaining focus on the mission of ARC!
how do i apply for chair
How do I apply for Chair?
  • Applications will come out soon! They will be emailed to the committee.
  • If you are interested in chair, then feel free to contact me! I would gladly meet and talk to you about the benefits of being chair!
  • Anyone can apply to be chair! You don’t have to have had previous executive experience to apply.
vice chair
Vice Chair
  • Responsible for all of ARC’s finances
    • Paying for services/food/t-shirts, etc
    • Taking care of dues and conference fees.
  • Main contact between CC Creations and the committee!
    • Orders t-shirts, nameplates, polos, etc.
  • Assists wherever possible to chair.
  • Works with the conference directors on conference budgets!
  • No previous experience needed!


risk management director
Risk Management Director
  • Committee training
  • Emergency procedures
  • Monitor conferences and events
  • Properly deal with incidents
  • Help solve problems that may occur
  • Paperwork for conferences
whoopin weekend director
Whoopin’ Weekend Director
  • Come up with awesome, fantastic theme
  • Create schedule of exciting events
  • Plan/Reserve/Order: Rooms, Food, Permits, Surveys, Tickets, etc.
  • Paperwork can be fun and easy if you make it 
  • Work with coordinators and university admin. closely
  • Problem solve, encourage, and motivate execs and committee during conference
  • Note:
    • Conference is usually a pretty quick turn-around in the spring…you should plan your semester accordingly
seal director breakdown
SEAL Director Breakdown
  • Main Objective:
    • Navigate from start to finish a conference for 100 high school seniors
  • Responsibilities:
    • Reserve rooms
    • Create Schedules (Ex: Conference Schedule, Exec Schedule, Performance Group Schedule etc…)
    • Handle Meals
    • Delegate Responsibilities among Exec Team (Advising, Classes, College Fair, etc…)
    • Coordinator Status Updates
    • Assist in interacting with Parents
  • Time Commitment:
    • Varies, if you get things done early you never have to rush
    • I personally did not spend much time in the cube (handled things remotely)
housing coordinator
Housing Coordinator
  • Pre Conference:
    • Recruit hosts!
    • Train hosts
    • Assign participants to dorm rooms
    • Lead the housing subco
    • Develop a housing plan
  • During Conference:
    • Be in charge of the luggage
    • Deal with any housing emergencies
    • Handle dismissal and morning gatherings


  • Music
  • &
  • Food




  • Performance Groups
  • &
  • Skits




  • SHEETS!!!


dg coordinator
DG Coordinator
  • BEFORE CONFERENCE: train DG leaders and prepare materials for conference
  • DURING CONFERENCE: help conference director, oversee DG times, organize dismissals, oversee role checks, answer questions
registration coordinator
Registration Coordinator
  • Registration for the conferences
  • Checking email, messages, and the mailbox
  • Aid the subco in call-to-confirm, check-in and check-out of the conference
  • Do other paperwork that will need to be completed before conference
  • Work with the other coordinators on the Masterlist for conference
  • Work closely with all the exec team, have tons of fun, and make great lasting friendships
recruitment and retainment director
Recruitment and Retainment Director
  • Responsible for organizing winter recruiting to high schools
  • Main contact for advising and department speakers (Housing, Financial Aid…)
  • New responsibilities include organizing Open House table/ focusing on member retainment.
recruitment and retainment
Recruitment and Retainment
  • Keep track of attendance
  • Update member contact lists
  • Prepare the presentation for every meeting
  • Make nametags for conferences
  • Update website
committee operations coordinator
Committee Operations Coordinator
  • Organizes social events and intramurals
    • Ex: Campouts, CoRec Basketball, Fitz’s Dinners
  • In charge of Public Relations
    • Banners, ads, table tents, promotional items
  • Also heads up Philanthropy sector
    • Big Event/Relay for Life
  • Be creative!
application tips
Application Tips
  • Application will consist of several questions.
  • Answers should convey the following:
    • Your personal experience and qualification for the job that you are applying
    • Your vision for ARC and the exec team next year (improvements included)
    • Your passion for Texas A&M, ARC and what we do
  • A good application will combine all of the above!
interview tips
Interview Tips
  • Interviews and applications are both required to apply for an executive position.
  • Interviews are business casual.
  • Arrive early!
  • Talk slowly, think about the question before you answer, and relax.
  • Show your enthusiasm for ARC, display your knowledge of the organization, and share your vision for your position, the exec team as a whole, and ARC for the next year.
application info
Application Info
  • Chair applications will come out this week, and will be due after spring break.
  • After a new chair is picked, the new chair will create and release applications for directors and coordinators.
  • Applications will be emailed out over the listserv, so check your emails!
  • Read the applications in their entirety. They will include directions on where to turn them in and by when.