Zeus europa io and the muses
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Zeus, Europa, Io, and The Muses. Summer Farooki Axel Samaniego Keleb Campbell. Europa. Lineage . Daughter of King Sydon Europa had Minos and Rhadamanthys with Zeus Io have no actual relationship but share a lot and many references through out the tale. Symbols and Allusions.

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Zeus europa io and the muses

Zeus, Europa, Io, and The Muses

Summer Farooki

Axel Samaniego

Keleb Campbell


  • Daughter of King Sydon

  • Europa had Minos and Rhadamanthyswith Zeus

  • Io have no actual relationship but share a lot and many references through out the tale.

Symbols and allusions
Symbols and Allusions

  • The flower basket had the flowers symbolizing the beauty and delicately. “there were lovely flowers to fill it with sweet smelling narcissus and violets and yellow crocus, and most radiant of them all, the crimson splendor of the wild rose”

  • “Each one a fairest maiden among fair; yet even so , Europa shone out among them as the Goddess of Love out shines sisters of Graces

  • The Renaissance bright colored back to the flowers.

Powers and weaknesses
Powers and Weaknesses

  • Weakness: naive

  • Power: beauty

Important events and descriptions
Important Events and Descriptions

  • Affair with Zeus. “Io was not the only girl who gained geographical fame cause Zeus fell in love with her. There was another, known far more widely - Europa.

    “ Io had to pay dearly for the distinction, Europa was exceeding fortunate.

  • Abduction by“The bull”

  • Dream being claimed by Asia and a nameless one- just like Io

Lineage and symbol
Lineage and Symbol

  • The Muses are the daughters of Zeus, Mnemosyne

  • The Muses are sisters

  • The Muses symbolize the arts and science in Greek mythogy


  • The Muses had the power to relive man from their sorrow by singing

  • Clio was the muse of history, Urania of astronomy, Melpomene of tragedy, Thalia of comedy, Terpischore of dance, Calliope of epic poetry, Erato of love-poetry, Polyhymenia of songs to gods, and Euterpe of lyric poetry.


  • “ At first The Graces, The Muses were not distinguished from each other.”

Identification and description
Identification and Description

  • The Muses were nine in number.

  • “They are all, they are not distinguished from each other.”

  • “They are all one mind, hearts set upon songs and spirit is free from care.”

  • “Queen of songs”

  • “Give life its bloom”

Lineage and weakness
Lineage and Weakness

  • Io’s fathers name is Inchaus

  • Io was fell in love with Zeus and was seduced by him

  • Weakness: she wasn’t very useful


  • “ Changed into a beast that frenzied runs with clumsy leaps”

  • “ A nymph”

  • “ Most lovely white heifer”

  • “ Very pretty”

Important events
Important Events

  • Io was sent to for being with Zeus.

  • She wandered fearsome lands and seas and was turned into a beast with no food or water.


  • Parents are Cronus and Rhea.

  • Wife: Hera, but had relations with many women including Demeter, Leto and Dione.

  • He had very many children such as Apollo who was a god, Perseus who was a mortal.


  • Zeus was the god of the sky making him have many powers. Some being the ability to create rain, lighting, rainbows, droughts, and much more.


Beautiful women were Zeus’ weakness, he would take many forms just to try and woo a women and it often got him into much trouble.

Identification and description1
Identification and Description

  • Zeus was god of the sky and of the gods

  • Also known as Jupiter

  • “Zeus, most glorious, most great…”

Important events1
Important Events

  • He fights his father and makes him throw up his siblings

  • Tricks Hades into choosing the underworld

  • Zeus and Hera get married


  • Lightning Bolt- His power

  • Eagle- His bird eye view in seeing everything

  • Bull- His great strength

  • Oak Tree- His wisdom


  • There are many products that are named after Zeus.

  • The Lincoln memorial is based off the monument to Zeus in ancient Greece.

  • The face of God on the Sistine Chapel is patterned after the classical images of Zeus