P laces we like to go
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p laces we like to go. Vacation and cultural spots . HISTORICAL PLACES By Emma C, Lleyton , Samantha and Bridget

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P laces we like to go

places we like to go

Vacation and cultural spots


  • By Emma C, Lleyton, Samantha and Bridget

  • First, here is some history of our school. At or school we have grades K-5.  Our school’s name is Greenacres.  It is named Greenacres because before the school was built it was completely covered in acres of green fields.  In our school we have an awesome principal named Gerry Young.  Mr. Young is the best principal in the world!  A long time ago in about the 1950’s, Greenacres had a Cheer leading team.  Also every year or so we have a famous author comes and talks about the book/books that he/she wrote. In America we have many historical places and landmarks such as Grand Central in New York City. What makes Grand Central special is because they wanted to tear it down. They wouldn’t let the management of Grand Central tear it down because the building of Penn Station was once the most beautiful train Station in my opinion. They knocked it down because Penn Station management wanted to make it bigger grand station has not been knocked down if you go to Grand Central to take the train or subway you are walking through a famous landmark that millions of people walk through. Another landmark is Lincoln Center.  At Lincoln center the New York City Ballet performs. One of the ballet performances they do is Swan Lake. A performance that happens every winter is called George Ballenchine’s the Nutcracker. Children that dance in the School of American Ballet audition to get in to the school and to see if they might get a role. The children that get a part are the Polly’s candy canes, the prince Marie party children angels and soldiers. This year one of our fourth graders is in the Nutcracker at Lincoln center. Lleyton has to leave school early some days to practice, but he loves to dance.

  • Our Favorite Vacation Spot:


  • By Emily, Julia, Emma C and Lindsay

  • Walt Disney World was named after a man named Walter E. Disney.He made up Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Pluto, Goofy, and Chip and Dale. They are very cute cartoon animals. Disney World is a vacation/ amusement park place. Disney Channel is a TV channel that is very popular.

  • Disney World has lots of people who dress up as characters you can also see on the Disney Channel. You can buy a book to get the character’s signatures. You can even take a picture with them. There are tons of rides and restaurants. Some of the restaurants have people dressed up who come around to the tables. There are so many places in Disney like The Magical Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and Epcot. There is a place called Cinderella’s Castle. There is a big clock on one side of it. I think you can even get a tour of it.

  • Hollywood Studios has shows and parades with the Pixar and Disney characters. It has a big hat with stars and a moon on it. You can go eat dinner and you can also go on rides. The Magic Kingdom is the first and main place at Disney. This is where the characters usually are. If you like Mickey and Minnie you would love The Magical Kingdom. Epcot is supposed to be like the future where people work and live normal lives. But now it’s like a HUGE ball and inside is a fun ride. The ball looks like a HUGE golf ball. Disney World is lots of fun. I recommend Disney World to any family looking for a good vacation.