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Tactical Media

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Tactical Media. Erik Kluitenberg. Tactical Media. ‘take the square’ vs. Electronic isolation. Yes-Man discussie: Rol amateurs vs. Affective labour. No definition, no strategy vs. lack of permanence. Tactical vs. Strategic. Archive.

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tactical media

Tactical Media

Erik Kluitenberg

tactical media1
Tactical Media
  • ‘take the square’ vs. Electronic isolation.
  • Yes-Man
  • discussie:
    • Rol amateurs vs. Affective labour.
    • No definition, no strategy vs. lack of permanence.
  • Tactical vs. Strategic.
  • ‘Tactical Media has alwaysexisted in anuncomfortablespacebetween a fluidity of practicethatby nature resistedoroutrightrefused to benamed, and the recogintionthatit is constantlysaddledwithdesignationsbythosewho are uncomfortablewithunnamedconcepts’ (24).
  • ‘The archive and itsconstruction, at their core, monumentaliseobjects and events, and naturalise the mythologisation of actionsthat are purpose and interest driven’. (25)
culture jamming3
Culture Jamming.
  • Activisme voor en na 9/11.
  • ‘Stockhousen’s remarks seemed to reflect the fanct that he found himself, as an artist, powerless to respond to the breakdown of the symbolic order, hence his acknowledgement of the superior power of this event’.
culture jamming4
Culture Jamming.
  • Naomi Klein
    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0TQR1kVs0k
  • Substance vs. Symbols.
    • Klein: ‘Maybe the image wars are coming to a close’ (28).
    • ‘Culture jammers could cynically be described as an outer-edge and wholly unpaid research and developnent department for the global marketing industry’ (30).
culture jamming5
Culture Jamming.
  • Maar:
      • Symbolen zijn in communicatieve omgeving de enige weg voor media activisten.
  • ‘Breaking out of the consumermindscapetakes a fundamental shift of perspective, anepiphany, afterwhicheverything is seenwithneweyes’. (31)
  • Andere kunstprojecten:
    • Beuys
    • Chance 2000
affective labour
Affective labour
  • ‘In short, we candistinguishthree types of immateriallaborthat drive the service sector at the top of the informationaleconomy.  The first is involved in anindustrialproductionthat has been informationalized and has incorporatedcommunicationtechnologies in a waythattransforms the industrialproductionprocessitself.  Manufacturing is regarded as a service and the materiallabor of the production of durablegoodsmixeswith and tendstowardimmateriallabor.
  • Second is the immateriallabor of analytical and symbolictasks, whichitself breaks down intocreative and intelligent manipulationonone hand and routine symbolictaskson the other.
  • Finally, a third type of immateriallaborinvolves the production and manipulation of affects and requires (virtualoractual) human contact and proximity. These are the three types of laborthat drive the postmodernizationorinformationalization of the globaleconomy’. (Michal Hardt) http://makeworlds.org/node/60
affective labour1
Affective labour
  • ‘By biopower I understand the potential of affective labor.  Biopower is the power of the creation of life; it is the production of collective subjectivities, sociality, and society itself.  The focus on affects and the networks of the production of affects reveals these processes of social constitution. What is created in the networks of affective labor is a form-of-life.’ (Hardt).
media squares
Media Squares
  • ‘The overlaying of physical public space with novel kinds of technical protocols and their wireless network capacities engenders the intensified hybridisation of embodied social spaces.’ 43
  • ‘This space of opportunity became evident in the excessive mediation of het ‘movements of the squares: …’
volgende les
Volgende les
  • Badiou’s lezing van Arabische revolutie.
    • http://kasamaproject.org/2011/03/01/alan-badiou-during-arab-revolts-the-universal-reach-of-popular-uprisings/
    • The Rebirth of History: Times of Riots and Uprisings
      • https://cdn.anonfiles.com/1348015358597.pdf