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Then Breast Cleavage PowerPoint Presentation
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Then Breast Cleavage

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Then Breast Cleavage - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cosmetic Harmony, top plastic surgery company in Bogota, Colombia has developed the concept of butt cleavage to give women around the globe the beauty of a round butt.

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Now Butt Cleavage

Then Breast Cleavage

Cosmetic Harmony, top plastic surgery company in Bogota, Colombia has developed the concept of butt cleavage to give women around the globe the beauty of a round butt.

  • Cosmetic Harmony:

For decades, millions of women around the globe have undertaken breast augmentation to achieve a more attractive figure. A woman’s breast-cleavage have had always attracted the opposite sex, now butt-cleavage is attracting them as much. Apparently, the Brazilian butt lift has become the latest sensation for women of all ages.

“Cosmetic Harmony along with its breast augmentation procedure is also creating the beauty of cleavage on the gluteus area. Now, the team of expert plastic surgeons at Cosmetic Harmony is ready to give women a perfect butt cleavage. A team of highly trained and expert professionals is ready to provide women with a dramatically improved butt that will improve their confidence level and make them more attractive,” informed Anthony Giudice, Sales Supervisor of Cosmetic Harmony.

  • Cosmetic Harmony:

This is what Anthony has to say about Butt-cleavage, “Picture your man or soon to be waiting for you at a café, and as you walk towards him you notice how his sight gets lost in your cleavage; that makes you feel like the job is accomplished, but as you walk away you turn around and you still find him looking, this time your butt-cleavage!” “His eyes will be glued on you.” He assures.

  • Cosmetic Harmony:

The Brazilian butt lift package at Cosmetic Harmony includes among others:

  • Pre surgical medical exams
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Anesthesiologist
  • Operating Charges
  • Prosthesis if needed (FDA approved)
  • Two support garments
  • Medication and bandages
  • Transportation
  • The team of expert plastic surgeons at Cosmetic Harmony has a long history of experience and success stories. Visit Cosmetic Harmony today to get your personalized quote for Brazilian butt lift and take the first step towards achieving your dream body.
  • Cosmetic Harmony:

Cosmetic Harmony, headquartered in Colombia, is a medical tourism company which specializes in the complete cosmetic surgery packages, including cosmetic procedures, travel, accommodations, transportation to medical appointments, a bilingual personal assistant and medications. Cosmetic Harmony prides itself of continuity of care and a personalized experience. Cosmetic Harmony uses only FDA-approved materials.

For more information on Cosmetic Harmony’s Combo Procedures, visit

Cosmetic Harmony's Affiliate program,


Anthony Giudice, Sales Supervisor


  • Cosmetic Harmony: